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I waited for so long for a new Carnivores game and now you're telling me that it's a PS3 EXCLUSIVE!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO

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Vampires Bloodlines isTHE BEST PC GAME EVER
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I recommend "Bud Tucker In Double Troubles" & "Full Throttle"

Both are old but they are my two favorites.

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All those games are ma favorites except Sniper Elite and Boiling Point.

I played Men Of Valor for the first time last week and it's very good.

Commandos: Strike Force is really good too.

STALKER is one of the best games I played but only if I use the weapon mod I made for it.

Call Of Cthulhu is special, you can start shooting only after about one hour of play and the story is excellent, gameplay too.

Penumbra: Overture is Awesome... for a students project, the first episode was short but I cannot wait to see the second, the physics system of Penumbra should be implemented in every FPS games.

KISS: Psycho Circus, wow, old favorite, I finished the game with all 4 characters, it was gore & fun, too bad I wasn't able to reinstall it over XP.

Condemned: Criminal Origins uses the same engine as FEAR but it is WAY better, it's dark,spooky, extremely violent, one of my very favorite games.

and finally Kingpin: Life Of Crime, it was SOOO ****ing good, extreme violence & language, it had its own genre, "so what's up" "what's all the commotions" lol,the story was so cool, gameplay was perfect, solid, atmosphere was just right, graphics were excellent, characters were all unique and different, weapons were realistic & upgradable, oh man I miss that game so much, I think I still have it somewhere.