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My PSP ads point of view and PSP ads Photoshop Edition.

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Do you like my pics? Sorry Gamespot can't show the pics in full screen.

As you all know, the PSP ads were shown in a exceedingly controversial light. Granted, the depiction of using two models both of which are Black and White made this ad its own controversy.

However, the initial controversy began when a billboard ad was shown portraying a White female model gripping a Black female in the neck in an aggresive manner and a message subsided "PSP White is Coming." At my first reaction, I was on the floor laughing. I thought it was histerical. But after a little while, I noticed that the ad became much more than that just humor. I saw a lot of artistic expressions.

But seeing everyone of those ads, it became apparent that it was to intensionally show the contrast of the two colors. Although, obviously there was some form of disruptive imagery in mind. But if using two models to personify both PSP colors was their main goal, I can't think of any other idea to go about it unless if it they use sexual tension between the models then that would prove much more appealing, although it doesn't make all too sense at the same time. But to say that this ad is blatantly racist is absurd.

I'm looking at the ad in a much more artistic side than anything else. I see a lot of boldness and raw images from the ad. How both of the models poses for the camera makes me want to be a model and want to be just like them. :)

But obviously, a lot of people were bothered by this ad regardless when it was only released in Holand. Although, it is understandable but I believe people took it way too far and too seriously.

According to spokesperson, "All of the 100 or so images created for the campaign have been designed to show this contrast in colours of the PSPs , and have no other message or purpose." I wish I can see all of them. It's such a waste.

Furthermore, I am hoping that there will be more of these ads to be shown outside preferably in the US. I will embrace them in open arms. I'm sorry but every other PSP ads and commercials are trash compared to these ads.

There's a story to be told by this compilation of ads but I'm a bit tired at the moment.