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Looks like I lied, folks. I'm back!

I Am Leaving Video Gaming Forever

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I'm done with gaming, folks. There are too many things for me to pursue in my real life, and I am tired of my virtual life. I have great plans ahead, and gaming will interfere with those plans.


My Game of the Year: Dark Souls

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Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my verdict is in. Dark Souls is incredibly engrossing and absorbing, and it's really just completely flippin' awesome. It's also incredibly hard. I'm going to go ahead and say it's the hardest game I've ever played. Regardless of the punishing difficulty, I have not enjoyed a game the way I enjoy this one for a VERY long time. I'm still excited for Skyrim, but I have serious doubts it will deliver the way Dark Souls does.

This game is not for everyone. I actually hated it the first day I played it, but after some neccessary research into game mechanics and trial and error, the game blossoms into awesomeness. I recommend it to anyone who enjoys deep RPG's and who can get past the difficulty. In my experience, the game blossomed once I had my first real victory. It needs to be given a chance once started as it is hard to see how it possibly could be fun at the start of a new game. Once started, I recommend playing for at least 10 hours to get a feel for the game. Also, if you have a question about the game, do some research on the internet or look in a strategy guide or ask another player. The game throws you in without giving you hardly any clue what to do. But it's totally awesome. Try it.

A Dramatic Turn of Events

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It's here. My most anticipated album ever is finally here, and it has felt like forever.

Yesterday, I obtained a copy for myself as soon as I was able. I actually called in to work to let them know I would be late so I could listen to it. Here are my initial thoughts.

The album has some great moments. Having said that, I was not terribly impressed upon my first listen. Some parts I was honestly a little bored. Later, a friend of mine came over and we listened to the entire album together, including the final track which I had not heard yet. My second listen was much more enjoyable than the first.

I like the album, but what I have said previously still stands. Dream Theater is not the same, and I do not think they are better. I disagree with the sticker on the cover of the album. They are not stronger than ever, and ADTOE is not their most powerful. But I also don't think they are necessarily worse. I need to give it a few more listens, but I doubt I will change this opinion, even though I very likely enjoy the album more over time. I can't help but think the songs would have been stronger if Portnoy was involved. I will also say that Jordan Rudess' occasional cheese is more than occasional on this album. I can't say anything about Mangini since he technically didn't come up with his parts, and in my mind the drums are unmentionable. I hope he becomes involved in the song writing process over time. I want to see what he really has to offer the band, but I will get a small taste of that when I see the band in concert at the end of the month.

On a postive note, I think Beneath the Surface is fantastic. John Petrucci has proven that he can write solid, meaningful songs. Not that his other works are not solid or meaningful, but Wither and Beneath the Surface are special in my mind. I hope he keeps this going.

There we go. I am not surprised. Dream Theater is still playing solid Dream Theater material, but I feel something is missing, and I definitely miss Mike Portnoy. I still feel that the best of Dream Theater is in the past, but there is still potential for it to get better in the future. I can only hope that really happens.

I met Mike Portnoy

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No lie. It was awesome. Pictures forthcoming, and more info soon.

That is if I get around to it. As the maybe two people who read these can tell, I don't post much anymore.

Dream Theater's new drummer is Mike Mangini

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The past few months have had me scouring the internet for information on who Dream Theater's new drummer is. After much speculation, today it has been confirmed that it is Mike Mangini. Awesome.

I'm familiar with much of his work as he has played with Steve Vai as well as James LaBrie's solo projects. He is a fantastic musician.

Dream Theater decided to do a series of documentaries covering the auditions of the 7 different prospective drummers. At first I thought it was a little cheesy, but it was actually well done. I ended up liking that they did it because I believe it truly shows how much they care about their fans.

All the drummers were good, but some didn't fit Dream Theater's mold. And even though all the drummers were technical, some couldn't actually hang with DT's level of technicality. From the beginning it looked like Mike would have been an excellent choice. He really wanted the gig and you could tell it meant a lot to him. He certainly did his homework and it paid off.

So I have to say I'm glad that it's him. The man has heart and I think that will go a long way in the band. That and the fact that he's awesome, of course.

Final thoughts on Mike Portnoy. In my mind he is the drummer for Dream Theater. I will miss him dearly, and I hate the fact that the band may never play some of his most important songs live, namely the AA Suite songs. That said, he punked out on the band, and I support Dream Theater's decision to not put their lives on hold for him. Following his Twitter posts he seems to be happy, though, and that's good. I just hope somewhere down the line that he once again plays for Dream Theater.

I have decided to once again listen to all of Dream Theater's studio albums from start to finish in tribute to Mike Portnoy. It's weird how emotionally caught up I am in this whole thing, but it's kind of cool, too.

May both him and Dream Theater find the peace they are looking for, and I hope all of their careers go smoothly from here on.

Gamespot is really starting to get on my nerves

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I don't understand why this website always moderates me for completely insignificant things. I consider myself a clean person who abides by morals and respects others. In fact, I don't even consider it. I am and I do. I don't even swear in my personal life. If I express an opinion or make a joke somewhere on this site, I always seem to get modded for it. The problem is I can't find any real reason for someone to report me. I have disrespected no one. I obviously can't repeat what I've said in the past here otherwise I'll get modded again, but it is so stupid in my mind. I keep getting modded apparently because Gamespot thinks I'm being immaturely childish, but to get modded for the things I have been modded for it is my absolute opinion that Gamespot, and most of it's users, are the childish ones. It bugs me to no end. I'm really sick of it.

End of line.


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I thought I would take just a moment and express my love for beef.

I love beef!

The end.

Awesome. And suk.

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And there you have it, ladies and gentleman. That's about how I feel right now.

And yes, I know how to spell it, but I obviously can't express myself correctly here.

End of line.