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So yes, I secretly decided to go "anorexic". I stopped eating American (eating 100% South Asian/Arab instead), stopped drinking American (coke, 7up) and started drinking water and tea only. And I started exercising.

This was all in effort to reduce my weight back to where it used to be, in the "underweight" category. Thankfully, I did NOT get the results I wanted.

Instead - the opposite happened. I grew weight. 7 kg (15 pounds) so far to be exact. But - my shoulders became less broad, my tummy became less round, my thighs have never looked smaller, and my face didn't look blobby - how could this be? I grew muscle ^^

I mean... that wasn't even my goal, I was shocked when I got on my scale :o "65.4 kg?!? Man, were you ever that heavy before?!"

My exercise regime was pretty simple too - I heard it will make you skinner, but not make you grow muscle because it burns it. I jumped 200 times a day (100 times, twice). Yes, jump, that's pretty much it :P Well, how wrong that person was, it most definitely DOES build muscle. Anyway, when I got used to jumping 100 times (didn't feel tired), I raised it to 120, then I raised it to 140. Right now it's at 160. I also took a walk for about 20-60 minutes a day.

The funny thing is, I discovered all this by accident. :lol: And I don't think I've ever looked skinner - even in my underweight days, my thighs used to be pretty big and my tummy would spout out after I ate a meal (though it would go away eventually). Most my jeans don't even fit me anymore :lol:

But I think the real reason I gained muscle was: trying to pronounce Korean *shakes fist* :x

Demotivation ---> Anorexia

So yeah, after all those weeks of trying to gain weight, I'm at 60 kg now. Which puts my BMI at 19.8, which is healthy :D

It felt so great... until, my teacher said "Hmm... you look a bit fatter than you used to" - I also started noticing before that I looked more noticeably fatter and my shoulders looked more broad. Anyway, I hate being healthy :cry: I look fat, but at the same time it's probably best I stay at this weight :(

Would trying to lose weight at this point make me "anorexic"?