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A few months...

wow, i havnt been on gamespot for such a long time and you guys probably dont remember me, but do you think i should make a new account and start from scratch? I dont think id be very active since im sort of into WOW and i got like a sh*t load of homework every night...

I want to start a union

I got plenty of ideas for hurt-n-heal, character battles, member ranks ... I just have no idea what the union would be about, i got a few ideas but nothing serious. Ill let the people who help me with this be charter members/officers, but like i said i havnt gotten anything down yet. Suggestions?

another banner (EDIT)

There i made another banner, since i dont know wich one to put up, ill let you guys vote (on 10) for this banner. If the score is higher than 7.8 then i will change it to this one. Just vote like in my previous blog.

New banner!!

hey guys I just made this new banner, it was actually pretty hard to make lol :P
Tell me if I should change anything (probabbly everything:(  )

Rate it if you want

W00t!!! (edit)

I got 3 emblems today! (vote rocker, wich was replaced by voted twice and tagger flirt)
I also upgrated my banner.

I just got convivial and tagger dabbler (it will update tomorrow i cant wait :P!


Yeah I know, I am not really good at it but could you guys check out my banner ... just tell me what I should change ...


Some of you might have noticed that i havn't been on gamespot much ... I am getting ready for school again ! So i won't be posting (except a little on weekends if I have time). Sorry but thats crap I gotta deal with.


It was my friends birthday so we rented Gauntlet Saven sorrows on xbox and we beat difficult mode in 4 hours with 2 characters .... What the hell ?? It was fun, but like the shortest game I have ever played...
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