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When I'm Gone.......

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Hello there, lads and laddies.

Just a quick blog here to explain My absence.

I'm in South Africa, on a business trip, as it has been many Times before. Its only gonna Be a month This Time though.

I'll See You When I'll See You.



Happy Birthday To Moi!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Another quick blog.

Yesterday was My BirthDay, another year closer to Grey Hair......Got some nice gifts, most handy was a new Coat, which Will be used allot since there's a 15 centimeter pack of snow outside.

Havent posted much since I've been having some internet issues. Ever since I got back from South Africa, My WiFi is basically busted, and using a cable hasnt Been Great either.When I come on the site and post a comment, 9 outta 10 Times the page just wont load.

AnyWays, I'm leaving for Dusseldorf, Germany in 2 hours, going to the PSI Convention ( ), lets Hope that its a fruitfull trip. I'll Be back on Sunday from that. Then I'm going to Paris late next week for another convention......Exhausing few weeks, still, a nice surprise is that My ex gave My a 10 day Holiday for the both of us at The Beginning of February, to The Kaapverdische Eilanden, dont Know the english name...Have a handy map to where it is though, curtesy of Wikipedia.

Kaart van Kaapverdië

Locatie van Kaapverdië

Anyway, hope you guys are All good, Merry ChristMass and Best Wishes For The NewYear, and See you around.

P.S.: If Raven or anyone else of that little group is reading this, give Me a link at what Union you guys are hanging out these days. By The Way, been hearing some people got banned........Who?????????????????????????????

Kind Regards,



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Keeping this short since African Internet is just Bloody Terrible. Changed My ticket already three Times but Now Im gonna have to Go back to Europe in the Not So Distant Future.

So AnyWays, Back Soon, Merry ChristMass and A Happy New Year To All.

To give you guys SomeThing to wright about......

What are you changing about your life next year????? (Watsya call it, New Years Revelations or SomeThing....)

Cheery Regards,


Are Publishers Trying To Ruin Developers??????????????

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I mean, seriously, here in Europe, just in the next two weeks, the core games that I Will be getting are Fable II, Fallout III and Far Cry II.Other ""lesser titles"" which I"m still doubting, but Knowing MySelf, Will get are Little Big Planet, Dead Space and SpiderMan.:Web Of Shadows.(Not a SpiderMan fan, but the mechanics in this game Look AweSome!!!!)......Then two weeks later I'll buy Mirror's Edge, Banjo Kazooie.:Nuts And Buls,Sacred II and Tomb Raider.:UnderWorld.........Thats 10 Bloody titles. I can afford it, no problem,....its just that I dont seem to have The Time to acctually Play Them. OK, some Might say, why buy em All at once, give it 6 to 8 months and try em out then.....I'm Not That Person, if its on Sale.....I Need to have it.My Bad, but thats just The Way it is.

Its Late, So Bear With Me On My Spelling. AnyWay, Coming Back To the title.Who The Hell Thinks that bringing these games out so close ToGether is a Good Thing???? I mean, every game on this list Will suffer in sales because of it.Take Sacred II, comes out 2 weeks After Fable II.......Seriously, if they just wait for a couple of months, bring it out in January, sales would At the very least Be double.OK, Know what your Thinking.....Games have to Be released BeFore the Holiday Season.........Come On, thats just lame!!!! Core gamers( God, I hate that term.) Will buy it AnyWay, Hell, even more of em since they wont have to make a choice between games, and the little kids that know nothing about the acctuall quality of games, well, they wont buy these types of games AnyWay, they want flashy Covers and kiddy stuff like Mario and Yoshi(No Offence Nintendo fans, Own a Wii MySelf......A Huge One...:D:D;);)), thats why Mario Kart Wii is still in the Top 10, not because its the best game of the year.

I recently found out that a 38 year old friend of Mine has a PS3, said He saw it on a commercial and Thought it looked cool.......So, Naturally, I asked him what game he has with his brand new system...his Answer......Ratatouille....Yes, the lame game version of the Pixar Movie....Apparently, he bought it BeCause he Liked the Movie....Damn.

I'm ranting so I'll stop, but I just dont get these developers. Mostly BeCause I've Been hearing of people AlReady getting early copies of Dead Space(Though, by Now, its out in america.), Fable II and Fallout III(Pirated version.), so WhatEver the Way they are getting it, it means those Games are Finished....So why not just release them to get before the rest of the gaming OnSlaught.

I'll Finish off with SomeThing else then games.

The Time has Come, for those of you that have Known Me for a year or so, you Know whats about to happen. In November, I Will be Leaving for South Africa , for at the very least, a month. Both for business and PleaSure, meaning I wont Be online in that Time, except to check in Once in a while.Like I said in PreVious blogs were I Annouced this, if I'm an Officer in your Union, and you Wish to demote Me, I wont hold it against you,Nor Will it affect My amount of posting When I'll RetUrn. By The Way, this is Also a Reason why I'll buy All these games, Since Now I'll have The Time to play them.

Brotherly Love.

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So, got sued My own brother no less, its pointless trying to describe the entire situation. My main problem with this, is that I have to go back to My old lawyer, the one I use for daily business predicaments is apparently not skilled in this particular faccet of the law. Regardless, the old one knows My history........and is the biggest son of a b**** that I have EVER met. Still, I know well enough that such a ""talent"" is quitte usefull in this trade....but still.....I mean, who calls their client a B*****d???????? Anyways, sorry, needed to rant, this seemed to easiest way to do it.

Currently playing Puzzle Quest, Metal Gear Solid IV, and will soon start on Too Human (Been in My drawer 1 week.) and Splinter Cell.: Double Agent(Been in My drawer for 2 months.)


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Quick blog since My PC's busted I havent had the opportunity to come online.Gonna get a new one next week.I check in on the site through other means in the meanTime though.

Made one of those Giant Bomb Accounts.Name's Noxpectus.Feel Free to add Me.

....And Saren...Dont be an @ss in My absence....I

Madames et Messieurs....

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How you guys been????Seeing its been over a month since My Last Blog,I Thought is was about Time to make a new one.I havent been online much do to some serious technical PC problems,I'm afraid that I'm just gonna have to dig down in My Wallet and buy a new Computer.

So,I'm Level 30 now, I Presume thats not a bad Level,I Never really cared to much about GameSpot's Leveling system.But I Thought I Might aswell mention it.

Havent really been gaming much,I'be been wanting to Finish Never Winter Nights II.: Mask Of The Betrayer for a month now.But I Never seem to get a chance to start on it.(My DVD Reader is also pretty busted By The Way.)

I have been playing around with Apple's new Apps for the IPhone and IPod Touch.I downloaded Pretty much all the Free Ones and payed for Crash Bandicoot, about 10 EBooks,a stockmarket programme and a Currency Viewer....Pretty Neat Stuff.

As you probably know,MicroSoft gave Sony quitte the blow last Night with their announcement of Final Fantasy XIII on the XBox 360.Seeing as I have all three systems,this doesnt really bother Memuch.Allthough I am sure this will delay the game, and it wont be as Great as it would have been.Since,lets face it,exclusive games tend to be allot better then multiplatform games, but in graphics as in gameplay In My Humble Opinion.I can understand Square's route though,since I read one of their statements from about a month Ago,which said that their clientell is just to small to justify an investment of such massive proportiants.Basically,they had to descide between going multiplatform, or developing games in more Popular Genres, and since I Prefer Final Fantasy to be an RPG instead of being an FPS,I support Square's way of doing business.

That beeing said,there was something I hated at the MicroSoft Conference........Don Mattrick......EveryTime I see that Smog Bastard's face.....I just have this Strange urge to punch SomeBody.Dont Know if anyone else Noticed,but in about 33 Minutes in the Conference he said "I Think its fair to **** of "Fair to Share...").....Idiot.Also, Peter Molyneux seemes to be the only developer wearing a suit.....Seriously....Cliff...Dude......When you adress millions......You dont wear your old pair of jeans....

Lastly,sales are going on over here in Europe.....So I went on a shopping spree.Seeing this was the first Time I was really single at this joyious Time of year.....I was able to buy allot more for MySelf.Women Always seem to want a new pair os shoes,a Gucci handbag,EtceTere,EtceTera............Now,I only spend a Fortune on Rosseti shoes,Armani suits,and BurBerry Blazers....Which made Me Happy.:D:D;);)

This Is Good,Isnt It.......

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I finished Metal Gear Solid IV.Right now, I'm unchaven, wearing filthy clothes......and in Dire Need of a bath.Still,it was worth it.I can honestly say MGSIV now ranks as My Favorite Game Of All Time, though the main reason that is, is because I've been following Snake and Big Boss' Story through all the different games in the series.To all those claiming that one game isnt worth buying a console....your so wrong, offcourse the PS3 has other games which to are great exclusives, like UnCharted for example, so that argument is completely unfounded.

Anyway, this blog is to give My impressions of MGSIV, not to advertise its system.Calling this My Favorite Game is perhaps not 100 percent correct, since its the story and its cinematic aspect which carries the entire thing.Gameplay's Great to offcourse, one of the best created up to this point, but its not the Sneaking that will Forever Burn this Game into My Head, its the characters and the Messages Kojima brings so succesfully through this medium.

Since I'm quitte Cynical By Nature, I tend to brush of most storylines and melodramatic scenes in games, and yet I can say that I havent been this affected and stunned by a game since Final Fantasy VIII back in 1999,Perhaps even more so.Snake and Big Boss' Stories are done, and though some extra prequel games might still be produced to cash in further using this series.I Hope that Konami doesnt make any games set in the future after Metal Gear Solid IV, Since that would ruining the meaning behind MGSIV's Ending.

Pretty Women.

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I have been playing Metal Gear Solid IV and gotta say........Damn, Kojima's got some good taste.I mean that Naomi and Rosemary....WoW........Just WoW.........They show the Power of The PS3. Miss Hunter is apparently modeled after Monica Bellucci, though She seems less "Boxom" in My Humble Opinion......Quitte a Magnificent feat, Improving a Women that is already viewed as the Embodiment Of Perfection by so many Men(And some Women.).I'm not gonna spoil anything, but that guy that Naomi is seducing the entire Time....I Mean Come On.......Just Jump Her Already!!!!!!!!

Edit.:I just saw that She Jumped Him.........Lucky Bastard.

I've got a Feeling this game will be over far to quickly,I'm already in Act III, and since there are only V of them,I'm guessing I'll be Done by The End Of The Day.

Closing Off,I Just Wanna Say..................Campbell.....You Old Dog You.....I want That when I get Old.

So,I'm Back.

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Gonna try and catch up a bit,havent been away for long but it seems when your offline for a few days,boards are getting to full to read.I'm buyin a new GraphicsCard,I dont really get all that Technical stuff,I just hope that when I go and fetch one tomorrow...That It Will Work.Besides gaming I've been busy getting some export business going to South Africa.Whether it Will Be Succesfull Remains To Be Seen.On GameSpot I've been uncovering a certain secret of a certain someone....Which Is Driving Me Insane.....To That Person.....Just Tell Me!!!!....please.:D:D;);)