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Important Question please answer fast !

well I just can't figure what's the name of the song in the intro of guitar hero's drum trailer

if you recognize the song please tell me its name

the trailer:


Hey, please rate these sigs for me

hey, how are you?

I made these three sigs and a bannar please rate from 1-10




I forgot to write my nickname in two of the sigs so don't consider that in your score...

Cya in my next blog post:)

Hey I'm back (kind'a)


So many things happend to me during these 4 months, I formed a band , were getting ready for a show in these very days.

Actually I didn't play a lot on my ps3, so for some of you who tried to locate me online I'll probably won't in touch very often.

Anyway, what's new with you ?

songs that should be on GH3...worth watchin'


let's cut to the chase:

songs that should've been on GH3:

1)Radiohead - creep

2) Pink Floyd- Wish you were here

3 Incubus - Pardon me

4) Metallica - nothing else matters

5) Offspring - video killed the radio star

6) Iron maiden- Afraid to shoot strangers

7) system of a down - chop suey

8)Pantera- cemetary gates

9) Nirvana - the man who sold the world

10) AC/DC- highway to hell

11) Aerosmith - livin' on the edge

12) Alice in Chains - sea of sorrow

13) Oasis - Wonderwall

14) Lynard Skynard - Sweet Home Albama

15) Hybrid Hangover - Gates of Fear

what do you think about the last song ?

see ya later

A year on GS + guitar hero 3


today guitar hero 3 gets realesed and I've also got a year on gamespot, I don't know if I'll buy guitar hero 3 cause I prefer saving for a real guitar but R U getting GH3 ?

see ya in my next blog post:)

Time to change my banner + question


I've been totally hypnotized to my guitar latelyand I've been playing it a lot so I made a banner for the guitar I want to my next birthday

hope you like it, anyway what is your favorite band ?

C U l8r :)

I bought Fifa 08 and a Dog


Heaven't posted here for awhile anyway I bought a dog recently and I love it so much, it kind'a takes a lot of responsibilty but it's COOL

(its name is Ziggy)

here are some pics:

anyway check my review for fifa 08, thanks in adavance see ya later:)

Elisha Cuthbert VS Torrie Wilson (vote)


me and Shazaila had a disagreement about which of these amazing looking girls is more beautiful, vote for your favorite:

*Gamespot don't banned me*



THANKS for voting, cya in my next blog post:)