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Freedom ?

Warning this Blog contains subjects that could upset the young

There was a discussion that given the topic of freedom was ironically shut down by the union leader before I got to write in.

The subject was the killing of children in Video Game Fallout. It was never going to happen but when some one says some thing on the net its all around the world soon enough. Some wrote about realism but I wonder:

Do we actually need realism. After all in Fallout its only 200 years after the bombs fell and in reality you'd have to wait for 50,000 years drinking recycled urine, this does not seem like the most fun game play. To any one who wants to see mangled children you should seek professional help. I believe in the freedom to do any thing that does not harm another. In games no one is harmed physically. Though the mental state is another matter, say if you suffer from a pre-existing condition. Trust me I know I was stalked by a creepy guy when I was 14 {he is in jail now for breaking into my flat, destroying my games and trying to kill my elderly neighbour}. Though even after what I went through with that man I still think that they have the right to put it in. But their sales will go down. I will not buy it as is my right(if it happens, though in Australia [we have no R18 rating for games] it would be banned for sure).

Some people bring up Shock Rocker Manson

I don't like Manson's music but I don't believe he caused the school shooting, nether did games. They were probably bullied in school the one thing that wasn't said in the press. Studies have shown that Mass Murders have lost a percentage of their homicidal lust after playing violent video games.

If people are worried about the effects on real children this game is Adults Only. Do not give it to them!

I am caught between my love of freedom and my morality for they are not one and the same.

One last thing to any who want the killing of children in the game for I do not, do you believe that pedophilia should be allowed in the game for realism because you can't have it both ways or how would some feel about a game where you could be the bad guys in 9/11. It does not matter how much I believe in freedom if any one were to put these things into a game I would see them locked up for going against human decency. I'd rather punch them but I'm a man of peace.

BTW to make it clear I used the above as an example, pedo's and monsters who do those things need their freedom striped from them.

The Thread made me upset and now I have had my rant I feel a little better. Feel free to post your views but metaphorically speaking keep your voices down. Peace people.