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Star trek on cbs.com!!!!!!!!!!!

Breaking news from your local human-wasteland (-FA-)

cbs.com is now showing the original Star Trek, if you go to

there home page you should see it. :)

I thought you all would like to know that, well that will do it

for this flaming plie of (x-------x)

-----------------------------you there ,.-- cats taste good. :shock:

The strike is over!!!!

All right people the strike is called off by the writers on

Tuesday Feb. 12. That means new shows and movies,

more of Lost, Jericho and the Terminator: Sarah Conner-

Chronicles all great shows. And best of all new SGA and BSG!

And lets all hope that the screen actors guild get's a new

deal soon before it expires in june. It would be bad if all the

witers came back only to find that all the actors where haveing there

own strike. :P

Well that it for me keep it kool you SHISNO---------==--__FA--==

What to say?

Here I go!!

It has been a few days so heres my latest blog. Terminator: the sarah connor chronicles

was in a word not the best that it could be, but it was not so bad?:roll:

But I am coming back to see the rest of the show. There were a lot of

little things that got to me one was the cyborg head that time-jumped,

and the fact that the terminator are all the same modal, all but two that is.

mabey I am just say that because the show din't have the Governator !

I don't know her name but the girl that played sarah connor was

realy good at playing Linda Hamilton wall I thought so.

As for the rest of TV there seems to be a lot of shows out there even whith the

WGA strike. As for me I like Dave letterman looking like the gordon fish sicks guy.:P

And Conan the Obrien with a beard lookes like a guy I meet who lived on a bus I gave

him fiveDollers;)

Well that will do it for me. --FA out--

((your water is poison))--------------------------------------why!?

Happy 2008!!!!!

It's 2008 and still no flying cars?!

Here's to a good year of TV good gameing and i hope

i can remember this?!?!

Keep it KOOL you bipeds,...,,FA out!:D

Here I go!!;)

OK here I go. This new Duke Nukem Forvere trailer is nice but it's nothing that

some kids in a bedroom and a laptop couldt'n do?! But it is good to now the

game isn't dead. Really I thought I was going to die of old-age before I ever

saw the game released!(I still could):? If you don't now what i'm talke'n about,

the game has been in development, which began in April 1997?!!!!?!!!!?!!!!!

As for the show the 4400 it's just not right that it was cut.

It did get a litte slow but it was still very good.:x

I wasn't much of a fan of dead zone so good-bye to that show!

Well that will do it for I --(LOOK BEHIND YOU?!)-- FA out

No more TV.

Well it seems the WGA is striking for the long hall. What is this the

4 or 5 day now of the strike? Things are not looking good for

this to end quickly, I just hope it dose not last as long as the

other one did. What was it 26 weeks? In today world if that happens

again it's going to kill so many shows that are just holding on as it is.

But really do you now how much money writers make?

A lot more then us commoner! That it for me!


Fun time for me!!

The 27th was my birthday and it was just great!

One of the things I got was the 4th season of Farscape!!:)

As well as a few Farscape and stargate sg-1 books and things.

I have to say that Farscape is one of the best sci fi show that

has come out of the 21 centruy. So anyway it was a great day for me

and my friends. As for Holloween I an some of my firends are just go'en

to watch Farscape s4 all day!:)



Here we go people aother mindless blog. So what happened in the world of

tv that is for my blog. Well there was the Bionic women which

I thought was very good although I hear that some people didn't like it,

well I did. And the mini-show razor flashbacks on sci,fi are just kool

you do have to watch the Flash Gordon show sadly becaues that its is just so bad.

As for the rest of my life you have to find my other blogs. Thats right b@#$!


were am I...?

Well what can I say, this week has been...odd?
First up the last flash gordon ep was, lets just say
really bad. It was about the "Hawkmen" that they renamed
the Dactyls who, unlike the comic do not have wings but
long overcoats/capes that somehow let them glide ever tho
they alltogether defy the laws of physics and aerodynamics.
Oh and lets not forget that in this ep being a Dactyls also means
squaking like a bird, yes they don't have wings but they can squak.(CAWW CAWW)
Oh and the dancing around in a circle and yes you got it making bird noises(why?)
As for Dr. who ep "Blink" just plain great, good writing good acting, scifi done right.
And PKJ was not so bad like in the past.
Well all I can say is bring back Battlestar Galactia and or Stargate SG-1!!
Thats it for the week or month or whatever :D


Something to think on, I liked the new Flash Gordon show that came out.

I've liked Flash Gordon way back when I saw the movie in the 80s...

er I just showed how old i am.:)

Well...the other thing is I realy like the Burn Notice show that has Bruce Campbell

the guy in "Evil Dead." and in "spider man";) and Fiona Glenanne played

by Gabrielle Anwar who is just great!

I guess thats it on my part keep it kool..//blue ocean out...\\\

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