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@woomar: mp3 player is supposed to show up where the arrow is but it never does. whenever i transfer music it says choose mp3 player but there isnt anything to select. but if i goto my computer it shows the it as a drive and i can copy files to it but it wont play. so im assuming it needs to convert through the software to play on it. i had one years ago that was like that but i actually got the software to work lol

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@woomar: according to the manual it supports, wma, rm, ogc, aac, cd, wav, ape, wv, flac, mp1, mp2, mp3

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i bought one for my PS3 (4-5 years ago) on Amazon for $1.29 and works perfectly.

i feel bad for the suckers that goto best buy to get stuff and get talked into buying a $75 hdmi cable

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@PredatorRules: Its a Innovative Technology mp3 player model ITMP-505, its an older model its not new or anything.

if i plug it in and add mps3 to the drive it self, they go on but they wont play.

but if i try and add mp3s through the software, it doesnt recognize the actual mp3 player itself

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I bought an Innovative Technology MP3 player and having difficulty putting music on it.

if i plug it into my PC it recognizes it as an external drive, i can add files to it that way but they dont work cause it needs to be converted with the software that came with it.

I installed the software and drivers, it opens i can select files. However for some reason the software itself doesnt recognize the MP3 player.

When ever i goto transfer songs an error comes up, please select mp3 player. but it doesnt show up where the it should to select the player.

just wondering if anyone had this happen before with a mp3 player or can shed some light on how to fix it? thanks

it was cheap i got it for $7 so its not a huge deal if i can get it working but i wanted to use it for working out. i wanted a cheap one so if it get wet, cracked,, damaged whatever i wouldnt be so upset

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I bought the Legendary Edition and downloaded the 3 dlc packs but only Dawngaurd is showing up in the Game Data Utility .

If i goto the PS3 Game Data Utility, Skyrim and Dawnguard are there but Dragonborn and Hearthfire down show up.

is that how its supposed to be?

i clicked on Dragonborn again and it went through installiation again but still didnt appear

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thanks, thanks guess they changed it cause it used to say down for maintenance

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trying to go into it but keep getting:

Network Unavailable check internet connection

My connection is fine, i was playing online earlier

anyone else not able to get into the store?

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My comp freezes right after it boots up, thats even if it does boot up, so i cant check the disc. But the drive was working when my comp used to work. Maybe ill take my comp apart and see if something is loose
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i have an old Dell and its slow and freezes all the time, rendering it useless.


i want to reformat it but it wont boot from the cd when i put it in. im installing xp which came with the comp and i did change the bios boot order to cd rom.


i tried it in the cd drive and in the dvd drive, it wont boot fro  the dics and keep getting message:

F1 to retry boot F2 set up


the disc does work,i tried it in another comp and it loads


any help or suggestions would be helpful, thanks

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