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Warhammer Online Impressions before the inevitable review.

I am one of those gamers who willl play any type of game, whether it be party, FPS, RTS, TBSRPG, or MMORPG. Of course, im going to be discussing the latter.

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning(WAR) is the next game to try and knock WOW off its currently undented throne of glory. And so i went out and bought thinking it would not be as good as WOW but something new that would replace it for a while. Boy was i wrong. Iv been a Warhammer fan for a long time now and so i no all the back story and whatever but i can safely say that this is a WOW beater. Whether people actually go out and try it is another matter, but in terms of gameplay WAR is the way forward.

So, i got logged in with my 30 day trial and decided i would side with the Force of Destruction which included my fav army the Dark Elves, the Greenskins and Chaos. Checking out the classes i saw that no race had the same classes, so i backed out and checked out Order, and again, not 1 class was found in multiple races. I was amazed to say the least. So i went back to Destruction, made a Dark Elf Sorceress(For the record, Gender can affect what class a race can use) and jumped into the game. Checking out the HUD i saw the standard bars and what not...but a few NEW things like the Battle Statis Bar. Which leads into a unique idea that is in this game. Every quest you do in an area increases your sides hold on the land, and if you comquer the land then you get bonus xp, renown etc. You can also do RvR to get similar results...but on a larger scale. I done a few quests, and was pleasently surprised when it says DONE when you finish a quest, and it just has everything you want to no on the screen when you want it, i never seen myself going through menus or whatever...well apart from the JOURNAL. The Tome of Knoledge as the game calls the journal is the greatest journal of all time. It keeps track of EVERYTHING. Titles, Achievements, Quests, Histroy of anything you have visted, seen and heard about aswell as a Full Beastiery with information added every time you kill a new monster type. So if you kill a Dwarf, you get to check out everything about the Dwarves, and view some achievments you can get by doing certain things. It is fantastic. You have to see it to believe it. I played RVR once and thought it was really fun. Cant comment on that anymore really.

Later on i got a Public Quest: *NAME* Chapter 1 by just walking into an area. It gave me a list of objectives such as kill a certain amount of these with each kill giving me influence. Most public quests have several parts to them starting usually with Kill a certain amount of enemies, then destroy a target, then onto something else then kill the end boss, which ranges from Dragons(my first boss) to a platoon of Knights and a High Elf Prince. These are SUPER fun and when you get a group together its like doing an instance, but in a small area and any1 can help at anytime, of any level. Its like a never ending battle, once you win you get awarded money, and points. The more you contributed + Random Roll = Your postion on the leader boards and what loot bag you get which contains a bunch of rare items and gold. Ontop of that if you maxed out your influence bar during it you can go to the rally master and select 1 novice, 1 elite and 1 expert item which are also rare and powerful items which means working together to do these quests fun, and ANY1 can do them. Finally i have to say that questing has never been so easy. You get told where to go and then the area(which can vary in size) is shown on your Minimap and Full Map of where you have to go to find them, which is SO helpful so you never get lost or confused on where to go next.


Well, im only Rank 11, so i cant review it, but all the small things they added such as the fun RvR, Public Quests, Highlighted Quest areas, the Journal and the mysterious Crafting system which aparently lets YOU make what YOU want. Apparently you make potions(for example) by putting some random concoction together and see what it makes. I havent tried it...but apparently its something you havent done in a MMO before...and theres no Recipes like in WOW or LotRO.

A good game, check out the review later this is just a first impressions.


Games getting easier?

Hey GS

I have noticed over the past few years that games have been getting progressively easier to play/complete. With the induction of TIME CONTROL in games when you screw up in some way you can just REWIND and continue screwing up until you do it correctly. The game that pops to mind instantly is the Prince of Persias latest trilogy: The Sands of Time however after the huge success of this franchise developers have started to just throw in this TIME CONTROL mechanic into below average games and call it a day. A game that pops to mind now is Time Shift. Whilst some may disagree, i think Time Shift was abysmal, so bad infact that i didnt even reviewed it...and iv reviewed some bad games in the past. But more recently sports and racing games have started to have this rewind feature. Games such as Madden 09 and Race Driver GRID. You dont actually have to use them, but the fact they are there is disappointing.Some of you may be thinking 'The ability to rewind mistakes relieves frustration when you mess up and stops you having to replay large portions of the game.' This is also true. But, it adds to my point that games are getting easier.

On top of the whole milking the udder of the Time Traveling Cow comes her partner in crime the Auto Aiming Pidgeon. Nearly all FPS games have autoaim, some more that others. Halo, Gears of War and Shadowrun are 3 that really stand out. In halo you can just sweep snipe, in Gears you can rather easily get blind fire kills with the sniper if using the proper technique and in shadow run its so bad all you have to do is stand still and the camera follows anyone who gets within a certain range of you and is hostile. However games like COD4 have a Autoaim feature that is more useful by letting you autoaim if you want to (by aiming quickly), however in the end it still falls into the catergory and thus furthers my point of games getting easier.

Back in the dawn of time with the...erm...Stupidly Difficult Racoon(?)you felt a sense of achievement when you got a headshot, when you finished a game and when you completed a hard level. Now though, when you finish games that feeling is there, but ots thinking to its self "You only did half the work...the game practically completed it self half the time". Finishing games like Megaman, Metroid, Castlevania and Ghosts and goblins gave you a sense of achievement, pride and joy because you had to throw everything you had at it to finish them, nowadays you need the assitance of the game itself to get a kill, to solve a puzzle and the incentive of virtually given points that increase the size of your so called E-*male genital parts*. Back in the day when men were men, we had to go to war with our ataris, our nintendos, our segas to make them bow down to our reflexes, our mental strength. But now, all you have to do is show the game you can shoot your rifle in the general direction of the enemy and it will do the rest for you.

Hope you enjoyed this blog, leave a comment with your opinions on me, the blog or the subjects raised.