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It isn't, sadly.

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I've thought about it myself and agree, though I think it would have to be a remake more so than a sequel being that so little people know about the game.

I always thought it would be cool if the Morbots were in fact humans and Iron Star was once Earth. I could see it being that the planet became inhospitable for human life (you see no tress or plant life, anywhere) so they went underground, leaving their robots thinking they would just decavite not thinking they would evolve. At which point they would make Glitch to stop the anatomist from drilling into the Morbot City (human city) where there should be trees and stuff.

I would love to see it on the Unreal Engine, I just think the UE engine is the best for metal and gritty landscapes.

It would be great if they focused on atmosphere as well, I thought there was much potential.

I hope they make it eventually... would be a dream come true.