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Finished GTA V, now thinking of going back and finishing GTA IV

GTA is NOT one of my favorite series, but I did buy GTA V when it came out. I admit, I was under a lot of peer pressure to get it. Long time ago I did play GTA IV, but never finished it. I got bored of it and eventually sold my copy.

I loved GTA V. I finished it yesterday and liked the main storyline. Now, I am seriously considering getting the previous installment and re-visiting the world of Nico Belic.



Just dropping in to say 'Whazzaaaaaa'

Haven't posted a blog in a long time, so today seemed like a decent enough day for typing...stuff.

How's everybody been?

Not much happening on the gaming front here. I have been playing GTA V lately. Honestly, I am not a fan of the GTA series (I never finished IV) but I found this game to be quite entertaining. And super long...

I also decided to part ways with some of my gaming collection and been selling some on eBay. Good way to fund future purchases if you ask me, considering, as I get older, I wont find the time to re-play all my games. Only the best ones.

Anyway, looking forward to Watch Dogs and next gen.

Had Xbox One pre-ordered, but unfortunately I couldn't pre-order PS4 on time.

Talk to you soon...

whenever that is.



My E3 so far...

Things I found most interesting at E3 so far:

  • D4 - episodic murder mystery coming from Hidetaka "Swery65" Suehiro. I am a huge Deadly Premonition fanatic and when I heard about Swery65s new game I was instantly ecstatic!
  • Mad Max - open world, post-apocalyptic action game, developed by the same team that brought us Just Cause. I am huge fan of the Mad Max movies, as well as fanatical about post-apocalyptic, Fallout-like experiences, so Mad Max is a game I would be looking forward to a lot.
  • Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt - we knew about this game before, but the E3 trailer was spectacular.
  • Thief - my second all-time favorite series is coming to life again and I am already on board!
  • PS4  - just for being DRM-free and allowing used games AND cheaper at launch ($ 399).

What are your favorites so far?

A single voxophone short, Metro Last Light reviewed...

I almost started today's blog by saying "I dipped into the wondrous world of Columbia again" when I realized it wasnt actually a "dip", but more of a "jump". ;)

Anyway, I am giving Bioshock Infinite another go after staying away for a while from my first playthrough. Infinite left me with a lot of questions about the plot, something I was eager to accomplish and answer as quickly as possible. Voxophones (sort of recordings) could be found all over Columbia and provide a tremendous deal of hints as to what was happening there. I am but one short of collecting all of them and cant seem to find the little bugger lol.

In other news, I posted my Metro Last Light review (no spoilers as always) which can be found here

photo metro.jpg

Tremendous game, if you ask me...

'Till next time,


Metro Last Light arrives today! Caps are out, Arsenal needs a win!

Howdy Gamespotters!

Haven't been around for a couple of weeks now, but been gaming regularly. I bought and finished Spec Ops The Line (review coming up eventually and it is a great game) and then I bought Hitman Absolution, but  didnt receive it until yesterday. Bummer! Because today is the day Metro Last Light arrives and I will be busy exploring the underground Moscow tunnels!

This might be the last new game I purchase this year, unless something extraordinary happens

Thats it for now on the gaming front.

In other news the English Premier League is almost over and there is a vital game today when my beloved Arsenal squares off with Wigan. It is a must win game for both teams, so it should be a goal-scoring affair. Yesterday was the last day I watched ice hockey, since the Capitals and Ovechkin got splattered by the Rangers. At home! It was a disgrace and I dont know what else the Caps have to do to succeed in the playoffs. It must be a psychological thing! Both my teams Caps and Arsenal FC seem to have the same issue: almost to the top, but not quite.

Well, that is it for now. Waiting for my work day to be over, then off to GameStop to pick up Metro Last Light and step in Artyoms shoes once more.

See ya,


Two things i wish i could change in Judgment's Survival mode...

Lately, i have been playing the Survival mode of Gears of War Judgment. The lack of Horde mode kind of upset me in the beginning, so i have been addicted to the mode that resembled it the most - Survival.

I am growing to like it a lot, to be honest. It is fast-paced, it is very strategic and tactical, so you better have some decent Gears players on your side.

The first thing i do NOT like about it is its length. It lasts only 10 waves. Of course, they could be hard and all, but i wish they had the 50 waves thing from Gears 3. Once you happen to have good co-op partners around you (ones that know what they are doing) and once you "get into the groove", 10 rounds is just not long enough for me.

The second thing i am not overly fond off is the fact you cannot choose different weapon load. For example, it adds to the flexibility of the game if your Engineer can pick up a Lancer or something that will alter the gameplay and tactics on a particular map. I would have given the freedom of players choosing what weapon they want equipped in ONE of the available slots.

So, a 50 wave Survival mode, class-based, where you can pick ONE of your class character's weapon of your choice? That sounds awesome to me...

Besides that, i thoroughly enjoy it, especially with good, tactical players by your side...



Bioshock Infinite is a masterpiece in my books...

I completed Bioshock Infinite a week ago (personal review can be accessed thru the link below and thanks for checking it out) and in my humble opinion : it delivered!

Columbia is great to explore and the characters that Ken Levine and his crew created are diverse and well-written. Sure, there are small blemishes here and there, but the story and the ending were sublime, I thought. Anyway, I will be starting a new playthrough soon (1999 playthrough), which would further cement Infinite's place near the top of my all-time favorite games. I am sure of it.

Check out my Bioshock Infinite Review here (IT IS SAFE NO SPOILERS! ;))!

photo coins.jpg

Till next time,


Amazon is pissing me off...

So, i had some Amazon credit ($ 30 worth to be exact) and i pre-ordered Gears of War Judgment and Bioshock Infinite from Amazon LLC.

Well, two days after the new Gears game came out and they still haven't shipped/dispatched my copy! Outrageous!

I am wondering if they are waiting 'till next week, when Infinite is coming out, so they can ship them in one package.

I would be pissed if that is the case!


Been goin' back to fix and improve old user reviews...

I have been on GameSpot for almost three years now and the main reason I joined was so I could share my love for gaming with the rest of the community. Not too long ago, I stumbled upon one of my very first user reviews and flinched! It was short, full of generalizations and not at all to specific points. Maybe even a little fanboy-esque!

I sensed embarrassment to have written this particular piece of text and I felt the utmost respect for people, who actually read it (it takes less than a minute, literally) and marked it as helpful. If you are one of those GameSpotters a BIG thanks!

Anyway, since I have been re-playing the Bioshock series, the Gears of War series and Metro 2033 (all due to expectations of their next installments coming out shortly), I decided to re-write, re-touch and improve on my older reviews. All from a standpoint of language usage, punctuation, specific content and such. I wont change any of my scores that I have given, just the presentation.

I have to confess, I have gotten a little better at writing reviews, not necessarily in a professional manner, but more specific and exhaustive of all game points.

To all that still write and read user reviews, I want to say: Keep up the good work! The gaming community needs your objective views.