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Puerto Rican Parade










Filler so don't read

I'm FalseGamer.

And I'm in charge of the "FalseGamer Empire"

I'll describe more soon.


Coconut Cake or Carrot Cake

I had an arguement with my whole class about this years ago. I still say Carrot Cake is better.


Yeah haven't posted in a while. So this is what you can say a filler. So yeah.

Decide who wins!!!!!!!

Tacos vs Nachos

BK vs McDonalds

America vs Bitter Chcolate

FalseGamer vs The World

FTW vs WTF World

MY Dog vs That Guy Who Likes To Steal Left Shoes

Chuck Norris vs ???

Island vs Fudge

(-----------) vs (-----------)

Vote Now!

FalseGamer's Topics

Well these topics are just practice for me. (And hopefully levels me up) My last "Topic" was over a month ago and I still find it hard to find time from all my napping, eating, walking, relaxing, etc. Any who without more of my spam, let me begin this week's Topics.



Topic #2 Technology

After reading an article, I realise its words were true. But I read it yesterday and completely forgot it to insure that this will be my words. Nowadays we live in a society filled with, you guessed it, technology. I'm not one to complain but we have devoted our lives to these "time-savers" and would rather talk to someone through a "portable-satellite phone". I'm not into today technology since its like $500 cell phones and $1000 dollar laptops, yet to today' youth whats a few hundred dollars or rent for the next month or two or even food. Can they give us a 3G network or call our friends who we saw only a second ago or allow us to update our status every minute? NO! So here's the lastest phone Joe it cost $795.63(which I took from His bank account)but if I were you I wouldn't mind the price.(Just as long as you don't need a withdraw)

I see that talking about technology is an issue not many think about. How about this? Go live in the mountains for a month without your precious "idols"and techno-things and I would enjoy watching as some of you might not know what to do, well the ones who are obsess.Speaking of which, today we (yes I said"we" since I'm not a 40 year old man) are hooked onto the newest, flashest, most popular, and most expensive of things. Why? I mostly blame the environment were in,such as the media(can't live without my shows) the internet, and cell phones. Since we were born in this environment we believe that we need everything, that we are so important that we need to be able to be contacted 24-7,or that we can get a date, break-up, or say "I love u"on a text(never worked for me).

Technology today has human kind in the palm of its cold, robotic hands. It's as if we are slowly turning into technology's slave and eventually we have to be calling robots him, her, their, they, etc, and that's just madness. We could evening be building a new breed of life that would kill us when they are advance enough to start a revolution(sounds familiar right Americans?) I'm being a bit too paranoid now so I'll have to end this topic here.

These Topic's are brought to you by

FalseGamer Empire

We need your support. Send a topic you want me to write about or I'll just have to continue with these three paragraph ones. Trust me its not fun. So how about it? PM me for suggestions on future Topics.




"The Moon Will Always Guards Over The FalseGamer Empire."

A Failed Blog

Well I can't say I blog much, as we can all see, and it seems that I have neglected to think about anything for the past month on "Topics". Sigh. Alwell just hoping that I can start blogging again soon. Not that anybody would read. So Ciao for now.



Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day

And so it begins, a time to share with a loved one, exchange gifts, cards, love, and kisses. But what does it really mean? Well I'm not one to know, but others might. This blog might be set too early but alwell, Might as well be one of the first instead of the last. Not much to say but a poem(Yes I say poem and yes I'm bored and yes I hate Valentine's Day)

Chocolate and Love

Broken Hearts and Ruin Dreams

Shattered Ideals and Mind Controlling Fiends

Love is No More

Through The Glass We Can See

A World That We All Wish To Be

Chocolate Melts And Disappears

Love and Hate Fight For Control

Over A Mind That's In Turmoil

Roses Dwindle And Rot Away

Love is Never Here To Stay

She Drags Your Heart And Mind Away

A Bleeding Heart And A Confused Mind

Are Left When It Is Time

Love And Chocolate

Kills All It Can See

Love And Chocolate

Either Die


Live A Short Life



Love And Chocolate

After Shock: Topic Sasquatch Part 1

Well it's been awhile, hasn't it. First blog in months. Any who, today I focus my thoughts on random things from now on. Or you can give me a topic. I will write my opinion on said topic. But please don't pick ones that require me to do a lot of work. So how about it?

Topic Opinions

Lets talk about "Topics"


I would like to start with one of my favorite creatures, if you can believe it. A bipedal ape living across the world, seen by over 38,000, and still believed to be fake? A tale told by campers during campfires and Native American tall-tales. But what about the sightings, well its true that a human who saw it might as well call it a "bear" or may mistake it for a tree or even be so shocked he/she forgot what they saw and replaced it with random ideas on how they remember it. Point is you can't always trust witness sightings.

What about video? Sad, I think your more likely to get a better picture with half-drunk and half-asleep sightings rather than fake, fan-made, poor college students project, and bigfoot music videos. But film could be good if not better then drawings, (seriously have you seen these peoples drawings), yet, as with life, the video could be that of a bear charging at you and you can't see the difference because your thinking,"AHHHHHHHHHH".

I love the experiences people share on the internet, either it was a chimp in a sailor suit, Bigfoot training dogs as pets (who knew the big guy had a soft spot for "Man's" best friend), or one that got shot in the head but no one took pictures or even thought about bringing it back (Sigh). Trust me its hard to believe in something with such little proof but I continue on.

(More thoughts will be added in Part 2. Well at least I hope so.)

(Any topic you want me to give my opinion on I will see if I can)

Copyright 2010

False Gamer Topics

Who knows?

The Knight's Birth


What makes a fine warrior? Is it one who kills for his people and defends his honor? Is it one who fights for personal gain and greedy? Or rather one who travels around and does what is expected of him? Whatever it is, the world cheers his name hih onto the heavens. They sing of hope and joy and his enemies sing the song of death and regret. As his sword sails high above the gray clouds and his shield grabbing the earth underneath, he seems to be the only man who has traveled pass the gates of hell and returned with pride. He has followed the stairs to heaven and came refreshed and new.

Armies quake when they meet his iron blade and tremble when it comes down to their feet. He has saved and killed many. He has become both the hero and villain. How shall this new one be. As he bows to the monarch and rises above the evil he accepts life and death. He has found peace and confusion, he wins yet still loses.

Depressed his he for he had lost one so dear to his now cold. He fights his pains and kills his dreams, he stops the rage of the people and influences hatred onto the world. His eyes are now white for he had a choice to do so. With that he had vowed to prevent the death of those who he holds dear. However he has failed in that attempt once and as written he will lose again.


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