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I'm gonna be Level 20 forever.

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Seems like forever now I have been level 20, I keep getting moderated for petty reasons.

Mods are too strict, yet I keep seeing the same trolls getting away with things:

Fad topics (e.g. "360 sucks because", then someone makes "PS3 sucks because")

Yet mods do nothing most of the time. System Wars of course.

It's a joke. That is all.

My brother got a PS3

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He started a phone contract and it came free, but his name on the contract says his second name and we both have the same second name.

He used my bank details before to pay for some things, I hope he hasn't put me in the **** and started a contract. Only time will tell, I will have to keep an eye on my bank account.

I'm 18, he's 21 so I hope he hasn't used my bank account.

But yeah, for now, I can't wait to turn on the PS3 and see how it's changed since the last time I had it back in early 2007.

Now Playing List =(

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RROD and broken PSP :cry:

My 360 finally bit the dust, can't send it to MS because I voided the warranty. Lent my PSP to my friend because ever sinse I got a 360 I stopped playing PSP (modded too), then his girl stepped on it when it was charging.

Now all I got is a crummy laptop and Rise of Nations which I have played to death.

Thinking about getting a DS this xmas. Not sure though.

So, I got Gears of War 2...

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And it's as awesome as I expected!

Don't ask me how I got it.

It's a lot more cinematic, all I can say is that after doing the first mission right at the beginning, there's a cutscene where it gets you pumped up, then it shows the Gears logo. Just like a movie, that's when you know your in for some awesomesauce.

Also, I thought the rockworm wasn't hostile? But it attacked me (and downed me) when I was up in it's face as it was eating some fruit.

And yeah, this game is sex for the eyes.