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2010 - Not posted for a while

Looks like I very rarely post here.

I'm playing Mass Effect, 2 years after it's release. Just in time for Mass Effect 2 to come out! Alien Breed: Episode 1 is pretty neat. and I'm playing Peggle Nights with the kids.

Dead... Good

Dead Space is great. It's every space horror movie I've ever seen, but it's handled so well.

Perhaps all games starting with Dead are ace - Dead Rising wasn't half bad, either.

UK Podcast and Geometry Wars

48 million points on Pacifism this week, but since searching for new friends to compete against, I'm way back in 3rd place on my local leaderboard.

Ahead of Guy, though.

Which is nice.

And still no emblem for having a letter read out on the podcast. I'd better try harder.


Lego Star Wars - a great deal of fun. Simple, but great fun. And the achievements are well designed - some easy, some funny, some tough, but it's all well paced: a couple of achievements a day at the moment.

Got Tomb Raider Anniversary from TESCO for a tenner. Bargain. I played the original on the Playstation back in 3rd year at medical school. Those were the days.....

Bought a new car today! It's blue, and by perverse logic I will be calling it Joey.

385 Days

I've not posted on here for a Bush-Year. Which is a while. According to my games list, I'm currently playing Dead Rising, which I finished in February, and haven't played since. Hmmm. Time to update the games list, I suspect.

Deadly Rise

Didn't get any games for Christmas, but I did get a voucher for GAME (Although these days they come on little credit cards, rather than paper vouchers), so I got the very last copy of Dead Rising in the whole of Dundee. Great game - I like the Zombie smashing, the variety of weapons to chose from, the totally destructible environments, etc. I DON'T like the save system, and the fact that I played for the best part of 3 hours on Friday night to end up back at the beginning because my save is useless. But apparently I start back again with my level up, and the extra skills already acquired. So that's not too bad. I've managed 10 kills on Gears of War now, and ALMOST finished first in a ranked match, but not quite. Also managed to play some Doom on-line - 4 frags to me, 48 to the oppposition. I'm officially cack. Downloaded the free Oblivion DLC, and toying with "The Nine" - but it is another 15 hours of my life devoted to Cyrodiil..... Can't seem to get motivated with Zelda - the camera is backwards, for starters. Backwards from Oblivion and Gears of War, that is. So I keep moving the camera round the wrong way. I think I'll be sticking with Dead Rising for the short term....

Gears of Zelda IV: Heroes

Finally managed to get PW over here (Real world gaming friend) to play on the 360. He was blown away by Oblivion (Weren't we all, the first time we played it?) but the most fun was the co-op play of GoW and Assault Heroes. Assault Heroes particularly is fantastic - simple, fun, much better two player than one, and only £4! I've mined a couple of the achievements, but I think it's going to be a struggle to get a level done in less than 15 mins. And not using any grenades? I accidentally used 1 grenade on a round yesterday- arse. I'm moving the GC upstairs to the bedroom to play Zelda in quieter moments, leaving the 360 in the front room (Which is weirdly named, given it's at the back of the house....). I'm hoping Santa will bring me Dead Rising, or perhaps Just Cause.... Or even better, a pre-order for Halo 3 (There's a thought). There are loads of Wii boxes around in Dundee. And GAME has a demo Wii. But no actual Wiis to buy. I don't really want one, I'm so used to the 360 now. PS3? £450? Only one decent game out at release? No danger.

Nothing for months, then two posts in two days!

My MRI result is in! I have some sort of cyst thing, but I've had it since birth, apparently, and it's an incidental finding. So that's a relief. No MS, no tumours, nothing nasty. The hole in the heart thing? That's still not decided on. The cardiologists will have to decide whether it's safer to fix it , or safer to leave it. They're still deciding. Achievement points! I've bagged another 500 since I was last on here. Cars and Gears of War. Cars I got for my 3 year old, really, but it has easy to reach achievements, so I'm rattling through them. GoW - I'm on level 2 on Hardcore. It's generally not much harder than on Casual, but there are odd bottle-necks which are super tough - like the fountain on the first level? How tough? I'd quite like to get into the co-op play, but I fear that if I do it on-line, I'll be useless and piss off the person I'm playing with to such a degree that they'll want to kill me. So, if you're pretty rubbish at GoW, let me know, and I can be rubbish along side you! There's something about the achievement points system that really appeals to my inner boy. Gotta get more points! You know some guy has broken the 100,000 point barrier? He must have a lot of time on his hands, and some like-minded mates to play with, as so many of the points are XBL based. Finished all our Xmas shopping today - I got stir crazy so went for a jaunt into town. It was cold, and I ripped my carrier bag half way round. But that's it - no more spending. Just 100 christmas cards to write.

Emergence-Holey Schmoley

It's been a while, again. So. Yesterday I finished Gears of War. On Casual, natch. Great game. Really great game. I'm even starting off again with Hardcore mode - it doesn't seem any harder than the casual mode so far, but I am only on level 1. The quest for achievement points continues - it's crazy now the allocation of meaningless points pushes me to finish games, go looking for hidden stuff, search for collectables etc etc. Crazy, but cool. In other news, I had a mini-stroke on Friday. Crazy, I know. It's a bit of a shock, given I'm only 30 - but the investigations seem to point towards a cause: I have a patent foramen ovale, or a hole in the heart. This has allowed a paradoxical embolus from my venous system. I need a wee operation to fix the hole in my heart, basically. No big deal. He says. Back to games - things to play: Cars (I got it for the kids, but there's 1000 XBL achievement points to be gained!), Oblivion (I've finished the main quest, and got most of the achievement points, but not all of them, and there's a new questline out on XBL Marketplace soon), perfect dark (Can I be arsed? There's so few achievement points without going on-line), Burnout Revenge (I've hardly got into it at all), Top Spin 2 (Not so keen - I thought it would be fun like virtua tennis on the DC, but it's rock hard, and consequently not so much fun). Och, I'm off to sleep for an hour - still waiting for the MRI result.

Gitaroo Man

Woah - long time since I posted here.  I seem to have advanced about 5 ranks, but I'm not 24 ranks behind Solidruss.

Still not bought a 360 - but I really fancy one with the advent of Elder Scrolls.  Maybe next week.  And the Hi-Def TV to go with it.  Maybe the week after.

I'll stick with the PSP for now, and Daxter.

Best think of something to put in this thing.....