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DUDE! its E3 again

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Hello guys, thanks again for stoping by! its that time of the year again, ITS E3! so im back for my yearly status update lol.

How are you guys doing? im hoping everyone is allright :)

Can you belive we are at the dawn of a new generation of consoles? all those new consoles, and what are they bringing to table on terms of new graphics a new ways to enjoy games its something that really got me excited, ill admit im a little bit dissapointed with MS and all the BS that they are pulling on their new xbox, and the PS4 its just looking sweeter and sweeter, nintendo on the other hand got me curious on what are they going to bring to the table to try and match the new generation.

Im expecting a lot of exciting announcements on terms on games too, Im hoping we get a new Street fighter, finally a release date for final fantasy 13 versus, and maybe how about KI3 (Make it happen ms plz xD)

What are you guys looking out for on e3? You are as excited as me to see what this year brings us? 

So that mostly wraps out this post you guys enjoy the festivities, and im hoping to see you all again on a post probably... next year

Take care everyone

That time of the year is here again... E3 2012

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Here comes again, that time of the year, when everyone is on gamespot again...

Its been like 5 years since i last posted here, but im always around here on this season, you can see it on my achievments lol, a lot has passed on the last 5 years but enough of me.. how are you guys doing? I bet you guys on my friend list dont log on here anymore ROFL! And guess what i finally got my PS3! :3 *shrugs to it*

Gamespot its changing almost every year, so as the gaming industry, and now im here another year waiting to see what the future of the gaming industry has for us. Im really looking out for some great announcements from the big 3, sequels, new franchises, and who knows maybe a tease of their newer consoles... What are you guys expecting to see?

So i guess this is the end of this blog post, anyway guys i hope you all enjoy E3, get some hype from the announcements and ill be back here, probably next year. Cheers everyone.

So i need a job now...

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I just turned lvl 15 today so i tought it would be good to make a new blog post it took me while to get there but finally i did it.

So this month i havent done pretty much at all, right now im so bored that im thinking on getting a job again, so i can buy games and stupid things i need right now, theres a sport gear shop near to my house and they are looking someone to work there so maybe ill go check that later.

I just started to save money to get my ps3 hopefully i may get the money before christmas so i can order it as soon as i can

So thats about it i dont know what else to write im a bit late for school so i better go now maybe ill write another post in a few days until then tc everyone.

A lil update here...

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Well im updating banners icons and stuff of my profile i havent update in a while since the portable ops stuff so here is it a new theme this time featuring vgcats so why dont you pay a visit to the guy that makes them visit now.

In other news as some of you have already seen im uploading videos now all my combo videos will be up here soon so wait for them :P ill try to get more videos to upload about other stuff too lol.

Ok now i gtg for now ill leave a few videos uploading while im out.

Happy new year..a bit too late for that but meh....

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Happy new year everyone im back being active again on gamespot anyway im ready now for making reviews and stuff. As i said on my last blog post i was getting a psp and mpo for christmas but i never got the psp lol they were all sold out anyway i managed to get my mpo copy xD tough luck i cant play it until i get more money to buy my psp.

Anyway on christmas i got a lot of new games i got tekken 5, megaman x8, dbz budokai tenkaichi 2 also i got 2 games for a contest i participated here in mexico i won ultimate spiderman and prince of persia warrior within (i hate that game ;D ) also a friend sold me a ff-x2 so i have a lot to play till school starts again.

Anyway ill try to make reviews of the games that im playing soon till i get something to eat lmao. Thats all for now i hope to make another blog post on a few days.

Lvl 12 and lots of boredom

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Well since that **** bastard of my boss fired me from my job i havent been able to get money to buy some games and meeh im **** bored right now i need a new game... maybe on christmas ill get a psp and metal gear solid portable ops that will make christmas a less bored for me anyway ill make a review for the game once ill get it.

Anyway im lvl 12 right now maybe ill get 13 on a week or maybe two anyway ill post when im lvl 14 so it doesnt matter lol anyway wait for my mpo review soon till next time!.

omg! lvl 10! xD

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Yaaay finally after a long time im finally lvl 10 i feel proud of myself lol maybe ill reupdate my profile page later ^_^ well gtg now cya.

Wow lvl 8 ^_^

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I just noticed im lvl 8 now jajaja kinnda a big achievment huh? jk anyway i hope to get to lvl up to lvl 9 soon ^_^

Updating this thingy @.@

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well yeah im triying to update it with some new images and stuff i didnt liked the fsn theme so im changing it now hope the people that see it hope you all like the new desing leave coments if you like it ^_^

Hello world ;]

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Ok This is the first message that i make on my "blog" so ill try to make it cool.

Sup! everyone welcome to my profile or blog i dont really know what is it really o.O meh whatever for the time being im working on the header banner so i guess you'll have to wait to see more stuff around here till then see ya around. 8)