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Now serving num.. hey you cant cut in line!

Well apparently he can! And by he i mean one of the most successful MMORPGs in MMORPG history? Yeh you know im talking to you Anarchy Online! ... No.. wait...

So here i am today sitting infront of my computer working, when EBGames hits me up to tell me my copy of Ninja Gaiden II is in. Sweet! As im driving down to the store i think to myself, wait.. here i am buying another Xbox360 game when i already have a long list of games i barely touched..

  • Mass Effect
  • GTA4
  • Age of Conan

... k. Inc parenthese!

( So here's what i think of Ninja Gaiden II after having played for about an hour, beating one lvl and a half :P I've never really played NG1 to be honest, only the demo. Yes i know, "EvilAnakin! How can you do such a thing! You wont understand half of whats going on!@$!@#". Wait theres a story to this? :P Graphics and gameplay are great, everything is nice and smooth. I've failed to see anykind of slowdown as of yet which is great. No one likes playing a twitchy action heavy game when its laggin up. Controls are top shape; spam X for fast attacks, Y for heavy, your usual stuff. The only bad thing i can think of about the controls though is the constant pressing of the right trigger to.... RESET THE CAMERA. Oh that damn camera you! It just doesnt seem fluid enough. That along with the hightened difficulty are the only things bothering me [ as well as most game reviewers it would seem ]. Now mind you im playing it on Acolyte mode [ i guess the equiv of easy? ], like i said earlier only past the first level and have yet to die, but holly hell did it come VERY close a couple of times. All in all though this game is great in the first few hours, hopefully it can still deliver deeper in! )

Ok parenthese ended!

So back to what i was saying... I have all these games i need to finish up, yet here i am playing that damn World of Warcraft again! I dont even raid anymore because of damn school. Seeing as how that's pretty much all there is to do these days in WOW, you'd think i'd try to pick up something else for a change. Even though i did for a while with Age of Conan ( Ranger lvl 36 ), i just stopped playing and grinded my paladin to 70. Although stopping Age of Conan was entierly my computer's fault :P Cant run the game the way i want it to ie mostly maxed out settings. My outdated gear will only allow me low medium range for a whopping 15-20 FPS. BUT! That will all change soon!! My list of parts is done and now all i need is money so i can upgrade my baby!

This Calls For A Budlight!


And by Budlight i mean UPDATE!! I mean it HAS been like... 2 years since i bothered posting something.

Been noticing the trend of blogs and such, probably a good time to pick up the habbit :P

Quite a few things have happened in the past 2 years, though i will only be adressing the gaming related events, cause i wouldnt want to bore you with my personal life now would i?

In the past 2 years ive seen the rise of my 2 main World of Warcraft Characters : 70 Blood Elf Mage Alizee (Now known as Larxene for "name already taken" purposes) and 70 Draenei Priest Isyldra. Armor links can be found here :



Isyldra is pretty much my main raiding character, member of a french-canadian only guild know as The Last Stand on Warsong. As for Alizee, I just recently started playing her again with the arrival of patch 2.4 and joined up with this reroll guild named Defiance who do Karazhan and stuff from time to time, nothing to serious.

Enough about WoW though, too much can get boring ;) Begining of 2008 for me has been amazing gaming wise because i have finally purchased an Xbox360 that i enjoy oh so so much! I really dont know why i never bought one earlier (most likely $$$$). And with the arrival of this blessed mean GREEN machine (yes its the Halo3 collectors xbox that i still havent figured out why it DOENST come with Halo 3) comes the mass purchasing of games!!!!! Well... maybe not MASS, but my stack of xbox360 games has pretty much equaled my stack of Wii games (and yes! I am also a Wii owner every since day one! Ahhh... *remembers the day he waited in line infront of BestBuy for 15 hours to get his Wii*).

Lately been really enjoying Mass Effect. I tell you these guys at Bioware really know how to make RPGs. The depth in there is just amazing! Also been playing alot of Rockband, purchasing on average 1-2 songs a week! Though last week kind of dissapointed me, not a very big Boston fan allthough i did end up getting "More then a feeling" cause it was pretty much the only song i knew lo.

Anyways cheers im outta here!

The new PS3 Controller

So im watching the Sony press conference, live, in HD cause thats what i expect from my 20$ a year lol And here come's Sony saying that they have finalized the PS3 controller. For a second there i thought : "Great they improved the banana...". But to my surprise, they pull out a wireless PS2 controller. OK... whats this? There must be more... Motion Sensors you say? Sick!! All day yesterday that this was a very interesting addition to the PS controller. The next day, i find out the motion sensors were put in at the cost of the rumble function... What the hell?!?!?! Thats what made PS controllers good. Now they get rid of it and put in a functionnality that's probably gonna get very old and will be barely considered in the production of most PS3 games..... It's  sad really. Its a good thing i was never really a Playstaton fan, except for anything that came out of SquareEnix's studio hehe.

Speaking of SquareEnix, I hear Blizzard is coming out with a World of Warcraft movie.... huh? Are they serious? Just because your fan base is composed of about 8 million users, doesnt mean you have to go and make a movie. Give us better servers already!!

... Wait...

What does this have to do with Square.. lol getting back on the subject, Final Fantasy VII Crisis Core for PSP coming soon i cant wait for more details, but from the Screenshots that i saw, Sephiroth looks hot lol. And that trio of FFXIII games coming out... still trying to figure out what the difference between FFXIII and FF Versus XIII is... so far there seems to be theories going around the GS forums ...
1) Versus is FFXIII played from the villan's perspective. interesting thought
2) Versus, being developped by the KH team, would be the action-rpg based game, where FFXIII would be your traditional FF turn-based-combat RPG
If that second theory is true... that would be sick, as long as the story is not the same lol. Too bad i probably wont be getting a PS3 for a long long long time... 650$CAN for the 60gig PS3? No thank you ill stick with getting an Xbox360 for 350$. And who knows, maybe SquEnix might descide to toss some FF action over to the Xbox, which would be beyond sick lol.

Welcome to my life....

Welcome to entry numero uno of.... well... me lol. I dont know how many times a week i'll be writing in here due to lack of inspiration so...ya.

The name's EvilAnakin and im 19, living up in what I think is the greatest city in eastern North America. Where might that be, you say? Why Montreal, Canada of course ;) We got the bars, the cars, and of course, the ladies :P I have a beautiful girlfriend by the name of Stefanie, and my very own Mazda 3, paid by my peeps hehehehe. Im currently studying in Computer Science to one day be able to go work for good ol' Ubisoft right here in Montreal.

I am a big snowboarding fan. I watch it and i practice it. Not to big on skateboarding though, which is kind of suprising. Dont get me wrong though, I've played Tony Hawk's Pro Skater like everyone else :P Just never got around to getting my own deck. Speaking of decks, Im a big fan of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card. My deck isnt al that good, but hey i just like to go out and play a few games with my buddies. Sometimes i even manage to beat them lol. Im, of course, a big videogame fan. Or else i probably wouldnt be on Gamespot, writing about my life <_< I currently own a fairly descent PC, an Xbox with about 15 games, and a Gamecube with... well no games actually lol.

If you havent really guessed it yet... Im a big Star Wars fan. And no, I dont go running around in a Stromtrooper costume at high-end convetions :P Im not 'that' kind of fan. I've been a SW ever since I've seen my first Star Wars movie.... The Return of the Jedi... Yeh i know, its kind of weird to say but thats what it is. My dad, being the sci-fi fan that he is, recorded it this one time when it was playing on TV, and it was from that moment on that i fell in love with Star Wars. Eventually, something like 5-6 years later, on snowy XMas morning, I open up a present and what do you know, the whole classic trilogy, on tape ;) And thats when I was able to complete the saga... by watching the 2 installments that came before the first one i watch... lol. Growing up, I've had my share of Star Wars figurines... heck they're still set up in my basement picking up dust.

Yup......... yup..... Well im tired of writing! Gonna go play me some BF2 or something.
Peace! Catchyall laterz.

^0^ EvilAnakin ^0^