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I added everybody on here, FC is in the sig.
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2595 - 0023 - 2504

Kingdom-Key / FameKillz

Add me, just got a 3dsXL and mario kart.

qoute me if added


Alright I just added you. My FC is 1735-9948-8863.

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My friend code is 1735-9948-8863. The only game I can really play online at the moment is Resident Evil: Revelations though, since I just got this system recently.

And please PM me once you've added me so I can add you as well!

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I'll give you suggestions based on my collection

  • Xenoblade Chronicles. I'm not sure if it's easy or not to find a new copy now.
  • No More Heroes. I would suggest the second one but I haven't played it yet.
  • Silent Hill Shattered Memories
  • Tatsunoko vs Capcom
  • Goldeneye 007
  • Conduit 2. I haven't played it yet but everybody seems to like it more than the original.
  • Mad World
  • Bully Scholarship Edition
  • Resident Evil Umbrella Chronicles is good for parties from my experience. Darkside Chronicles is pretty good too but only if you have a friend that's patient and if you can tolerate the constant camera movement.
  • Resident Evil Archives unless you already have a GC controller and memory card then you could probably find a copy of the original GC version at a Gamestop for slightly cheaper.
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I wonder how it's going to take advantage of the Wii U.
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I am slightly worried about the Wii U getting current gen games, though. I know that might be because it will be the first next gen console to be released, but I am afraid that might create a tendency for the system to be seen as an in-between generations console, something that will surely happen if the succesors of the 360 and PS3 turn out to be much more powerful than the Wii U.


I was thinking that too, I don't want it to end up with the same fate as the Dreamcast. That and I don't want the Wii U to launch with current gen games and ports.

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I can imagine using the tablet for taking down notes for puzzles and maps. But to be honest the only other horror franchise I can think of at the moment is Fatal Frame, the tablet would go perfect with it!

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Fatal Frame for the Wii U. They would go so perfectly together!
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From my own experiences with friends: Just Dance 1, 2, or 3 (that is of course if you and your friends are willing to get up and act silly) Mario Kart Wii Super Smash Bros. Brawl Goldeneye 007 Tatsunoko vs Capcom (it's only 2 player though, but it's still pretty competitive with my friends)
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voted bi. but really would have to say pan.

I dunno. I do confuse the two terms.

How about, I can become smitten by the right person regardless of his or her orientation and or current sex/gender.

About the only common denominator i find attraction in is the femininity in the other. Not the masculinity.

and no, i don't play the card game around people i like "oh no.. i'm straight don't worry" sort of thing. At the same time i'm not advertising it either.


Words stolen from my mouth, but at the moment (or for the longest time anyway) I have had no desire to be with either gender.