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I'm baaack....

Hi I'm back from my two month Game Spot hibernation. The reason for my extended appsence was because I was in a Theatrical Production, for Internet Safty reasons I will not give out the title or the theater where I preformed. It was fun and I got to make lot's of new friends.

For those of you who are thinking about being in a thetrical production I would highly encourge it. Mostly because of the fellow ship between you and your co actors.

And also for those that think acting is only for girls and gays it's not. I'm streight and enjoyed being on stage. So, again if you ever thought about being on stage I would say go out and try it.

Hmm...Level 20...*sigh*

Here I am at level 20... Oh well better make my self comfratable...*pulls out Lay Z Boy, Ipod, DSL, Wii, Several DS games, Wii games, and manga* *yawn* zzz...zzz...zzz

Page Under Construction

Hi I'm just blogging to let people now by the new year I should have a new banner, new icon, new sig, and a blog image.

So if it seems I'm bland just wait till 2007 :wink:

TP player log warning *spoiler* Intro - November 20

Hay here is just a log to help anybody who needs it and is playing and is also displays my theories about what happens next.

November 20


I just got the game and put it in...

I just watched a cople clips and hearded goats into a barn for a farmer and flew around by caring chickens I actully had fun with that :lol:.

I then used a hawk to get a baby cradle from a monkey. I then gave it back to the Mom of the kid that meek little kid that blocks Epona after the first day. Then your supposed to walk back to here house with the cradle then she gives you a fishing rod the kid made with his dad. I then went to the area where the shop keeps kitten was (you need to bring her cat back in order to buy a sling shot. To help an old man out). I caught a fish but nothing really happend. I then notced that cat followed me every time I had the pole out so I tried leading it back to it's masters house. There was a little door by the big door I tried leading it in there but it would not go.-_- anyway going to save for the night and play some more tomorrow.



I got a Wii : Mixed feelings

Hay I got a Wii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woo Hoo!!!!:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!!!!



I had entered a raffle to see if I could purchase a Wii and I won! Now refering to my previous statement I have mixed feelings about it.

First I'm happy and excited that I had succeded in my 8 month quest for a Wii, I also feel foolish for being so upset about me not getting it :P. I also feel bad for those who wanted it but didn't get it...:(

However I am happy that I got it and will be posting my f-code as soon as the online stops booting up! :D

I hate Block Buster...

           Ok I officially hate Block Buster now. I went in on the first day the DS came out to see if they had any games to rent because I had used most of my money to buy one. I go in and they don't have any games for the system so I asked when they would be getting some and one of the people said that and I quote "Block Buster does not rent out hand held games any more."

          A year later I go back and they have PSP games on the shelves for rent. Excitedly I look around for DS games but their are none to be found. I ask another worker and says "Oh well we will be getting some Nintendo handheld games soon. So I'm like ok well...at least they will be here soon.

         3 months later they have 4 GBA games but 0 DS games! I was so steemed I never went back there for awhile. I went there today though because I have the bosses in all my games soundly beaten with the slim hope that maybe they have changed their ways...no they've gotten worse!

        They only had two shelves for Nintendo and that was to the Game Cube, whilest Xbox, Xbox360, PS2 have whole rows decated to them. Even the PSP has more of a selection then the Game Cube. Not saying the Game Cube was better then the Xbox which let's face it, Microsoft did have the better console that time.

          But still the DS is a great hand held and I would really like to play more games for it. It's just that I to have enough money to buy a Wii and buy holiday gifts for my family and friends. So it would be great if Block Buster would just lend a hand and atleast some good DS games avaliable.

          They used to have GameBoy games at Bluck Buster which was great because I would always go their every weekend and pick up a diffrent game but now, it's just agrivating. In conclusion I just wish it would go back to the way things were done at Block Buster...

Be back later...

Hay I've I already told my union officers this but I'm gone and won't be regular till Oct. 31 so excpect be back at the begining of the new month can't wait to see all you again ^_^!!

Gl1tc4 Sp0t error error error

Arrrrrrrrrrggggh!:evil: Glitch Spot is really picking on me today! It logged me out 3times in a row! I know the people are doing there best to stay on top of gameing news but I really wish they would at least fix the level 20 glitch and the logging out glitch. It's really annoying when I go to post and then it says "You can not post untill you are a user!" Some times it loggs me out be for I post which is a good thing because then I can login in and post but, the thing that really urks me is when it says your logged in but when your post it sayst you need to be a user watch when I hit the submit button it's gonna do the same thing and I'm gonna have to re-type everything! :evil: I like Game Spot it's just the glitches that make it agrevating as it's fun.
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