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Final Fantasy Experience / Fantasy_Gamer: Bye-bye Gamespot!

Hi guys! It's been a while. I know I've been away for quite sometime due to a busy life. I ask for your understanding. I've been very busy with work, my wedding last 05 May 2013 (Yes, finally!), and with our dedicated Philippine Playstation forum (I guess, it's high time to serve the local gamers of my country after spending 15 years of my videogame forum life in GameFAQs and Gamespot.

Anyway, I guess, everyone knows already that Gamespot is going for an overhaul, they decided to shutdown the union system for good. On October 11, our beloved FINAL FANTASY EXPERIENCE (FFE):, will make its final curtain call here at Gamespot, our home for more than eight (8) years. We have our ups and downs, but like what our motto says, "curahee"! We stand alone together. This community has braved so many challenges no other Gamespot union has ever experienced. Yet, we persevered even if, at times, the future seems so bleak.

It all began at the backyard of the Metal Gear Solid Network Union. When the leader, deathseeker, went AWOL for some time, the officers, then, felt that they were abandoned and made a nice plan, which eventually led to the creation of one of the most successful unions in GameSpot.

The officers mgatson, Cloud_Soup, B1wfdz33, pvtvaladez, storm1110, LIK, videdeogamegirl105, BMO999 and Jumbo120788 sharing the same interest not only in the Metal Gear Solid series, but also in the Final Fantasy series decided to this union. After days of planning, finally, on May 25, 2005, the The Final Fantasy Experience Union (FFE), was established with Cloud_Soup, B1wfdz33, pvtvaladez, storm1110 and mgatson as founding members; the latter being chosen as the union leader.Few hours after the establishment of FFE, LIK, videdeogamegirl105, BMO999 and Jumbo120788 were promoted to officership.

Since then, we've gone to so much: 2000+ posts per day period, the "SPAM Fiasco", FFA-FFE merger proposals, bolting out of some members to create their own FF unions, being chosen as Gamespot's official endorsed FF union, officers and regulars leaving and coming back happeneing left and right, becoming one of the biggest and most successful communities around here, among others... But the most important thing that happened is the creation of bonds of friendship which broke the barriers of age, gender, nationality/ethnicity, religion, and character.

I, for one, coming from the small country, the Philippines, had made a lot of friends here, which go beyond my life in Gamespot. True, FFE is the sole reason why I sticked with Gamespot, but the people and friends I met here made my stay with our beloved community meaningful. Starting with mgatson/TheONeAndOnlyMG, who entrusted me with the leadership of FFE; to the very hyperactive natiko, to my trusted lieutenants and buddies, Jumbo120788, SQUALL20XX, Orasion_Seiz, shoots18, storm1110, maa4208, RedNEXUS, KnowledgeOrCred, Gamer4life, and NeoGen85, michelle_moraes, to name a few; to the rest of the community who shared in the contributing to the betterment of FFE, I WILL MISS YOU ALL.

BUT WAIT! FFE is not to bow down that easily. Like a phoenix rising from the ashes, we always stand up. FFE will always stand up. For as long as one or two people gather in love for the Final Fantasy Series, FFE will be there.

Thus, in order to serve you better and to continue being "connected" with each other, I have created Final Fantasy Experience (FFE) @Facebook:

Why Facebook? Facebook is widely used by people around the world, including gamers like us, it is very fast and reliable, the notification feature is very useful in knowing if there is something new going on in the community, you can bring it anywhere through your mobile phone, and most of all, you can "add" good ol' Fantasy Gamer a.k.a. FG as your personal friend. lol :P

Let us continue to journey together as we seek and gain more Final Fantasy experience.

Thank you Gamespot. Thank you FFE, SEE, and KHE. Thank you officers and members. Thank you dear friends and acquaintances. You all made my stay here worthwhile. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU! I will miss FFE@GS :cry:

Fantasy Gamer / FG
Leader, Final Fantasy Experience (offcially endorsed)
Leader, Square Enix Experience
Leader, Kingdom Hearts Experience 

P.S. I requested GS to convert FFE and Square Enix Expeirence into ordinary GS forum in memory of all of us. I hope they would consider it, but if not, I hope I'll see you there at Facebook. I may still log in here from time to time, but it would be more on a guesting basis.


"I told Shaq when I took over as head coach in our first initial meeting as a team that the MVP trophy should be named after him when he retired," Jackson recently toldFox Sports'Mark Kriegel.

My most favorite professional athelete is retiring after 19 years (Career: 1992 - 2011). I never loved basketball the way it is now before he entered NBA.

I know this time would come, but I was really shocked when I saw the news at Google... Well, he has to take of his aging body now... Spend that$292,198,327 you earned from your contracts! (Highest earned in NBA History. Bryant is third @$196,190,615).

I will truly miss you... I'm missing your great play for several years now, but what makes you more special is how you entertained me with your crazy and funny antics. Thanks for the great memories Your Royal Shaqness... God bless in your pursuit of becoming Dr. Shaquille O'Neal.

Thanks for the great memories Your Royal Shaqness... God bless in your pursuit of becoming Dr. Shaquille O'Neal. ;)

Here's a video of some of Shaq's NBA Career Highlights.

Here's what others' reaction regarding Shaq's retirement:

Shaq Legend Hang up the jersey in Orlando Miami and LA Congrats shaq You Been a big brother since day one Now Not too many donuts!!
--Ron Arteston Twitter

One of the greatest to ever play the game. MUCH RESPECT BIG @SHAQ
WOW @SHAQ is leaving the game! I still remember him putting that big elbow in my chest when I was a rookie!
--Andrew Bynumon Twitter

The NBA wont ever be the same without Shaq Albert. Great guy. Shaq made the NBA a better place.
-- Mark Cuban

The Big Fella @SHAQ retiring! The funniest teammate I EVER had.I remember growing up watching and admiring him, a privilege to play with him
I would call Him @SHAQ Kovia ( like the bank) cuz he would always lend me money on the plane to gamble lol (I never keep cash on me)
@SHAQ would bring his Key Boards on the Air plane to produce like Timberland lol. He would dance like he was back in his FRAT days lol

--Jared Dudleyon Twitter

Great Career Big Homie @SHAQ! Sad to see you go...All Star Game will never be the same again lol
--Braylon Edwardson Twitter

What a career for Shaq Diesel!! The most dominating force to ever play the game. Great person to be around as well. Comedy all the time!!
--LeBron Jameson Twitter

I don't know why but Shaq retiring make me feel old...
-- Jimmie Johnson on Twitter

Everyone show Shaq some love. One of the best to ever do it. #cannnyouudigggittt
--Kevin Loveon Twitter

Congratulations @SHAQ on your quadruple platinum hall of fame career. I know you're not riding off into the sunset...what's next?
--Steve Nashon Twitter

We will miss the OG aka @SHAQ
--Nate Robinsonon Twitter

Shout out to @SHAQ on the hall of fame career. One of a kind player.
--Rajon Rondoon Twitter

For 19 seasons, Shaquille O'Neal was literally and figuratively an NBA giant. On behalf of the NBA, its teams, and his millions of fans around the world, I want to thank Shaq for everything he has meant to the league and to the sport of basketball, both on and off the court. We wish him and his family all the best.
-- David Stern

I'm honored and truly humbled to have been a teammate of the GREAT @SHAQ..this game will not be the same without him..respect
--Dwyane Wadeon Twitter

Happy 6th Birthday My Beloved FFE!


It's been six (6) years... Six years of activity and inactivity, triumph and failures, fun and hardships... Yet, we still stand...

"HAPPY 6TH BIRTHDAY!" Yes... Final Fantasy Experience (FFE) is celebrating its 6th year (25 May 2005 - 25 May 2011)!

Our beloved community would not have stood the test of time if not for our ever supportive members, headed by "teh awesomeness" of magitekk, Lighting_Evil, Yonathin3155, DreadLord, Amnesiac23, and, of course, our REGULAR MEMBERS who do not forget to socialize with us on regular basis. This event happens only once a year so let me take this opportunity to say my heartfelt, "Thank you!" You are the ones who keep our fort afloat for the past several years. Many peeple have come and go, yet to opted to stick with us. I could not have kept this community alive alone, so cookies for everyone! *distributes cookies* (magitekk, don't take the whole jar!)

The FFE Administrative Team has planned several events to make this event memorable so I hope you will have time to participate. Events will kick-off today with the start of our Create-a-Banner Contest that will last until the end of the month. It will be followed by Create-a-Tag Contest to help advertise FFE in this difficult period of Gamespot unions.

FFE will also give its first try at Hangman so get ready with your Final Fantasy vocabulary. Caption Contest will also be held.

Finally, FFE's 6th Birthday will culminate with the re-opening of the Battle Arena, a forum text-based RPG/Hurt&Heal game, and the infamous Chocobo Hunting Game.

Vets and new members, I invite you to pay us a visit as we celebrate 6 years of life @ FFE. Please PARTICIPATE IN OUR EVENTS. CHEERS!

No One Here Greeted FG on His Bday.. =(

No one here at Gamespot greeted me on my birthday (February 24). :( Well, I do not expect that you have momorized my birthday, so it's all right. I also forgot to blog about it so, I'm giving everyone another chance to greet good ol' FG, albeit belatedly. :P

Final Fantasy XIII-2, Versus XIII Gameplay Trailer, Gilgamesh in Duodecim


Earlier today, Square Enix announced that last year's Final Fantasy XIII will take the same route that Final Fantasy X did when it released the Final Fantasy X-2, and receive a direct sequel.

Final Fantasy XIII was something of a divisive title. In general, Japanese audiences loved the fighting system and heaped massive praise on the game, going so far as to name it one of the best games of 2009. When it was released the next year in the US, it was well received by some and hated by others. As with the Japanese fans, the story received top marks from American gamers, but the battle system failed to impress many and the pacing was an issue that was frequently brought up. The linear nature of the game also received criticism in America, while the Japanese market seemed to enjoy that same linearity.

The sequel will once again follow Lightning, the hero from the first game, although it will feature a revamped battle system. Final Fantasy XIII-2 will hit Japan sometime "next winter". No immediate word yet on when to expect it in the U.S., but the original followed its Japanese predecessor roughly four months later.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 will be released for the PS3 and the XBox360.

Watch the "leaked" trailer HERE. (UPDATE: SE took down all available videos in the internet!)


Speaking at the First Production Department Premier press conference in Japan earlier today, Director Tetsuya Nomura revealed that he has "stood his ground on the platform".

The news comes despite both Final Fantasy XIII and the newly-revealed Final Fantasy XIII-2 being developed for both PS3 and Xbox 360.

On related news, Square Enix has unveiled a new trailer for Final Fantasy versus XIII containing some new footage. The trailer is an epic one. It's close to 7 minutes long and shows cutscenes as well as more of the explosive action-packed gameplay.

The combat system is similar to that of Kingdom Hearts and Crisis Core and it's looking fluid and very Hollywood-like in its production values.

It is being slated as a PS3 exclusive but no release window was revealed as of yet.

Watch the new trailer HERE.


New Characters

Two new characters, and one assist character have been announced today! Introducing:

Gilgamesh (Final Fantasy V)

Prishe (Final Fantasy XI)

Aerith Gainsborough (Final Fantasy VII) - ASSIST CHARACTER

Prishe, a non-playable character in FFXI

This is an exciting turn of events!

Alegience changes have also been confirmed. Terra, Cloud, and Tidus are all on Chaos' team this time around.

New Trailer

Here's a new trailer from today's press conference, which confirms pretty much everything.



The rumored "Dissidia Duodecim Prolougus" turns out to be the downloadable demo. But unlike other demos out there, Prolougus will have it's own short story and an arcade mode. Downloading it is also the only way to unlock Aerith as an Assist Character. Lucky for us, it's only 300 yen ($3.75).


Lots of new costumes have also been confirmed. Check 'em out!

Warrior of Light - FIGHTER

Emperor - Final Fantasy Origins FMV costume

Firion - Alternate Amano art


Kain - "The Hooded Man" from Final Fantasy IV: The After Years

Tifa - Nebilheim outfit

Laguna - President Laguna attire

Zidane - Knights of Pluto disguise

Kuja - Recolor (again)

Shantotto - I haven't played Final Fantasy XI, so I honestly don't know what this is based on.

Yuna - Wedding Dress

Vaan - Final Fantasy Tactics A2 attire

Lightning - I'm assuming this is her soldier uniform

Garland - Amano artwork

Crazy new stuff... I'm happy! :D

FG's Gaming Life for 2011

It's been almost a year since I made a blog entry here... Anyway, I want to be more active in gaming this year so, I'll start with the games I wish to finish this year...

I am currently playing UNCHARTED 2: AMONG THIEVES - GotY Edition. Iirc, I'm about 50% in the game already. I can't wait for UNCHARTED 3: DRAKE'S DECEPTION.

I want to finish my PERSONA 3 FES file (I'm few days before the "End of the World"), so I can start PERSONA 4 soon.

I need to finish WHITE KNIGHT CHRONICLES for the upcoming WHITE KNIGHT CHRONICLES 2 as well as the one RPG I've been really waiting for, THE LAST GUARDIAN.

I failed to grab the following games last year (I hope I can get them soon):


I just started venturing again into FPS (the only FPS I've finished is Doom and Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare in the PC) with KILLZONE 2 because I am reading and seeing some good things about the upcoming KILLZONE 3.

I am re-expanding my horror game library with DEAD SPACE. I already have two friends who told me they were not able to continue with the game because it is too scary, they always panic... They said it is far scarier than the Resident Evil Series. Also, I am already excited with DEAD SPACE 2.

I love HEAVY RAIN because it is unique and has a very compelling story, but, sadly, my attention was taken by Demon's Souls (for a very long time) last year, I left HR at 16%. It's a blessing in disguise, the Move Edition was released. Now, I am envigoratedt to play it with Move Support.

I am eagerly anticipating for the release of MARVEL vs. CAPCOM 3 (the reason I resisted to buy Super Street Fighter 4). I am also in long wait for the following games:


I might also going to re-visit some of my favorites with the remake of TACTICS OGRE: LET US CLING TOGETHER and the release of FINAL FANTASY IV: COMPLETE COLLECTION.

I was so hooked with VALKYRIA CHRONICLES last year, I am already drooling for VALKYRIA CHRONICLES 3 even though I haven't started VC2.

I am NOT getting DRAGON AGE 2 this year because they will just release DRAGON AGE 2: COMPLETE EDITION after I have bought all the DLCs in the PS Store like what they did with Dragon Age Origins.

I'm crossing my fingers for PROJECT DARK. I hope it will equal or surpass the quality of Demon's Souls, especially in the gameplay and story aspects.

I have seen GOD OF WAR COLLECTION and PRINCE OF PERSIA TRILOGY: HD COLLECTION... Awesome HD rendition of awesome games! Now, they are releasing ICO and SHADOW OF THE COLOSSUS compilation, TOMB RAIDER and SPLINTER CELL trilogy, also in HD... This makes me shiver and anticipate in excitement for a possible FINAL FANTASY X, X-2 and XII HD release!

As for my unions: FINAL FANTASY EXPERIENCE, SQUARE ENIX EXPERIENCE and KINGDOM HEARTS EXPERIENCE, I am really hoping someone would be willing to step up as leaders or officers for SEE and KHE. I cannot control 3 of the biggest unions here in Gamespot all at the same time.

I hope this year would be a great gaming year for all of us. If anyone wants to add me at PSN, feel free to add Fantasy_GamerX. ;)

A Birthday, An Anniversary and an Extra Union Milestone

Hey, hey! :D It's my birthday today (24 February)! :P The first one to greet me will receive 100 pieces of cookies, the next one with 99, then 98 and so on.. and so forth. :P Btw, I'm already 27... Still an active gamer and community leader here at Gamespot. :)

Another birthday is also coming in 3 months... Final Fantasy Experience (FFE) will be celebrating it's HALF-DECADE (5th birthday!) on May 25th. I hope you can join us in our celebrations. I will be needing opinions on what we can do to make it fun and memorable.

On a miscellaneous milestone, in relation to FFE, we just hit 5,000 members mark! I know, most of those are not active, but, at least, we know how many people has been involved in our community one way or another the past half decade...

That's all for now... I hope I can get a new PS3 game today, or a new BD movie.

Have a nice day!

My Christmas '09 / New Year '10 Wishlist

Okay, this is the first time I'm gonna post something like this...

1. Dragon Age: Origins

2. Demon's Souls

3. Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

4. Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

I wish I can get all these games before January 2010 ends. Holiday season's gonna drain my cash... I need to work harder. :P

You may be wondering, but... yes, Assassin's Creed 2 and Modern Warfare 2 are not among the games I'm planning to get. Next year, I'm only anticipating for Final Fantasy XIII and God of War III.

[UPDATE (Dec. 01): Just got Dragon Age: Origins. :D]

Btw, I have a question for those wth Dragon Age: Origins--I got some codes that I can redeem to get some DLC... and it says it is one time use only. So, does it mean I can only download the DLC once, or does it mean I can only use that code for one DLC account (but I can do unlimited downloads if ever I change my PS3's HDD)?

Add Fantasy_GamerX @ PSN

Hey, hey! :D I think this is my fastest blog update (2-day from my last one) ever. Anyway, I have finally made a way to hook my PS3 to the internet (did it via LAN). ;)

I just upgraded my firmware from 2.60 (from RE5) to 3.01.

I also created a new US PSN account (after some of my friends said "anthony_FG" is not as good as my good ol' "Fantasy Gamer" code).

However, as what I've told you in my "Catch FG on PSN! :P"blog entry, Fantasy Gamer, Fantasy_Gamer, Fantasy.Gamer, Fantasy-Gamer and FantasyGamer are no longer available for the grabs, so I was forced to get another moniker with my, now, legendary "Fantasy Gamer" (started from GameFAQs) codename in it. I chose between three options:

1. Fantasy_Gamer_FG

2. Fantasy_Gamer101

3. Fantasy_GamerX

I thought the first option is good 'coz, after all, I believe I'm the only "Fantasy Gamer" in the internet who is popularly called as "FG", but I thought it is too long, so I dropped it in the list.

The second option almost made it to be my final US PSN ID, but for some reasons, I suddenly thought of option 3...

I think option 3 is the one closest to my "Fantasy Gamer" code, with the "X" for Xtreme, Xciting and XD. :P So, here is final US PSN ID...

FG's PSN ID: Fantasy_GamerX


@ kinetic-core: Chobi, I would have loved to invite you first in my US PSN account, but I guess you should grab a PS3 first. :P

@ SymonDezyn: Hey Symon! Did you receive my invitation to you last night? You're the first person I messaged and invited using my PS3 internet. Looking forward to playing with you online soon! ;)

@ NeoGen85: Gonna add you later, or you may add me if you can no longer wait. :P

@ pikastar: same as message for NeoGen. ;)

@ Gamer4life:same as message for pikastar. ;)

@ maniamsmart:same as message for Gamer4life. ;)

@ Mark, Jumbo, Tom, Siberian, Mike, SA friends, GameFAQs friends and all the others (you know who you are)... I would love to have you in my PSN friends list... :) Pweety pwease. :P

Internet of My Own (Again)... At LOOOOONG Last!

Yeah. You read it right. A year and a month after I left our house (together with my internet) in the province to transfer here in the Megapolis of Metro Manila, Philippines, I finally have (again) an internet connection of my own! :D Gone are the days that I need to go to internet shops to be online. During office hours (8 am - 5 pm), I'm still gonna use my internet in the office, but now, at home ,I can still go online at will! :D

The only problem is, it is my brother who chose the ISP... It is a broadband connection, but in the form of a USB device (looks like a USB network adapter). I have a decent speed at max 3 MBPS. My only complaint is... When I tried it in my PS3... I DID NOT WORK!!!

I guess my resort now is to make this PC an access point for wi-fi so I can connect my PS3 online. The problem is, I do not know what to do. My friend told me I can use a wireless router or a USB Network Adapter. Well, I have both. I already installed my USB Network Adapter, but I cannot find a way to make it release wi-fi signal. I think it is just for scanning if there are wi-fi signals around, but it cannot be the source of the signal... So, my next option is the wireless router. Unfortunately, I do not have a cross cable with me. I'll just buy tomorrow... and hopefully, after some tweaking, I can play with you guys via PSN. :D

If anyone can help me how to do all what I have just said, I will greatly appreciate it. If none, I'll just Google everything. :P

For now, at least, I can be with you even during night time here in the Philippines. :P

[UPDATE (October 4, 2009): I was finally able to remedy the situation. I connected my PS3 via LAN to my PC. The only drawback of that setup is that I cannot be online in my PS3 without booting on my PC. Anyway, my PS3 is already connected. :D]