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RDR is boring

Almost done Red Dead Redemption and what a dissapointment. Oh well maybe it might do something spectacular before the end of the game. I picked up Deamon souls for 39.99 new so I am excited to start that and maybe I will finish up Metro 2033. I don't have much gaming news right now, But I still have a lot of reviews to put up still :)

Finishing off games left and right.

Well I just beat metal gear 4, 3D Dot Game Heroes and Alan wake and its time for Red Dead about a let down eh. Anyhow I picked up Deamon Souls for the ps3 for 39.99CND so I am looking forward to that.I heard its a really ball buster. Anyhow just wanted to update this for my own purposes so peace.

follow up on the new online code for used games.

What are the benifits to this new system? The company gets more money.

What can it lead to? Having to pay for games that are not 100 percent unless you buy them brand new. This could lead to other marketing strategies if we let this go as gamers. The games you buy brand new have less value. A lot of gamers depend on selling their old played out games to buy new games meaning they will fetch less money meaning your 80 dollar game is really 20 bucks now have fun with that :)

Remember the 360 can handle 4 players offline to 1 system. What did we go buy controllers for if we can't even play offline multiplayer for over 50 percent of the released games out there? So what your saying to me is your not gonna offer offline multiplayer anymore and make alot of poeple pay to use it? I call bogus. The only people that hurt from this are gamers and its just a slippery slope from here and obviously this wasn't the starting. When games started releasing with exclusive content that is when this gaming industry went down hill. When we started paying for costumes that should be unlockables that is when this industry went down hill. when a game is only online multiplayer when the severs will shut down in a few years anyhow that IS when the industry started going down hill and I could keep going but I won't. Either these **** companies will take over or they will die off and new good companies will rise. This is a fact of life make a stand or be stepped on. When we go back to the days of getting the best possible product for our money you can hit me up! And it seemed like yesturday my biggest worry was lack of originality in the gaming industry hell I know where that went...into taking as much cash form me as possible **** YOU EA, UBISOFT AND THQ, and whoever joins your cause.

You pay for online used now but tomorrow could be something else.

When I first heard that the 360 was gonna be able to add new content to games via downloadable content I was happy to hear that one of the next evolutions for console gaming had begun. Little did I know that it would be begining of the end of great gaming. I am not gonna say every company is to blame here because they arn't. My first taste of xbox 360 online gaming was gears of war it was fantastic best 6 month gaming binge I had ever done. Halo 3 was also very good and COD4. However this is what I started to realize that online was bad for gaming I started to see that offline multi-player was going down the drain. That if I wanted to have my friends over playing split screen it was gonna be a pain. some games only have certain levels online well others only have 2 player split screen and even others have no offline multi-player at all(what gives?). The next step backwards is when games like masseffect 1 would annouce new dlc that was already on the original disc! You basically had to pay to unlock something they already put on it even though it sucked anyways. The next step even further and yes it keeps going is having things like street fighter 4 costumes having to pay? Why not just include it in the game? ten years ago with a game like soul calibur 2 that would be considered an in game unlockable if that isn't trying to pinch your pockets I don't know what is. This trend has continued to new releases offering dlc on first day purchases trying to pass off as bonus content but really its quiet obvious its to punish those that buy used a market of gamers who most likely cant afford to buy brand new to begin with. Now the used market but more so everyone is be punished by adding an online code to every game from 3 big name publishers EA, ubisoft, and thq. You see the thing big name publishers fail to realize is that for the most part someone buys a used game for only a few reasons they can't actually afford it new or your game is simply not good enough to justify the 69.99CND price tag. This being said I can only think of a few games that could sell that price point. Maybe instead of trying to take away from the used market you should try selling your games at a fair pricepoint that poeple will go out and buy brand new games at oh wait that would be unheard of ;). Really most of these companies have no real reason to do this. EA sports is a company known to rehash its same sports titles year after year adding little to nothing to the genre so why think they deserve more for the same game every year is beyond me and for a game like ufc 2010 that sold 2.3 million copies brand new the previous year is clearly not hurting from the sale of their game but rather most likely the other **** games they put out or how they manage their company. I know that the gaming industry does lose alot of money to used games but this really isn't the way to go about it people already pay for **** dlc, xbox live, their internet for extras that should already be in a game and now pretty much forced to buy new or not buy at all which will most likely happen. People might say these companies deserve the money and to a point they do but if you let them do this don't be suprised if tomorrow your paying to start your games or games will come with ad's and you will have to pay to turn them off because they will interupt your game playing other wise. Hell i wouldnt be suprised if you buy the game and then you have to pay for the amount of hours you want to play it! My point is we as gamers have to stand up now or never because you justify this crap today and tomorrow they are gonna throw something new on you and really if companies are gonna do this we don't need them because there is plenty of honest good companies that will come after them and give us the gamers what we want which is really whats its about us the gamers not the companies or they wouldn't be here in the first place.