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I'm sorry i havnt been on GS for f***ing ages, but I'm back for now! And my profile is in serious need to updating! \m/ \m/

5000 posts

WOO!!!! Ive got 5000 posts, and its taken me since December the 14th, last year, to get this many posts.

level 20!

Woo! i am now level 20, and will be on this bastard of a level for three frickin months:(. wish me luck:P

I'm going on holiday

I'm going on holiday tomorrow and i won;t be here on gamespot for a week :cry:. I'm not sure yet, but I want to find someone to be the temporary leader of my union. See ya dudes and I should be back about Friday next week!:D

Madness combat

Madman608 got me into this really funny thing called madness combat. Its about these stick men things that kick the crap out of eachother. And just to make this clear, i did not make this really kick ass tag. All credit goes to Madman608. I would put it into my sig, but it takes up too much space.

Fable for Xbox

Dudes, i just played this today, and it f*ck!ng rules. It is just such a massive game and great fun to play. It is my new favourite game, alongside Resident Evil 4. I can't wait until I go round my uncles house tomorrow so i can play it again all day! :D :D
 If you like RPG's, or even just own an Xbox, buy this game NOW
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