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Came back from the Dead

by on

Yup, I'm back. It's been forever since I last logged into Gamespot. How is everyone? Probably hating me for leaving without saying a thing. My Union is probably dead. Oh well...I'll close it then.

Anyways, I've been on Gaia most of the time...but now it is starting to get boring. So maybe I'll start over here again. I need to update everything now. Bye Bye for now.

Last Day of School

by on

Actually tomorrow is my last day of school.  After that, it's finals week..and then I'm free!  Whee!

So, how have you guys been?  Filling up my PM box...I have over 200 messages!

Oh...and my puppy is evil...she keeps attacking my little brother and she almost killed one of my birds the other day.  The bird is fine now but she has no tail feathers. :(

Look into those evil eyes!

I'm Back...again...My reason for my absence...

by on

...well...there is no real reason.  I don't know why, but I just got tired of Gamespot.  Maybe it is because Gaia Online is so much better...well...it was...now I'm getting tired of that too so I'm coming back here.  Hopefully to stay.  I have a lot of things to do now.  I have to get my union back on track...but I am happy people have sticked to the union (thanks guys), answer all my PMs (160!), and add my games to my collection...yay!

So yeah, college started for me but I have Mondays off so that's a three day weekend for me and to spend time on Gamespot.

Oh, and I've been busy with my new puppy!  I named her Rikku and she is a Beagle mix.  So she has been keeping me busy...a lot!

I'm Back!

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Well, I'm back on Gamespot.  Was addicted to gaia Online for a while and then I was a on vacation for a month in Puerto Rico.  Came back August 1st.  I am going to be active more but I'm not sure if I will take my leader position back right away...I'll wait a while.

As for games, I got a DS while in PR.  I got the New Super Mario Brothers.  Also bought Pokemon FireRed.

Also reserved Dirge of Cerberus...which comes out this month.  Can't wait for that!

I got a PSP!

by on
Yay!  I bought a PSP on Sunday.  It's kind of funny because I went out without the intention of buying ot.  I actually was going to Barnes & Nobles to buy a certain Bible for my English 153 class...it's kind of like a Theology class.  So after buying my bible, I decide to just look around in the stores near by since I was in Manhattan.  I went to the Nintendo World store...which use to be the Pokemon Center.  But I left quickly because I felt so out of place with all the little kids running around.  So I went to a couple of more stores and then went to the Sony store.  I was looking at the PSP games and I saw that they had Maverick Hunter X...and I wanted it.  So I bought a PSP!  I was going to buy one eventually...after school ended...but I couldn't take it anymore!  I had to have it! LOL.

All the new games I got

by on

Yeah, these are all the games I got for Christams, Three Kings, and some I just bought.

Dragon Quest VIII- This is what I'm currently playing and it is so good!

Resident Evil 4- I finally got it for the PS2

Soul Calibur 3- I loved 2 so I decided to get the latest in the series.  The first SC game I actually own.

We Love Katamari- This game is stupid fun....if that's possible

DBZ Budokai Tenkaichi- Had to get it...I have all the Budokai games now...but Budokai 3 is still better.

King Kong- Most games that are based on movies suck...this is the exception!

Megaman Zero 4- It's megaman...and I love Megaman games...well Zero in this case...

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time- I've been having a saved load for this game from when I borrowed it from my friend...now I finally have the game so I can continue that load!

Megaman X Collection- I actually got this game yesterday...and well...it's good...aside from the voice acting deal!  Grr!

Too many unions!

by on

Wow, I'm an officer in 11 unions and the leader of my union, TOP3. School just started already for me and I'm not going to be on much. Actually, I might only be on once a week very soon, once school gets serious (I'm in college so I have to do a LOT of reading). So, if the leaders of those unions are wonder where I went, it's because of that. But I'll try my best to keep up with the unions.

Now that we are on the subject of unions, I know that the leaders aren't the only ones reading this, so for the rest of you, check out the unions. They're cool:

Top 3: Square Enix, Capcom, and Konami Fan Union

The Silver Rhythm Gang

The Black Lotus Society

The Simpsons Fans Only Union

The Hall of Fame Union

The Final Fantasy, Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry, and Resident Evil Union

The Megaman & Zero Union

Star Wars Games Union

The Games, Anime, and Music Union

The Video Entertainment & Gamers Alliance

The RPG & Shooters Union

The Dark Crusaders Union

School starts August 29th

by on

So yeah, school starts for me the 29th. :(

So I won't be online very often. When school starts, I tend not to go on the computer at all, unless it's for school. So, if you don't see me in any unions or sending PMs, that's the reason.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

by on
OMG, you guys, this was a really good movie! I couldn't believe it. Johnny Depp did a wonder performance as Willy Wonka. The movie was hilarious. This movie was so much better than the original...which wasn't so great. I should have known it was going to be a great movie, since it had Johnny Depp and was by Tim Burton (best Director!). Also, Danny Elfman did a fantastic job on the soundtrack for this movie. I love the songs the Oompa Loompas sing! For those of you who haven't seen the movie...go watch it now!

War of the Worlds

by on
Yup, I just saw War of the Worlds today. It was a very good movie. I think it was much better than the original (how they brought the story along), and yes, I've seen the original...several times. I don't know what to see next. I saw Batman Begins and Star Wars Episode III already. I heard Fantastic 4 was bad so I don't want to see that.
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