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Top 3 Anime on TV.

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They would be Cowboy Bebop,Samurai Champloo and Fullmetal Alchemist. Cowboy Bebop even after 4 years ( 7 Years in Japan) is still one of the animes ever! Samurai Champloo is Cowboy Bebop set in Japan. It's funny,weird and very,very cool. And FMA has great animation,great story,great humor and should not be missed!

What im into.

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2-D fighters. Yes im into 2-D fighters. Why Because Final Fantasy XII and Kingdom Hearts 2 are not coming out for a while. But besides that 2-D was of course before 3-D and the first fighting i ever played was Street Fighter 2. Then i was out of the 2-D loop for ahwile but it came back when i played Street Fighter 3 and a couple of months later i bought Street Fighter Aniversiry colection and since then i've been Colecting  most 2-D games that were released on the PS1,PS2 and Xbox. Even the King the Fighters! (Not on the Neo-Geo To Much Money ^ ^)

Finally Level 12!

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Took a while but im finally a Rad Racer! My profile has been buggy saying im not online when in fact i am! Well next stop Level 13!

FF games Kicks ass! (except for FFX-2.)

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Why are FF games so cool? no clue. I mean all you do is walk around and go into battle and press X a lot.

But its so damn fun! It's so addticive. (Except for FF X-2 that game stunk) I just Cant wait for FF IIX and KH 2!