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First Max Payne 3 Match Online

Check out my gameplay via capture card (I'm playing on the 360) of Max Payne 3 deathmatch. Here's the link to my 1080p YouTube video. The multiplayer is surprisingly fun and there actually people playing. That's always a plus. I'm glad because I literally just downloaded this off of the marketplace.

Halo 4 Crimson DLC Scenery - Harvest

This is my own gameplay footage from Halo 4. It's taken from the new map, Harvest, and it's the Infinity Challenge playlist. Watch me do completely average with the BR, drive around in a warthog, and look out at the scenery outside of the map. Watch the YouTube video here. Overall, Harvest is without a doubt the best map from the Crimson DLC map pack. And overall, it was a decent map pack. Not amazing, but not bad. Harvest really shines, though.