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I don't know where I get the time to do these, or why, but right now I've hit the sweet 50 point, that's a lot of reviews!

EDIT: Shortest blog post ever, whoops. Anyway, if you have any free time, read some of my reviews and recommend them if you like them (or not) and maybe share some of your better reviews, there's plenty to go around. I think.

God Of War II and 300 - March

For those of you who're up to date on current events, the release of both God of War II and the film adaption of Frank Miller's 300 near. Both game and movie have similair themes (Spartans, big battles, violence, etc) and both look excellent.

I'm especially a fan of God of War which was an excellent action game. The second installment seems like it's only going to further the great experience that the original was.
300 just looks like an amazing film in general. It's only better that both of these are near my birthday, which means I can treat myself to a new game and a pretty cool looking film that I can enjoy with a few friends before we munch down on an excellently crafted cake from my signifigant other.

This also brings me to something else. The month of March just looks like it's going to be a great month in general. As mentioned God of War II is being released, along with a ton of other titles, such as Supreme Commander in late February, S.T.A.L.K.E.R. in early March, and two cool Wii titles (Prince Of Persia Rival Swords and Tiger Woods to be exact). There's also some 360 titles being released, most notably Tom Clancy's Ghost Reacon Advanced Warfighter 2 and Def Jam: Icon.

Here's to what's looking to be a great month in gaming!

Gearing Up for Some Zelda

Since Twilight Princess for the Wii has just been released, and I don't plan on buying a Wii until next year, I began playing some older Zelda titles, and it certainly took me back.

While OoT and MM are all fine and dandy (Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask) but Wind Waker just called for my attention. As soon as the intro booted up and that familair music played, I immediatly got a heavy dose of nostalgic feelings and all of I sudden I felt like playing through every Zelda game I own. Even as I ride to work on the bus, I satisfy my craving with Oracle of Seasons or The Four Swords with my Gameboy Advance, and when I'm home and not being bothered by other people, I like to sit down and split up time between OoT, MM, and WW.

I've never been in a series binge like this since the release of the Silent Hill film made me want to replay that entire series over again. Right now I've rediscovered the frustrations of OoT's notorious Water Temple, relived the creepy feelings from the Ikari Warriors in MM, and remembered how fun it was just to sail around and discover isolated islands in WW, filling out my Sea Chart.

There are very few game series' that actually do this to me, and it just makes me feel great being able to enjoy all these games over again, despite their age (I even took some time to play the original Legend of Zelda on the GBA Classics Collection).

What other series' have made you feel this way? Or which ones do you just adore? I find it incredible how like a classic book such as Lord of the Rings, or a incredible film like the Godfather, a game can take you back just as easily and make you want to relive over the whole experience and awe that you felt the first time you dipped your toes into their waters.

EDIT: I just wanted to add on to here that I managed to find a Wii at a nearby Best Buy, and I've been playing it for awhile (I bought it around January 8th) so the beggining of this blog is a bit pointless, although I still don't have Twilight Princess.

What Should One Buy?

I'm in a rather sticky situation now, as I no longer have anymore interesting games to play, and I've only enough money to buy one brand new game (and I'm only really interested in the newer titles that have been released).

It's been really hard choosing though, and I've narrowed down the list to a few games, but I still can't make up my mind.

Simply put, I'm just trying to figure out which one of these I should buy.

Call Of Cthulu + Call Of Duty - Since these two equal around fifty bucks combined, they'll provide little more gameplay, but they're both a bit old, and I've heard that titles such as CoD 2 are better by far, these are both PC titles.

Dead Rising - I've rented this one, and enjoyed it, but from what I played I'm not sure of the replay value, the achievements look pretty interesting, and the items/zombie slaughter was fun, but I don't know how long a game of this type can hold up (X-Box 360)

Saint's Row - This is a title I've played off and on at a buddy of mine's house, unfortunatly, his signifigant other seems to despise the game, and won't let him enjoy it for prolonged periods of time, so I haven't experienced much of it, I don't know the overall quality of it either, aside from reviews.

Steam Games - My Steam account has been pretty much bare, and I've been considering just buying Darwinia, Red Orchestra, and Uplink at the same time, this fits into my fifty dollar budget so I don't splurge much, but I'm not sure how much these games would last (although Day Of Defeat Source held me busy for a few months.

There are a few more, but I felt these are the ones that have been on the top of my head. Any help deciding would be appreciated.

Dear Jesus God

I just bought a copy of True Crime: New York City at Gamestop the other day. I had played the game before, and it was all fine and dandy, but that's not where the problem lies.
If you've ever traded in games, you know how they always check the bottom of the disc for scratches.
Well it just so happens, that I must have gotten the disc that was involved in a hideous car accident, because the damn thing just freezes near the beggining.
Someone seriously needs to put some more work in at the store where I bought the game, at least put it to test. Granted, it was used, but there's a reason why they check the bottom for scratches, now I have to return the thing to get a new copy, how irritating.

Silent Hill Gotta Take a Beauty Pill

I just got the Silent Hill DVD, and despite all the critics crapping their pants trying to convince people that the movie sucks, I like it. The extra features are great, and the movie is in perfect quality with clear crisp sound.

My only problem is the cover.

Damn, that be ugly.
As if that isn't bad enough, the disc inside of the box looks like poo poo as well. It'd be okay if they had used some dreary dark color, or over saturated it like the Canadian version, but instead us Americans have to settle with something that was submitted after a homeless man had his way with a Crayola Marker and a drawing pad smeared with something unmentionable.

I'm going to go cry about this now, and then I'm going to waste twenty five more dollars ordering the Canadian version, because that's the way I am, totally stupid with money.

30 Reviews!

Yay! I'm sure to have premature arthritis now!

I've written thirty reviews here on Gamespot, and while alot of them are questionable in quality, I am now so awesome!

Oblivion Addiction

I've had it for my 360 for a few months now, but it's not until I traded in my 360 copy for the PC version that I found out how truly great it is. Not only is it much easier to control, but I've also found out how much I've been missing out. While the 360 does have its share of downloadable content for Oblivion, it doesn't approach the scale and popularity of modding on the PC.

It's quite ridiculous really. There are some very interesting mods out there. A few for example actually add guns to the game, and another is actually a total conversion and remake of a classic Ultima game!

It's very exciting seeing all this new stuff, and it reminds me of other games that've been modded. Half-Life is probably the most obvious example, but my favorites are always from the games that people didn't really notice mods existed for.

Diablo II for example, its mod community is quite hidden away, and only a lucky Google search will most likely lead you to the right link, but it's a thriving community, and there are some mods that truly change the experience for the better, adding a staggering amount of new content.

Even Starcraft has a few mods out there, although the scene has been pretty quite these days.
But I really think this is what sets the PC apart from its console counterparts. Despite the PC's annoying installation procedure, and its expensive nature, it's a very customizable machine that brings out your games to the extent that nothing on a console can.

And I believe, that once we do start bringing out fully-fledged mods and total conversions with our own 3D models and scripts over to the consoles, they'll be little more than PCs in their own right.

Battlefield 2 Hoorah!

Some of you may have played Battlefield 2, I just got it to test out my new surround sound system, and it's incredible.
The experience of hearing a chopper flying over your character's head, and hearing it rumbling from the back, roaring over your head, and dissapearing in front of you is incredible.

But I also need to mention that before I play online I usually play a few practice matches with bots.
Fortunatly, it isn't completely boring, as the bots do some pretty hilarious stuff, here are a few things that've happened to me.

1. I'm driving a Humvee at full speed, the entire thing is packed with bots. Another Humvee filled with more bots from the other team comes speeding at us, at first I thought they were just trying to gain distance, but this soon changed as I noticed they were NOT going to turn. I tried to swerve to the side, but too late as our Humvees collided in a massive explosion sending about 8 bodies flying through the air.

2. A solitary dune buggy carrying two soldiers is moving slowly across the sands shooting at passing enemies. I see a bot parachuting down, seconds late, the jet he had shooted from comes speeding at 500 mph from the air colliding with the dune buggy and killing both the passengers. A once in a life time occurence.

3. The bots in Battlefield 2 decide that it's wise to attempt to knife your oppenent even when he is ten feet away. But what's even dumber is when five or six bots decide this is the correct course of action at the same time. This happened to me recently, six bots were attempting to stab each other all at once, it looked like a dance party.

4. This is by far the weirdest occurence I have ever seen. Three bots, two flying attack helicopters, and another flying a jet, were flying pretty closely, travelling at a good speed behind them, the jet was soon catching up. The copters were just going in a straight line as the jet finally leveled with them, when all of a sudden the jet took a wild turn, and smashed into one helicopter's side, the pilot parachuted down as the flaming husk of the helicopter and jet collided into the other copter, which proceeded to go down in a flaming bundle of glory. All the bots were flying down in parachutes, but right above them the debris was slowly catching up, as they finally touched ground, two of the three bots were immediatly smashed by a huge pile of flaming metal.

5. The bots in Battlefield 2 don't mind running eachother over, but this is especially ridiculous when one bot decides to massacre your entire team. A bot commandeering a tank saw a long line of our soldiers (about twelve) all marching towards a capture point. The tank commander then proceeds to politely crush all our team-mates while carefully blowing the horn to warn the troops that they were about to be killed by a massive steel vehicle. The effect was only increased as each successive running over was met by a "Oops, damnit, sorry".

Shows that we have a long way to go before we reach the kind of humans that play online.

On the other hand, we already have. XD
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