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First Steam Shopping

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Well guys, just bought some indie games and you should really go to steam and see the great games with great prices that they are selling. I bought Bastion, Cave Story and Machinarium for 10,35.

Indie guy is indie :)

Merry christmas.

Guess the game

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Now it is time for a little game.

I have already decided what is the next game I am going to buy. But I will not say what is the game, instead, you will need to guess what is the game. I will leave here some clues:

  • It is multiplatforms but I will buy it for PS3
  • Is an FPS
  • Has a sequel

And thats it. I am waiting for your comments.

Dear Assassin

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Hi people, I'm here just to tell you that Assassin's Creed is half cool and the other half is "meh". The cool part is the essential part of the game, the assassinations. The poor part is the rest. It has great graphism, I have never seen such a sandbox. But it is boring. I'm full of "view points" and "saving citizens".

People just say: "Drop that! Play Assassin's Creed II". And I'm like:"NO! I'll be strong. I will finish this 100%!"

And I will. May the force be with me!

na na na na na na na na na na na na na na... BAAAATMAAAN

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OMG! I never thought of how spectacular is Batman. I really liked the movies and some cartoon series, but now that I've played Arkham Asylum I really became a huge Batman fan. In fact, I've always prefered DC Comics to Marvel (I don't like much super heroes from Marvel), but my favorite super hero was Green Arrow, now I have 2 favorite super heroes. I was even thinking about buying some Batman books. I saw one (Batman Chronicles) that has every old issues and it is kind of cheap.

I liked so much the game that it will be for sure my first platined game, I just got to finish the story mode in hard to get my last trophy and then the Platinum Trophy!

It was pretty difficult to finish some combat chalenges, like Shock and Awe (Extreme), that took me something like 10 hours to beat the complete challenge, and Rumble in the Jungle (Extreme), that took me around 5 or 6 hours.

About the predator challenges: I really recomend this, even if you are not caring about the trophies, because they are very challenging and this challenges have one of the best parts of the all game, the stealth parts. These predator challenges reminds me of Prince of Percia: Two Thrones, because there are some good parts that are identical.

Talking about PoP:TT, it reminds that I haven't posted a review since... a long time ago!

Now I have a question. I bought a game, Star Wars: The force Unleashed, and my younger brother as already finished it and he won no trophies, at first I thought that it could be like Assassin's Creed (that has no trophies) but then I searched on the internet and it have! Maybe because I am from Portugal and my PS3 is PAL and the game is NTSC? I don't know, please if you have an answer do it.

PS Vita?

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So I heard a new portable console came out. A Sony console. I think it is PS Vite or something.


Damn! I haven't already played the whole games I wanted to play on the Nintendo Game Boy, Game Boy Colour, Game Boy Advance and DS! Please! Stop doing that to me. I really want to play everything but the day just have 24 hours a even if it was infinite I don't "poo" money, get it?

things, games, things, life

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Hello Gamespoters!

After a long time without making a post here's one with some information.
The truth is that last year the games were not one of my priorities and I have not been very attentive to this industry, nor is it now that I hope to come into force as before. The truth is that I have not finished Final Fantasy XII yet, but my almost perfect save is still there, waiting for me to finish, and I am sure I will end one day.

Despite not having paid much attention to the news and the news can still express my opinion about the GOTY 2011.

It was obvious that the winner would be Skyrim, which is something I hate. Do not hate the game but hate when the winners are predictable! Although there have been other big games like Batman, Uncharted and Portal 2, but Skyrim was one that left more hype among all. But if I were to pick a winner, choose this one:

I like to be different in my views but at the same time be true. And this was a series that left plenty of nostalgia. Unfortunately the gaming world has changed a lot and The Legend of Zelda already has as much impact as before.

Changing the subject ... I hope that more games this year are:

I can not pick just one, so I had to get three.

Thank you all and good night!


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Another bit of Final Fantasy XII. Got finally out of Lhusu of Mines with all elements of my party in lvl 21.

Went all the Sandsea, still completed a mini-quest for a few berries that would serve to give 400 damage to a boss I've already killed, the Garuda. Leveled the three main chars up to level 23 (Vaan, Balthier and Ashe) and then went against the Garuda that was relatively easy. He flies so the melee weapons are useless. Would make some bullets for the gun Capella, Silent Shot, but needed 2 Fish Scales and only had one. I was about to go look for another but I thought that was not needed, and it was not.

After the party turns to kill the optinal Demon Wall which has about 20,000 HP and make X-Zone, which is virtually a knockout. The only way to get it kill the optional boss at this stage of the game without spending hours in powerleveling would get two or three combos of quickenings. The only char that had mists was Basch, and had just two, so I spent the LP's of Vaan and Balthier, so each have at least one Mist on the License Board. Thus was first made a combo of 8 hits that resulted in damage exceeding 10,000. X-Zone on Vaan, Fran spend the LP and put her in a Mist. Rain's in the Ether Basch and Balthier and do the same. Quickening with 10 hits, over 11,000 of damage and I won.

Straight after a Demon Wall is not optional. After killing one with 20,000 HP would not kill it with 10,000, it was easy. Quickenings 12 hits and won.

After 50 minutes I was able to catch two Demonsbane in about 20 attempts. Not bad, the worse is that I spent all those LP's and now I can not equip them to anyone

Now, a little E3 joke:

Now in english

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Yep, it's official, I'll even stop doing posts in Portuguese because nobody cares about what I write, and perhaps to change the language the people begin to read this nonsense.

For now I would like to tell you that I got a PS3 on a TV show! Woooooooooooooooooooooow, happiness. The funniest part is that it continues to bed down inside the box. "And why?" you ask. Because I do not want it, ratatatata! I'll sell it and buy an Xbox 360 just to be different from the majority of Portuguese people who see only Playstation ahead.

Now that I finished the 12th grade will study for exams and then I go on vacation. I have already finished the 12th grade but I'll be making some improvements and then walk into the college course in Sports Science.

I have been playing Final Fantasy XII and it's going quite well. I'm following a guide that GameFAQs is very well done.

Now I'm going to eat and I want to see these comments.

OMG, u (not) missed me so much

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Epá já não vinha cá há 4 meses. E o mais engraçado é que ninguém comentou o meu post sobre os GOTY do ano passado. Deve ter ficado tudo revoltado por não ser um jogo da Playstation, "Ah, Super Mario é para bebés, nem tem tiros nem nada". Isto é que são os jogadores hardcore. Pois é meus amigos.

Epá olhem, eu tenho bastantes novidades mas agora tenho de ir treinar voleibol (que ainda me torna menos hardcore porque pratico desporto que não futebol). Por isso quando chegar espero ter um comentário, se não tiver começo a escrever em inglês.

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