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I Have 4 New Games!

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Finally after so long all of the games that i wanted i got and they are just so beautiful (CRY). I now have CRYSIS - GEARS OF WARS - CALL OF DUTY 4 - NFS PROSTREET on pc. these games rock and crysis is so short but gears of wars is so long i think it will keep me busy for 2 weeks.

My Union Established YAY

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Finally My union has been established. Thank you guys whoever joined and if anyone has not joined please join.

Anyway I have finally learned how to make gloss images thanks to IC3 MASTER if you guys want to see my first gloss image just check my blog pic. Its nice isnt it. Yeah and thats about it.

Guys please join my union

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I have sent invites to be officers to these contacts

kirbyangel ruff edgz bioshazard chicaqueenwarga ps360fanboy immortality stealthmarksman crystorm

Guys please join I beg you all

Games Forever Union

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I have made a name for my new union and this union is going to be good and mainly for 7.0 games to 10.0 games.

Anybody want to help? If you do make some banner, sigs, avis, art and anything else possible.

Please just leave a comment if you going to help and please do:lol:

My Profile

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Finally I have gotten some emblems YAY and I love them so much.

Does anybody know how to get easy ones perhaps?

My profile

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