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Green Orbs and Hidden Blades

I can hardly believe it but i got all 500 green orbs on Crackdown just an hour ago! Man, i searched for hours for the last five or six and the last one was a pain! It was at the top of a giant globe on Shai-Gen territory, i had never bothered to climb up there and you could hardly see the orb from the roofs nearby! I´m so proud lol! I got 200 hidden orbs, dont think i´ll get the last 100, too bored! I wasnt going to bother with the green´s either, but i was missing just nine, so one day i was bored, started looking for them and soon it was an obsession lol! I´ll get the sequel one day, right now i´m too tired of it to even think about buying it though.

I also got 1000 GS on Assassin´s Creed II. What a great game. Wasnt a fan of the 1st one but this game is awesome. Great detail, nice locations, cool story, awesome weapons, just loved it! Only the 100 feathers were a bit of a pain but it was worth it. I ended up with 100% synch to Ezzio, i bought all the DLC and just did every mission, evertyhing there was to do! Assassin Tombs were so cool and the Templar Lairs were really fun!

I´m playing FEAR 2 right now. meh, not bad but not great either! Will go back to Dead Rising to try to get Frank to level 50 and the 53 thousand zombies achievement!

Waiting for my Kane and Lynch 2 copy to arrive! Good times!

What Have I been Up to?

Well, its been a while! So since my last post, what have i been up to, you may ask? Well i got my platinum trophy on Infamous which was pretty cool! Cool but overrated game! And what´s up with InFamous 2? Changing Cole to some pretty boy with a pretty boy voice???? Seriously, WFT?????

Anyway i got the All Fronts pack for Gears of War 2 which was sort of a disapointment! The deleted scene is just hallway after hallway, fighting enemies! Not much imagination! Havent even finished it yet! The maps were cool but Epic killed matchmaking for anyone not American so i had a really hard time getting anyone even for Horde! Epic Fail indeed! I did get lucky, got 2 nice guys from England and got the 50 horde waves achievement which felt good. I should finish the game on insane like i did with the first part but i dont have the patience i guess. Maybe before Gears 3 comes out. Damn that looks great!

I bought Crackdown on Games on Demand for 20 euros which was an ok price i guess. The game is awesome, full of crazy fights, jumping higher than some buildings, picking up cars and slamming bad guys, just awesome! Finished it on Co-op, and got 489 orbs! Couldnt bother for the last 11! It would have taken forever lol.

Finished Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood too. Cool game but nothing great. Multiplayer is ok too but the game is just average in every way i guess.

Finished Monkey Island on my 360 too. Epic win! 200 gamerscore.

Got my burnout license on Burnout Paradise too! And i got Section 8 for 11 euros on PSN which is a pretty fun and underrated online FPS!

And that´s all i can remember now! World Cup kind of sucked! Right now i´m playing Spiderman: Web of Shadows which i´m loving and Ghostbusters which is just too cool!

Cya around!

Infamous, Heavy Rain and MW2

Well thank God that mess with the PS3´s clock sorted itself out. Anyway, i´m out of money again, so no Bad Company 2 for me. Oh well, im not enjoying multiplayer so much anymore, anyway. I try to play all sorts of games and MP in FPS´s these days really asks full dedication. CoD MW2 just wasnt fun for me anymore. Id get an ok match once in a while, get 1:1 which for me, i´m happy with but i´d get slaughtered bad in most of the other matches. Well not that bad, i have a KD ratio of about 0.8 which i guess isnt all that bad for someone like me, but the thing is it just wasnt fun. There was always a guy on the other team who had more kills that pretty much the rest of his whole team put together lol then you have the harrier, the guys with the dual shotguns, sometimes some lag (where i shot at the guy and in the killcam i never even got off a shot lol ) well i guess, people are turning into real pros and there´s no place for a guy to just have a fun match once in a while. Resistance 2 had unranked matches that were awesome, everybody was just running around having fun. MW2, forget about it, its brutal, period. Plus when you start with your crappy weapons, no attachements, well i just got tired of it. Great game btw, love it, gave it a 9 i think, just not for me at the moment.

I got a Platinum on Heavy Rain, yupi!!!! Man, what an experience. HR is not really a game, its an experience. I´ve never felt so involved, so inside a game, so inside the characters as in Heavy Rain. Sure the story has problems, but i didnt really care. The game is full of great moments, great characters and what a rush in some scenes! GOTY for me.

Right now i´m on InFamous. Im enjoying it, not loving it. Im trying to go for Platinum too but i´ll need a rest after i end my 1st playthrough. I´m playing evil, on hard and i just got all the upgrades and i got all the shards. Given the shards trophie is the hardest, i just need to play as good and do all the stunts, which seem tricky but not as annoying as getting 350 shards ugh

I also finished Shellshock 2, read my review if you want. Trust me, not good!

So anyway, that´s what´s going on at the moment. When i get some money i´ll get either Bad Company 2 of Final Fantasy because i´ll wait til i finish God of War Collection before getting GOW3 which i´m sure is going to rule so much.


Heavy Rain and PSN Chaos

Damn, so this morning i wake up at about 8:35 with my door bell. I run out of the bedroom, almost trip on my dog and open the door so see a guy standing there with my amazon package containing Heavy Rain! Yahoo!!!!!! Man was i happy! I turn on the console and BAM! Cant connect to PSN! The date is all #$%$# up too! Put Heavy Rain in and BAM! Cant play the game! I come online and see the news about the old PS3´s having problems with their internal clocks and how its all just a big ugly mess! Oh well the higher you go, the harder you fall. Lets hope Sony fixes this or that it fixes itself by midnight and i can finally play Heavy Rain! Damn!

Here I Am

Its been quite a while since i blogged. Like i had said, money had been tight, not many new games, well bad times indeed. Fortunately i came into some money and of course i went out and bought loads of new games. I just got this saturday CoD MW2 which is pretty awesome even though i´m getting killed and i mean really killed in the MP. I finished Brutal Legend which was awesome. Great soundtrack, very cool story, really funny! I very much enjoyed the game and i hope down the line there is a sequel. I got a gold trophie which i´m very proud of: Metal God :D 100% completion in the stats screen! Let me tell you it wasnt easy finding 120 serpents across the game even with a map. I also finished Silent Hill Homecoming which was creepy and fun! I dont know why people dont like it much! I enjoyed it, great monsters, nice music, ok graphics, lots of blood. I also finished Saints Row 2 which i absolutely loved. The game is inspired in GTA of course but completel crazy and wild. You really can do pretty much anything in the city and the level of customization from the cars to the character to all the clothes is insane.

I got lots of other games but havent been able to play them all lol

Red Faction: G, Quantum of Solace, Bioshock, Elder Scrolls Iv, Spiderman Web of Shadows, Uncharted 2, Wolverine, Ratchet Clank: Crack in Time and i think that´s about it. Ill finish the year with Left For Dead 2 and Assassin´s Creed 2.

Lots of nice games! Lots of money spent but oh well you only live once!

Gaming has sort of been slow lately

No money = no new games lol

So yeah, not a very good year so far, as to gaming. So what have i been up to? Havent written here for ages, because there really hasnt been alot going on. Im saving for Uncharted 2, Modern Warfare 2 and a few others of last quarter of 09 big releases.

I finished Resident Evil 5 on co-op which was cool. I really like playing with other ppl, cooperatively. Dont get me wrong, its fun to blast a headshot on some poor dude on deathmatch, but co-op is always fun. The game is ok, i liked it but didnt love it. Kind of disapointed i guess. Sheva was hot, some moments were intense, but i never stopped feeling like: meh...

Nothing really blew me away.

Thought about getting Battlefield 1942 but again no money lol.

I did get the crappy Punisher: No Mercy on PSN. It was cheap and it did give me a few hours of gaming, but with the lag, and so little people playing, i dont bother much with it anymore. The community is so small, it takes ages to get a game.

Played some FIFA 09, finished Haze again, on co-op, on two slow days, where i was bored. Still a decent number of people play it online, so i played a few deathmatches. I still think the game is ok, nothing like Killzone 2 or Resistance 2, but a decent enough FPS. Also finished the Bourne Conspiracy, again and it was as much fun as the first time. Wish it had trophies. The game is small, but really exciting. I also finished Blazing Angels 2, the airplane game in World War 2. Nice little game. Fun, cool, i liked it

Right now im playing GTA IV. I never finished the story and then my old PS3 died and i lost the save, so i started over, and im getting trophies (that didnt exist when i played the game back when it came out) and having fun.

Also got Monkey Island on XBL. My God, such fun. Guybrush rules so much. Everyone should get it. Anyone over 25 who played the original at least. I love adventure games, havent played one in a while, and im really enjoying it. Also playing the ocasional Horde session on GoW2. Cant get tired of it.

So that´s about it. Peace!

Its been a while!

Well i havent written here in a while. My laptop kind of died, time has been short, been having some problems not worth going into here, so anyway here i am again, so lets get it on.

Games ive finished since last blog!

Gears of War 2 - just awesome! Did the whole campaign on hardcore while helping a friend on insane. I also finished it alone on hardcore, so i played it twice. I still need to finish it on insane, so ill come back to it. Horde is awesome, MP has some problems with lag, even today, and im not really a big fan of it, but its ok.

Timeshift - Pretty cool concept, solid shooter, awful, almost absent story. Still had a lot of fun with it.

Tomb Raider Underworld - I liked the game, nice puzzles, good graphics. To me, its underrated.

Turok - Man, i had a blast with this game. Turok is like a chessy action movie from the 80´s. The man kills Raptors armed only with a knife. The rambo-like bow and arrows were awesome. The game is short, the checkpoints are awful but i really enjoyed the game.

Resistance 2 - One of my favorite games ever. I loved the campaign, the story, played co-op til i got to level 30 medic and enjoyed every minute of it.

Killzone 2 - Game of the year! Made it to general on MP. Finished on Veteran and almost cried at the palace and Radec, that´s how hard it was lol.

Fallout 3 - Got the platinum for this. 104 hours of gameplay! I have to say that at first i wasnt really getting it! Ive never really played rpg´s before, its not my usual type of game but then i just got lost in the fallout 3 universe and couldnt get out of it. Really proud of my platinum!

Frontlines: Fuel of War - Didnt like the MP, the singleplayer is meh. Dissapointing.

I think that´s about it. Its been a good ride for these first months of the year. Cant wait for the UFC game and InFamous. The Batman game also seems pretty cool but money is short so i have to really save alot, these days.

See you around.

Games Mania

Now that my PS3 is back, THANK GOD, i have so many games to play i dont even know where to start. I´m trying to keep up and let me tell you, this is a problem i dont mind having lol

Anyway since my last blog i finished Prince of Persia for the 360 and what a great game. Beautiful, detailed, great animation, i just loved it. Very underrated.

I also finished Gears of War on Insane and what a ride it was. Damn, RAAM is one tough bastard. I also finished Prince of Persia: Sands of Time on the PS2. Its been a while since i played PS2 and so i decided to give this a try after playing the 360 one. I liked it and its still very good after all these years. A good solid 8.

Right now im playing Tomb Raider Underworld which im enjoying, MK VS DCU which is pretty cool and ive started Gears 2, Resistance 2 and CoD WAW which im really loving. The campaign is so intense, wow! Ive also played a bit of Timeshift. I bought the game a long time ago and never gave it a chance so in my spare time lol im giving it a shot. So far so good.

I liked The Lord of the Rings: Conquest demo but no money for it now. The only sure games ill be getting these first few months of the year are Killzone 2 and Resident Evil 5.

My PS3 Is DEAD!!! Tragedy!!!!

So i´m playing PES2009 and suddenly my PS3 crashes and the red light starts blinking.

Ever since that moment the console has never worked again. This really sucks! I spent alot of money on games for christmas and they´re all for my ps3 and now i´m really, really sad! Ive been reading and here in Portugal it takes about 2 months for Sony to fix the console and since this is Christmas time and then new year and stuff, i'm in big trouble. I dont even know what to say!

360 and More

Gears of War, 1 and 2, rules! Great graphics, even on the first which is now kind of old but still looks great and really exciting gameplay. But Left4 Dead is just awesome. L4D has turned into one of my favorite games ever. Its just so fun on co-op!!!! So far i´m really happy with my 360. I got it just in time of the new update, the avatars are funny and everything looks really good. Its just really good to have both consoles and have accesss to all the exclusives and being able to buy the best versions on the multi platform games. During this last year gaming has turned into a really important part of my life and i felt i could only enjoy this "world" with both next gen consoles. I got the bundle with GOW2 and the 60 gig 360 for 279 euros which i think was a good deal. 


As to games, i think ive spent way too much money and ill only get Resistance 2 for the rest of the year and probably until Killzone 2 comes in February but who knows, its my birthday on the 19th of December and maybe ill get something good for me lol

Been playing Smackdown Vs Raw 09. Pretty good. Nice graphics but not much inovation and the same problems that have been in the game since the PS2 days. Hit detection, too much reversals on legend etc but im happy and i really enjoyed it. Dead Space is also amazing, get it, it deserves all the high scores. LBP is my goty! Simply amazing. Ive reached 160 trophies on PS3! How cool lol!