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Falcon084 Blog

5 AM in the morn

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It's 5 AM in Australia right now. Ill wait a bit longer then sleep. When I awake I will check to see if the Union is ready to launch and we can begin. :)

I have made a Union Please join Up!

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Hi all :)

Quantic Dream Bureau is run by me. Some of you have recived a message to be the first to join. Here is what it's about :

I only have three games listed at the moment but New Game Heavy Rain, Farienheit (also known as Indigo prophacy), and Omikron Nomad Soul + any thing else from the Company Quantic Dream. I love Daved Cage's work (the owner of the company) and if you have never heard of them I sugest you look them up. I am planing on more and I will hold a competition for the Union Banner.

Hope to see you there :)

If you are interested RPG, FPS, RPS

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I love to play Fallout 1, 2 & 3 and Tactics. I don't like gore but its is present in the game not the link. If you don't mind this and love RPG's in the same vien as Mass Effect mixed with a First Person Shooter like Borderlands (but better). You will love this :


It can be depressing some times so limit your selth. But it's very fun when you really get into it. This is the games (3 and New Vegas)official site and this will give you many pic's and Info. Also you can get to other Bethesda games there.


I am a free blogmember of this sitebut notan owner.

My Shepard

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Falcon084's Shep

For any one who is not a member of the MEUniverse Union, here is my Shepard.


Name : Ben Light Shepard. LV60 23/11/08(??? it was 23/4/09) Liara Love. Beat on Insanity.

Alignment : Good.

SoldierShock Trooper.

Credit : 9,999,999. Bio 999.

Armour Name : Predator H X Heavy Armour. Garrus Predator M X. Wrex and Tali Colossus X. Liara Ursa X. Kidan Mantis VIII.

Weapons : Specter Mk. 10.

Biographical History : Spacer, War Hero past. Love Int Asari. Friend of the Hanar Preacher. Fist Lives. Fists Coruption Files to Emily Wong[reporter]. Med Clinic Saved. Made friends between Jahleed and Shorben [all keepers scaned]. Jenna saved, and helped C-Sec bring down smuggeling ring. Brought down cheater at Casino. Looking into Banes. Kohoku team discovered. Mans Brother found dead, killed by privateers. Convinced woman to get treatment for her baby. Convinced Bartiae to let the Alliance run tests on his dead wifes body, for new tech and a study of a new weapon that was used on Eden Prime. L2 Surrender with reperations granted to Biotics. Asari Biotic Corp Licences obtained from Asari Diplomat and friend of Asari Diplomat. Retrived Gavin Hossles files from Exogeni HQ Feros. Saved Feros by convincing Exogeni to make the colony a simbol of suvival on the frontier. Saved all Feros Colonists. Helped Garrus take down Dr Saleen. Friend of Shadow Broker, obtained Cerberus Files. Took down crime syndicate and killed all three leaders including Helena Blake. FatherMajor Kile Saved and Biotics cult disbanded. Salerian Captian and Crew saved, Ashley is Dead. Geth Files obtained and copy given to Tali (Quarian) for her Pilgrimage. Friend of Noveria Internal Afairs. Talked toombs into trial of scientists the Cerberus Core used to run on Thresher victims. Killed Biotic Terrousts No Civilian Casualties. Obtained Wrex's Armour. Novaria 15 Hotlabs Cure found. Rescued Rachni Queen and used neutron purge(peak 15 saved). Told ambassador his is an Son Of A B, said no to Terra Firma party, Human negotiator given AA advice instend of Stem. Cptn Anderson told to use Ambassidor Udinas CPU override for Normandy escape. All turian insignias found. All minerals uncovered. League of one compleated. Prothean data discs recovered. Saved soldiers fightning the Rachni. Counsel saved. Anderson on the counsile.

Mass Effect 2 :

Bio 28/1/2010 : Transmitted data to Alliance against Cerberus/All alive first playthrough/told the Illusive man to go to hell/Beat on Veteran.

I'm Back Ouch!

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Yesterday just as I was about to log on I reached for the remote to the TV and sliced my foot open on a piece of glass. It was imbedded in half an inch and shear blood pressure forced it out :(. Blood went everywhere as it literarygushed out of me. As my leg went numb and I lost some feeling in my right arm. Dad rushed in with a towl and something for me to hold the wound with but blood had allready gone down my leg and splatered over the floor. I thought that after the bleeding had stoped {it took a long time} it would be over. But then I got dizy and was sick over my selth with no way to shower because I can't propely stand up. Thankfully I got clean (no comment) and while I can't stand I am feeling much better and able to come on line again.

Perfect(ly horrible) Storm (From Yikes)

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It's over. That was the second most horrific storm of my life. The loudest thunder burst was directly over where I live and shook the foundations of my home and some trees fell down!.The driveway flooded {didn't get in the door :)}and my nebour who we allow to use our spot left her convertable roof open. It was too dangerous to got out and fix the problem. So she had to watch from her door like me.The dust storm mixed with the rain storm and pelted down mud for the first five mins and I swallowed flying dirt as I shut the door. the Tempriture at the time was 38C or 100.4F with out fans it was very humid. Australia is in years 14 of our drought {its longer in other parts of the nation} and It hasnt rained where I am for about six months. Late Summer is normaly our wet season and before thre drought we used to have perfect wether cycles. If you want to visit AUS bring a bottle of water and another for us! :lol:

Thank you to all of my friends who wrote in :D I'm allright.

YIKES!!!! Logging off for now.

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I wanted to post a HUGE blog today but we are in the midst of a coming storm. Right now the lights are fliickering and the TV in the other room has lost it reception. The PC is running off batery power and their is rain dust and high winds poiunding where I live. Given that there was a tornado (Australia never gets them) near me a few weeks ago, I'll be signing off for the time being!

Mass Effect 2

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I played all night and have barely slept. WOW! It's a great game. Small tip though if you like myself have it on the X360 Install onto the hard drive it makes a 2min load only take a few seconds. (Unless you want to watch the loading vis that can get cut short).

I will do a review after I beat a play-through. GET THIS GAME 12 out out 10 people! :D

If you only see me on-line sporadically I'm playing.