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How's everyone enjoying the games? Fantastic first day yesterday, hopefully today is just the same :D
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Four games going on at the same time today for the preliminaries; Multitwitch stream courtesy of CyborgMatt.

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So is it too late to buy a compendium? Also is it better to watch these tournaments on a stream or in Dota 2? I have never watched a tournament match in Dota 2 so I am not sure how it works.


Pretty much how I did it last year was before the matches started, I would watch the stream because of the analysts and commentators. Then when the game starts (the drafting phase to be specific), I mute the stream and watch in game because there's no better quality than watching in the actual game itself. If you watch inside the game, you get to pick which commentators you want to listen to, you can control the camera if you want (or let the broadcasters do it), you can watch exactly how the players play through their perspective, etc.

I think you have until the end of the event to buy a Compendium, you get all the perks of having one except for doing the event predictions which are just there for bragging rights IIRC.

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It's gonna be huge for DotA. This is basically where it all begin, the first huge tournament after the game's official release.

I'm hooking up my PCs and laptops to the TVs, I'm gonna have friends over as well and watch all streams. I've been waiting for this.


That's my plan as well.

So wait. The winner (person or team?) gets $2 million dollars in prize money?

That is CRAZY !!!

Not $2 million, but as of right now $1,378,013 for first (scroll down a bit to see the breakdown for 1st-8th) divided amongst the five players.

EDIT: Forgot to put my thoughts on TI; basically TI2 is the event that got me really interested in eSports in general and I remember getting chills when watching Na'Vi march through the upper bracket. I have no doubt that this year's TI will be just as memorable. Gonna be watching with some friends, already have our compendiums filled out too :P.

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1. Football Manager 2011 - 988 hrs 2. Dota 2 - 734 hrs 3. Empire Total War - 529 hrs 4. BFBC2 - 278 hrs 5. Shogun 2 - 215 hrs 6. Dragon Age Origins - 104 hrs 7. TF2 - 102 hrs 8. Napoleon TW - 77 hrs 9. Civ V - 67 hrs 10. Fallout NV - 55 hrs Looks like I'm a sucker for replayable games with addictiveness like FM and Dota. Have a few other games that aren't on this list because they aren't Steam games but I've tracked them via Raptr/Xfire.
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Dota 2 does indeed lack a ranking system apart from normal, high, and very high skill level (you can see this by searching for your recent games and filtering by skill level) but I think Valve is working on something (don't quote me on this). I think there's nothing wrong with trying to enjoy both as the increased mechanical ability that you get from playing SC2 might help out in Dota (especially when playing micro oriented heroes like Chen, Enchantress, Meepo). If you got some friends who play Dota 2, go for that because the second you get a team together you enjoy the game a hell lot more than if you just solo queue it all the way.

In terms of spectating, with The International coming next week, there's plenty of quality Dota to watch and you can watch it in game and see what the players are doing exactly. Blizzard tried sticking their WCS Regional Finals on the same weekend as The International much to the backlash of fans because I definitely know I'll be watching Dota and not SC2 during that time. There's usually always a Dota tournament on and in the previous months it was rare to have a day without competitive Dota. Obviously there aren't many atm as the top teams are going to Seattle for the biggest tourney of the year. I don't enjoy watching SC2 as much unless it's a major final but that's just me. Both games are great to watch.

TLDR: SC2 if you're planning on going solo, Dota 2 if you have some friends who will play too (ideally you can play both), spectating wise I like Dota more.

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Loads of people have this coupon on Steam, don't think it's worth anything.
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Interesting, will keep an eye out for this.
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Bloodseeker is actually really weak, his skills scale terribly into the late game. Golden rule is just never to feed anyone with snowball potential like he does. His laning phase is good because he gets health back per last hit so I'd just recommend ganking him early to shut him down and he won't be a problem later. If he does manage to ult you, hold position by pressing the H key or stop with the S key to stop your movement. Then just teleport back to base with a TP scroll (another golden rule of Dota, always carry a TP scroll :P).

The only time this won't work is when the team with the Bloodseeker is smart and either someone on his team or the Bloodseeker himself buys a Force Staff which forces you to move and also cancels channeling Teleports. I remember seeing a hilarious pro game when a team picked Bloodseeker and all five members bought a Force Staff. Needless to say it was an embarrassing stomp of the other team.

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Play it religiously. I used to not be into these kinds of games but Dota 2 really sucked me in and got me into the whole eSports community as well. I alternate between this and League of Legends, depending on which friends are online at the time but Dota 2 is a much better game than LoL IMO. Just need to get some more LoL friends onto Dota :P.