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PSP Wish List

Budget $20 games                                  Other

Burnout Legends                                  Ratchet: Size Matters

Me and My Katamari                             Daxter

Some other titles that interest me are Midnight Club 3, Lumines 2, Tokobot, Ace Combat X

PSP and Plasma Bought

Since my dad went shopping for a plasma tv i decided to come along and i bought myself a PSP. I got Lumines and Socom with it. Lumines is great(but at this point hard) and Socom is preaty good too(but i have no wireless connection :().

The TV that we bought was a 42 in Maxent HDTV plasma monitor. We got it at a great price too for under $1500 while Best Buy was selling the same one for $2000.


Im thinking of getting a PSP. If i do buy one it will be around springtime...maybe. This blog is so i can more easily mange some games i want.

Games i will get  Games i might get     Upcoming games

Lumines            tokobot                   Exit

                            Socom                    Me and my Katamari

                            Burnout                   Viewtiful Joe

                            POP                          Monster Hunter

                            GTA                          GT4 Mobile


                                                              FF 7

                                                              Baito hell

I need a better internet provider

Right now i have dial up which is painful when i need to download something or watch a video or even visit some websites with a lot of animation on them. i cant even play games online since its way to slow. i tried dsl but that didnt work for some unknown reason. I guess im stuckwith dial up for another few years.

100 posts...finaly

well it took me long enough but i finaly got 100 posts. ill be posting more oftenen in the unions that im part of.

im back

thats all i got to say. good thing there werent any hurricanes there though :)

Going on vacation.

ill be in florida from aug 14 to abut aug 22 or so. so dont get pissed of if i dont reply to some of your sent messages.

My first Entry

well my first journal entry. im going to Florida soon and im getting Harvest Moon Friends of Mineral town for the gba while im there. Hows that for a journal entry