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I'm attempting to tame a Sprog Cog, but I'm not having much luck, Databases that I've consulted report that the capture rate for this creature is 8%, meaning that after about 13 battles, I should have one willing to be tamed. I've probably killed over 40 of them, and not one has displayed the hearts over its head. Is there a certain item I need to tame this creature, or is there a way to increase its taming rate? This is rapidly getting discouraging.

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I'm attempting to collect Tonberries in order to make robust monster infusions. I am finding these creatures nigh impossible to actually defeat in combat. I'm using Delta Attack and Combat Clinic in order to endure the creature's attacks, but then it eventually uses Ultimate Grudge and annihilates the party. What's the best way to subdue the Tonberry and claim its crystal?

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Is there a quick way to stock up on monster materials in order to rapidly level them in episode 4 or 5? I'm trying to assemble a good variety of level 99 monsters, and I'm quickly running out of level 3-5 grade materials. Where can I get them quickly?

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I found it. Apparently, you can view your completion percentage when you talk to Buddy and bring up the map. I thought there was another method, but I can't seem to find it.

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I feel like the answer should be obvious, and I've played the original PS2 version, but where can I track my completion percentage for X-2? I'd hate to get a large portion of the way through the game only to find that I've already missed some points.

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I'm in Chapter 10 and I'm finding this battle impossible. The Yetis keep me tied down with status ailments and I can't even kill one of them. Freezing, poison, and shock are the most crippling status ailments but I simply don't have enough accessories to protect against all of these ailments. What can I do?
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There is a view point in the southwest corner of the frontier map. Like all other frontier viewpoints, it is a tall tree. After I climb the lower branches, and then climb up the long vertical fissure in the bark, I jump up to another fork in the tree branches. When I attempt to jump over to the second to last fork at the apex of the tree, Connor jumps into a haystack positioned just under the fork I'm trying to jump to, instead of jumping to the fork. I tried swiveling the camera, but then he simply jumps past the fork and dies on the ground. Is there a better way to climb this tree that doesn't result in death or jumping into a haystack?
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I'd suggest some grinding. There are missions you can undertake in Gran Pulse for good rewards, and those enemies are stronger than normal enemies. The bosses in the upcoming battles are even more dangerous, and you can't afford to be too weak to kill them.
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I am in the last chapter, in the final area, and I'd like to gain money quickly to expedite weapon and accessory upgrades. How can I earn money quickly or how can I get components to quickly level up my equipment?
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Is there a character in the game that sells Sorcery spells and/or better catalysts? If so, what area does the NPC dwell in?
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