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Some pics I made sometime ago

Hey guys

I'm bored and dunno what to blog about so I thought of posting some pictures i did a year or two ago

BTW you might find sites' URLs in the pics,i didn't know how to remove them at that times :P

I still can't figure out this one completely :P

So what do you think?


Good call GS

Hey guys

a quick blog

just gonna say i'm happy P3P got 8.5 at GS :D

i expected a 7.5 to be honest,cuz the game follows the same main story of the original P3,you know how critics think ;)

so yeah a 8.5 is good score for people who are willing to buy it but not sure about it right?


I might actually change my mind about...........

......the best game in the world

So yeah I borrowed Night_dude's PS2,and P4 from another friend,thanks to them both :D

I'm only 30 minutes into the game and it's...it's....I don't really know what kinda word I should use to describe it's beauty :D

I originally thought that P3 was the best game there is,maybe I was wrong,maybe P4 will change my mind,there's definitely sth more polished than P3,I can't tell right now which one is better since i still haven't fought a "real" battle in P4......

I don't know what to write I'm so astonished to even speak:|

no wait i know what to say..........I LOVE PERSONA 8)


One.......Two........Freddy is coming for you

Hey guys

so I watched Nightmare on Elm st.,good movie,Freddy Krugar is such an awesome villain

seriously the way he kills and the way he moves his knives is just so cool :D

sadly the movie relied so much on cheap scares and sudden appears of Freddy

but overall it's entertaining,can't say it's the best there is though,dunno till now i can't find a better movie than Orphan :D

anyway,try not to sleep or he'll get you :P


A dark night

Hey guys

Yesterday was hilarious,I got back home at like 9 p.m,my cousins were staying at my place for the next day (they are similar to my age so no prob.)I thought like OK should be fun having people to play with,at least i wished so,you see at like 10 p.m the electricity suddenly went down on our house and our neighbour's,that means no 3 no 360 and no light

we got some candles,lighted them up and kept cleaning the loads of wax that came out every ten minutes,i played P3P for a while,sadly,only 42% of PSP's battery was alive,I used it as a source of light too,didn't live so much though

but I gotta say it had it's benefits,it's like we never sit and talk too much,but we had to this time so yeah good thing....i guess :P

did i mention that one of my cousins almost got burned :P seriously the hot wax just slipped on his hand i was like :lol: while he was screaming :twisted: jk jk :P

anyway the electricity got back up at like 3:25 a.m,it was like we're having a party :P everyone got infront of the screen and started playing :P

It's nice for stuff like these to happen from time to time,ya know it's good to talk

It matter not who you are......Death awaits you

Hey guys

so yeah I got P3P,started it with the female protagonist,and man,it's just what I expected AMAZING!!!!

ya know when I chose to start with the female one i knew there'd be some changes but I was kinda skeptical of how much change I'll find from the original P3,but it really gives you a different feeling,like you're playing sth new

BTW if anyone here's gonna buy it,the right names for the protagonists are Minato (male)/Minako (female) Arisato (or so it's known on the internet ;) )

The Music is great (it IS Shoji Meguro after all) some music pieces are the same as in the original P3,but the new tracks are cool,the voice actors are the same as in the original and that is great

I don't really know what else to write.......i guess i'm just gonna go continue playing 8)


So I watched POP yesterday.........

Hey guys

so yeah eventually i watched it

it was nth special 6/10 at best *FLAME SHIELD FROM VGN :P *

the plot was more than predictable,the action scenes didn't live up to the goodness of the ones in the game,and there were some really stupid scenes especially when the assassins show up :?

and since when does the prince have a name?I never remember he was called other than prince in the game was he?

still the dagger of time scenes were great

so overall I didn't enjoy it that much,that's coming from a POP fan,maybe because I was expecting sth as great as the games

Maybe someday movie directors can really fit games in movies like they should be,until that time comes they'll keep disappointing


At last!!!!!


lol ok that's too much :P

i've just beaten the flame lurker in Demon's souls,i've been trying to do so since MAY :shock:

buuuuuuut........i wish i haven't....right after i killed him a NEW boss came around,a HUGE dragon that killed me with a punch of his hand :cry: :P

oh well i'll defeat him in July :lol:

Enchanted Arms is sth

Hey guys

so my bro picked up Enchaned Arms last week,i saw him playing it and i thought like "seriously you're playing a 4 year old game with out dated graphics and gameplay"

yesterday i found out that i was absolutely wrong,hell i played it yesterday for only an hour and it's really sth (i did have to stop,it was 2 a.m :roll: )

i couldn't stop laughing,the conversation is hilarious,the combat may LOOK old but it's actually pretty much unlike any other SRPG game,the graphics ARE outdated but really i play DS games and don't mind it why should i mind it here?