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YouTube Gamers Guide Peeps I Know

Hey, if you want a quality and a helpful guide for Call of Duty MW1,2,3 you should subscribe to MUZAFUZAAAAAAA. check his channel because he will give you awesome COD MW GUIDES AND KILLZONE 3 GUIDES. OR if you want to get to know the games better and top 10 lists you should check CHAOSXSILENCERS Channel cause its beast. hope ths helps.

UTorrent 3.1.2 make it faster!!!

Are u tired of ur slow utorrent, want a solution, here it is. I can show you how to make your utorrent 3.1.2 or higher downlad torrents faster. If you are a serious pc gamer you should try this. SEND ME AN EMAIL TO ( WWEKAVI@GMAIL.COM) FOR THS AMAZING TRICK.

Why you must choose a PS3.

Yep, todays topic is why must you choose a ps3 instead of other consoles. Best answers: 1.PS3 Network is free unlike Xbox 360 you wil have to pay for it. 2.PS3 Exclusives are epic beast like Uncharted 2( Sick game) 3.The PS3 Controller takes less time to charge and its easier for someone to muster it. 4.PS3 is well known among the gamesrs around the world that means more online peeps more insane fun you get to enjoy. Oh yeah, Iam a PS3 Owner for 4 years now and I say Go for it because its worth. Gamers Promise lol.

Ios 6 !!!

There is a rumour that IOS 6 will come out September 2012, not sure the day but Iam sure its going to be beast because they said they have installed 200 new features to it.

Hey, I Am new to GameSpot

Hey, What's up gamers around the world. I am FPSKilla and I just joined GameSpot. I hope I will have a great time with this awesome website. Please read my blog because I will update the newest rumours and newst ideas of games and consoles.