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This Film Is Not Yet Hated


if you dig people talking and you dig films, then chances are high you'll probably dig people talking about films.

This Film Is Not Yet Hated is a rad new podcast that discusses all things new in the world of celluliod. so go to the link thingy below (if linking will work - dohoho glitchspot) and join Curt + Scott by subscribing in iTunes, following their Tumblr and Twitters's as they fill your ears with words and stuff.


This Week In League


This Week in League is a rugby league podcast. Not only that, it's the best rugby league podcast in EXISTANCE and you should JUSTIFY YOURs by listening to it every week as Nate and Glen recap the week in Rugby League with a focus on NRL with news, mad swears and shameful/not so shameful LoLs.