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Favorite: Sports, FPS, Moba, MMO, and RPGs

Just Play: Action/Adv, Fighting, and Racers

Hate: Nothing really, all genres have games worth playing imo.

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Damn if you do damned if you dont. People ask for games that push hardware. When we finally get one they complain. Gamers are assholes.

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I'm a huge fan of sports and realism so MLB the Show and ESPN 2K5 come to mind. Pretty much any game that pushes realism is going to suck me in.

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7 years old hardware for minimum,lolz

More like 4 but recommended specs are what we really need.

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The real graphics king. Have a high end PC and a PS4 nothing looks quite as good as NBA 2K14 Next gen.

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Lol. Says they should give it to Nintendo as well as studios because currently Nintendo is barely alive.

The Xbox brand has been profitable since 2007. All the "losses" are contributed to the first Xbox and the RRoD issue with the early 360s. So, any economist who looks deeper that superficial totals should draw the conclusion that MS should keep the Xbox Brand because as time goes on, they will eventually break even and start making a profit.

I like you and all but GOD do you lie to kick it.

Such fail on your part lol.

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Dark Souls in the new final fantasy.

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Because the game is ugly....

Low poly horribly textured mess of a game.

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Most the people who are going to buy videos are not going to care less if a game is 1080p or 720p. I bet if you ask most teenage kids about it, they would have no idea what the heck your talking about.

So what you're saying is we should all just settle on being average?