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I'm so busy.

I'm stressed and busy but at least I finally got my xbox live profile updated when I took my 360 back to home and used the internet. Seven months on and my flat still has no internet.

Oblivion is such a good game, being a sneaky, Nordic Arch-Mage is great! I love going into Oblivion gates in sneak mode and kill Daedra ninja style. It's even funnier sniping them and have them trying to find me when I'm right under their nose too.

Now I'm a cat-burglar with the Thieves guild. One of the quest was stealing the Arch-mage's staff and plant it into another mage's room. Ummm... no problem seeing that I'm Arch-mage long before I joined the Thieves Guild and that the two people were dead anyway.

I'm not dead.

After so long of not posting a blog. Don't worry, I'm not dead. Just been busy now that I'm back in Uni full-time. It sucks now that my current flat hasn't got internet yet. So it will be ages until my Xbox profile has been updated with the latest games played and points achieved. Apparently my flat mates had to put up with no internet for 6 months.

If you want the internet, never, ever go for Sky. BT, AOL, Virgin, yes but Sky, no.

I'm playing Bayonetta on/off so, it's taking ages to finish.

I have found a new game to play on and it's text base on some website. Unfortunately the fact that I have no internet has forced me to use Wetherspoons' free Wi-Fi for access. Couldn't access it on uni computers, forbidden.

Home, sweet, home.

I have just come back from Hong Kong, alive and in one piece. I have to say that the journey back on Cathay Pacific has been very smooth. A whole 12 hours direct flight from HK international airport to Heathrow and right now I am very tired from the entire journey. By entire I also mean the extra 5 hours total of driving back to home in Wales. I arrived on Britsh soil at around 6.20 am.

It should have been under 4 hours but I got lost trying to get out of Heathrow and finding the M4 west to Wales. I got stuck in traffic on the M4 towards Reading direction. Along the way I desperately needed the bathroom very badly, while getting stuck in the Reading traffic. Which I then got road rage and blasted all the male species for having the most convenient way for ummm.... I dare not say the u-word incase I might just offend Gamespot themselves but then... It's true for you gentlemen out there, it's very convenient during rush hour traffic or when there's no presence of the cubicle. It's just not fair.

A little advice, pay closer attention to your sat nav's direction.

As soon as I got to my home town, I took my laptop into a computer repair shop. It would boot up and I'm afraid that the hard drive might be done for. Even more worrying, most of my stuff is not backed up...

To hell and back!

No it's nothing to do with The Darkness, I assure you. I have just come back from Gunagzhou in China to see relatives on my mum's side. I have to say though that the whole experience has been hell for me and I am so glad to be back alive.

Well, not exactly back home yet, but I'm back in Hong Kong. Only nine more days until I will be back on home of the U.K.

Wish you were there? I think not. China drives like what most Europeans and U.S do, on the right side of the road. But in Britain, HK and North Island of Japan, Hokkaido; it's the left hand side.

No problem just the wrong side of the road that's fine... God I was wrong, these people in China drive like complete nutters! I mean I have a far higher chance of survival in the U.S than in China. These people don't just drive through a red, they have absolutely no driving manners whatsoever. Worse than HK.

We British have better driving manners, at least we actually give way, we let other drivers to take the turning and give pedestrians the right of way! The cyclists in China are beyond crazy, riding on the opposite roads as if to play chicken with the drivers. The traffic systems are poor too. It needs a desparate revamp.

It's polluted, dirty, dusty, overcroweded, with more beggars than you can swing your Wii-mote over to your TV screens. The people there are so rude, from security guards to waitresses, they have the bedside manners of monkeys flinging excrement at you. The people smoke like a chimney and spit all over, it's disgusting. In HK, no one, and I say no one, spits on the street. Lest you want HK$1000+ fine.

And the toilets, oh god, the toilets... The thing about Western Civilisation, is that we have proper porcelain thrones. You don't in China. Uh... how can I describe it best. Imagine a porcelain hole in the ground but with functional flushing system and no tissues at all. Now I can see why more people want to travel to the West.

I have probably inhaled just about every 1920s disease there and now I have a headache. I going to sleep it off and then a cold beer or ten.

So, if you want to go on holiday:

1. Bring surgical masks, disinfectant wipes and lots of tissues.

2. Don't go to China!

On Holiday!

It's been a while, I know, I've been really busy with work to be able to post any blog. Or was it that I was too lazy...? Anyway it's been a hectic. Snow in Britain, making most roads dangerous to drive. It's a wonder how I was able to drive more than 150 miles to Heathrow Airport despite the conditions. Moreso that I was able to find parking before going through security.

Now I have arrived in Hong Kong, in one piece. The flight with Cathay Pacific has been really smooth, lack of turbulence.

I am in a holiday that borders heaven or hell. Why? I have my mother in tow... And my gosh she can be a grumpy old cow!

At least I can go shopping.

Happy New Year!!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE! I hope that 2010 will be far better than 2009 anyway. Good health and fortunes be with you all!!!

Why is it always zombies?

What did I do to deserve getting both Plants vs Zombies and Oblivion GOTY Ed as Christmas gifts from my friend? All the time I treated him to lunch while he's unemployed, maybe, but he gave me his old iPod touch when he got an iPhone. I never actually expected getting these games. Nice of him to afford it, but I still prefer to have a gift card instead. I shouldn't complain, now he has temp work, I was hoping he'd treat me to food instead. (My mind on the carvery...)

So far, I got put off of Dragon Quest V as soon as I reached the volcanic stage. The reason? Well after reading an FAQ about the recommended levels and monster to have, I thought f this, it's too much effort.

I decided to wait until my friend visits me and then we can play Gears of War 2, me on insanity, he on normal or hardcore. Adds a bit of spice to the carnage and fun.

Although I have to admit that Oblivion is a good game, but it takes getting used to. Yes, zombies... why me...? At least I managed to kill them in one of the quest I had to undertake as part of receiving recommendations for the Mages Guild. I swear if I have to put up with Erthor's recklessness, I might just punch him.

Yeah, baby, yeah! The Cole Train!!!

I have completed Gears of War 2 last night. It was good if it weren't for the stupid AI. Time to amp the difficulty up to Normal. God I love the Cole Train, he is absolutely hilarious in Gears 2. Especially when the Delta squad were inside the Locusts' home and Cole gone and grabbed the mic.

Yay! Another one bites the dust! Yeah! I don't think I'll trade that game, there's so much comedy in it to just trade it for another game. Next, the achievements to get possible for single player. I can't wait for my friend to visit me after Christmas, then he and I will be playing it on insane.

Good day and bad day.

Yesterday was a good day as I have finally found a place to stay for the 2nd Semester in Aber. Yay! I have a roof on my head! It gets better, they have Wii, PS3, Xbox 360, Sky and internet. That'll be a few achievements bagged for multiplayer next year.

The bad day today, my iPod ran out of batteries just as I walked into the gym. NOOOOOO!!!! I was definitely grumpy today, no metal, no motivation. It was half full yesterday and I haven't played it much, how can it ran out already!? They don't make Ipods like they used to.

Managed to bag myself a couple of achievements on Gears of War 2. As for Dragon Quest V, well it's taken me 10 hours so far to get to a stage where I have to find a Ring from some volcanic area as part of my quest. I know what you're thinking, that song "Ring of Fire".

No wonder I'm playing Gears 2, it's more fun and fast paced than JRPGs. My taste for RPGs is dwindling spectacularly. Maybe it's the fact that RPGs DO take a long time to finish.

Once I'm done working this afternoon, it's time to snipe those Locusts to the ground while under heavy razorhail fire.

When teamwork lets you down.

I should have known better than to play co-op with my brother's girlfriend on Gears of War 2. If Neil and I were playing, there would be a slight shred of teamwork, but at least he is good at handling this sort of game. As for my brother's girlfriend... she still hasn't managed to get used to the whole idea of 3rd person shooters and it's right analog for camera.

Still at least I net myself a couple of achievements, one of which is the flamethrower achievement. Yeah! Burn, baby, burn!