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You can make houses anywhere you want. An ideal location is probably the mushroom islands, because mobs do not spawn their at night. However, this comes at a cost, because there's no wood on any of the islands. Try building one in maybe a field, or a swamp biome.

Mapping is sort of the most significant. Depends if you like doing things with a plan or like making it up as you go along.

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If Time Splitters 4 is released, then it would be, the best FPS in decades.

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While the last WWE game I played was WWE'13, I enjoyed that, and that was not very different from WWE'12. I do and I don't agree with your point here. Yes, the only improvements are the graphics and maybe the crowd and maybe new modes, but if it plays like previous game then it's worth it. Same gameplay= same fun. I don't think they should charge people a high price for it though, so it probably won't be worth it on release day.

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I played a surprisingly good Agatha Christie game. It's called Death on the Nile. Be warned though, it's basically a 'find a list of objects' game with a storyline thrown in.

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Yeah This game is g00d but If you quit the mission you have to start the WHOLE GAME AGAIN!!!!!!