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Top Game Characters

Top 10 game characters of all time

#10 Altair (Assassins Creed)

There was always something about Altair that seemed cool to me it might be that you really don't ever see his face, he kills people but for the right price and he always gets the job done, not to mention he has the hidden blade

#9 Kratos (God of war 1-3, and chains of Olympus)

Kratos is all about revenge, he will kill anyone to get revenge on Zeus, he has one of the coolest weapons of all time he can kill gods, and use them as weapons (Helios' head) and not to mention being in one of the highest rated games of all time

#8 Skorge (Gears of war 2)

Skorge is the second coolest villain in a video-game ever he is very agile, unlike many of the other locust, he has a staff with two chainsaw blades at the end of each side, he is one of the best bosses in a game ever, (Not to mention being in another one of the highest rated games ever)

#7 Snake (Any game with the word Metal Gear in it)

it is impossible to have a top 10 coolest characters list without Snake, there is not much I can say about him that isn't already known, , but the only reason I didn't put him higher is because of the others on this list.

#6 The Prince of Persia (Prince of Persia:

The sands of time & The two thrones) I do like both of the Princes, but this one is way better, He has the best fighting techniques out of any videogame character, he can control time, he is the most acrobatic character ever, and that about sums up the prince

#5 Ryu Hayabusa (Ninja Gaiden/ Dead or Alive)

Ninja Gaiden II Game Ryu, when it comes to fighting no one, not even Kratos can match him, he blocks bullets with a sword, can't be hurt from heights, Has powers from the elements (So does the prince) He has some of the coolest weapons ever, and saves the world without even taking credit

#4 Leon S. Kennedy (Resident evil 2,4)

Leon is one the best because he's just rookie cop in RE2 but is fired on the first day, he survived a Zombie infestation, then six years later in RE4 He is stranded in a village of possessed humans who are more powerful than zombies and he must fend for himself, and he has the coolest hair out of any video-game character ever except for #3

#3 Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy 7, Crisis core: Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy: Dirge Cerberus)

Cloud has the coolest hair, coolest sword, coolest outfit, coolest motorcycle, he is just the coolest, but he is not as cool as #2

#2 Dante (Devil May Cry)

Dante was going to be #1 because he has a motorcycle, he mocks everyone, he doesn't take anything seriously, he has guns that never need reloading, he kills demons while being half one himself and is the best video-game character ever, besides the next person

#1 Pyramid Head (Silent Hill)

Wow, the scariest video-game character ever, from one of the scariest games ever, He has a giant butcher's knife that says death on it and he is just so creepy, that is why i chose him as the coolest character ever