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Level 16 - Magician Lord

wow , i dont know why but i jumped from level 15 (99%) to level 16 (43%) .

i used to go up 2% per day .

probably because i watched Button Maching !!


- Lost -

i just wanted to say something that most of you probably already know ...

LOST is the best TV Show ever !!!!!

i mean , there are lots of good shows out there , but LOST is just amazing ..

i havent finished the first series yet , i'm at episode 23 .. 2 to go .

the story is great , the cast are the best , the island is beautiful , the action and the suspense are unbelieveable , i never was so anxious to watch the next episode of a show !!!

if you havent watched LOST , or started to ...... you should.

no spoilers please :)

GS Review of Dreamfall.

The Review for Dreamfall: The Longest Journey on GameSpot has been written , and the score is - 8.1/10 .

I was hoping for more , but this will do.

I hope you guys play this game and enjoy it like i'm planning to do ... and until you get this game , try playing The Longest Journey , it's a game that you'll remember for ever and you'll love the story and the characters , and will make you want to play Dreamfall !!!

And now all i have to do is wait for the game to arrive in order to buy it.

Now i got to change my banner , i think . maybe pick another theme , or just stick to this one .

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey is shiped out .

Dreamfall: The Longest Journey , is the sequal for the Best adventure game ever made , and my personal favorite : The Longest Journey , which was made in 2000.

And now after 6 years , Dreamfall was released yesterday , April 17th , but i think it won't make it here untill May , so i'll just have to wait , and maybe this bought me some time to upgrade my system to match the proper requirements of the game , so i just need another 512MB RAM and a better video card , and everything else would work.

I've been waiting for this game since i knew about it , and been expecting alot of this game . but today i've seen the IGN Review of the game and it got 7.4/10 (pretty disappointing) . for me , i dont realy care about the Gameplay (which got 4/10) if the story (9/10) is good , because i love this game story.

There is better ideas of Dreamfall , for example : GregK , a GS staff has written this Entry about dreamfall that he is playing , and i quote him about the storyline : "It's exciting, moving, dramatic, funny, scary, touching...seriously." , but he hasn't played the PC version enough , and needs more time to make up his mind and get everything together in order to write a good review about the game .

And here's another review of the XBOX game , and it got 9.6/10 (very good !!!) , but i dont have an XBOX , and i cant rely on this.

Now i'm waiting for GameSpot PC Review of the game , and hope that it's gonna be a good one , although i'm gonna buy the game anyway.