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Level Update! 12/25/06

Blues Brother


Level - 32

Percent - 5%

Increased by - 16% :)

Didn't really do anything yesterday, but I did clean up the Romeo! guide a little.

Oh yeah, Happy Holidays!

~Comments are appreciated.

New Show Editorship!

Hehe! Hey everyone! :)

I am now editor for the show Romeo!

Uhhh, I needed to be editor for that guide, because it needs a ton of help. Welp, that's all for this morning! Oh yeah.....and:

Blues Brother

Blues Brother

Level - 31

Percent - 89%

Increased by - 90%

Oh yeh! Woah, that rocks! For the show Kenan and Kel the editor has been rejecting my submissions, but he never says why....I'm thinking he's scared that I am catching up to him....LOL, Just Kidding. :P

Level Update! 12/23/06


Level: 30

Percentage - 99%

Increase - 25% :)

YAY! These submissions I'm doing are really paying off and I'm getting a new editorship for a Teen Nick show. That guide that I'm getting needs tons of help.

~Comments are appreciated.

Report Card...

Okay so overall I did good....

English - 76 (C) - Yes, I know....very upsetting. :(

Algebra 1 - 88 (B) :wink:

Physical Science - 96 (A) :D

World History - 80 (B) :?

~Comments are appreciated!

No Fair!

After all those submissions I did 2 days ago I didn't recieve a level update. :( ...

I would've been on like Level 33...Oh well, better luck next time.

Level Update! 12/19/06


Level: 30

Percentage - 44%

Increase - 77% :)

 Next Level - 66%!

Such a great feeling to be back here! You guys are so cool.

~Comments are appreciated!