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new gaming blog!!

Hey to all the people who follow me here!

Feel free to check out my new gaming blog for reviews, previews and gaming news! I plan to update daily, so check back often for more stories. Also, I always appreciate comments, so shoot me a comment, send me a message here, or send me an email at (one z), with thoughts on the new blog!

Also, if you like it, be sure to tell your friends!

Quick Update

I have now fully updated the "My Collection" page here on gamespot, so you guys can take a full look at my games. If you see a game on there you really want me to review or do a walkthrough for, give me a shout. Also, in addition to playing one single player game at a time, every week I will be picking one online game to play for that week. When the week is over, I will pick a new game to move on to. This week online, I will be playing Team Fortress 2. If you want to play with me, my Steam username is Boonlah, feel free to send me a message!

Journey through my game collection, and other stuff

So in case anyone is still actually reading this thing, I decided I am going to post what I have been doing with my summer, and now make regular updates as I progress. As I emerged from my first year of college (with passing grades, thank god) I realized one very depressing thing: I had no money, and no job. That being the case, I knew that I would not be getting a new game for a while, which was even more depressing. So, being the mastermind that I am, I decided I was going to play through every single game I own, one a time, to get the full enjoyment. So, halfway through the summer, I have already gone through 11 games, including both Uncharted games, both Mass Effect games, Crysis, Borderlands, MGS4 and more. I have to say, it has completely revolutionized how I see video games. Not only am I enjoying the game's themselves more, but it has allowed me to see game flaws and game triumphs with much greater emphasis. So now that I have caught you up, let me explain what my blog will now become.

Every time I start a new game, I will post about what game I am starting, and give a link to my review of the one I have just completed. I won't be doing this retroactively, so all the games I have previously completed will be left unreviewed (though one or two of them I have already written reviews for). So this week I started Demon's Souls again, after beating Crysis over the weekend (which was a pretty great shooter by the way). I beat Demon's Souls at the very beginning of the year, and it now stands as one of my favorite action RPGS of all time. It is challenging, immersive, fun, and most of all, incredibly rewarding. I have never encountered a game that gave me such a feeling of accomplishment after beating it. I have just completed level 1-2, and defeating the Tower Knight was no simple task! Such a fun game, but so brutally difficult.

So now that you guys have been brought up to speed, I just want to leave a quick note to those of you who still watch my video walkthroughs. They are not dead, I promise you, but with the current setup in my room, they are really tough to film. I will be continuing them, starting at the end of august, so please, be patient, and check back in a few months for more videos. In the meantime, feel free to send me a message with what game you would like to see me make a walkthrough for, and if I have it, I will certainly consider it! Thanks for reading, and check back in a week or so for another post!

New videos on my Youtube account

hello there to you guys who are tracking my contributions. Just wanted to let you know that I have posted quite a few new vids on my Youtube account. The first set is a walkthrough of Resident Evil 5: Lost in Nightmares. It is only the DLC, I did not do the full game and I probably won't. The second set of videos is the beginning of my Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion - The Dark Brotherhood walkthrough. Once again, I will only be doing that segment of the game, not the whole thing. So please hop on over there, check out my other videos if you haven't already, rate comment subscribe!

To the watchers of my Youtube Walkthroughs

hey guys, just wanted to say that if you guys have been watching my youtube vids and not leaving comments and not subscribing, please just let me know if you didn't like the vid or something and if so, then why so I can improve them. If you did like them, please subscribe and if you have time, watch some of my other vids. I also encourage comments, as I enjoy feedback. Just keep it constructive. Thanks in advance guys

New Video Walkthroughs

After a long hiatus from video making, I have deleted the vids that I had my account (they were awful) and started two new game walkthroughs for Silent Hill 2 and Gears of War 2. I have been actively recording new footage for Gears of War 2, but Silent Hill scares the **** out of me, so I haven't been as active with that. Still, I will be uploading vids for both regularly, and will be keeping up two walkthroughs at a time, so if there are games you want to see walkthroughs made for, PM me here or on Youtube. If you have enjoyed my contributions here, please show your support by watching at least 1 of my video walkthrough vids on youtube and leave a comment about what you thought. My youtube account name is Jorumvar. Enjoy

My video walkthroughs

Hey guys, I just wanted to let all of you guys who happen to read my blogs that I am going to start making video walkthroughs for games. I am starting with Dead Space and I am uploading the first chapter as we speak. Check back later today for the first videos, and I will be updating on a day to day basis (except on weekends) so check back every weekday for more videos. Also, in my comment area, please feel free to request vids for me to make walkthroughs for. I have a few suggestions listed in my info, so you can choose from those, or ask if I have a game. If I dont have it, I will see about maybe getting it (I probably wont buy expensive games).

My youtube name is Jorumvar

Top Ten Reviews I disagree with part 2

Okay so lets continue:

4. Crysis - In my opinion the game is an extremely pretty mediocre shooter. It's absolutely gorgeous looking, but its not a 9.5 in terms of gameplay.

3. Quake 4 (Xbox 360 version) - I think the Xbox version of this game was underated at 6.6. I personally thought the game was pretty fun. The grahpics werent great but were at least decent and the gameplay was good, so I thought it deserved more. Though, in the defense of Gamespot, the game slowed down quite a bit.

2. Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds - this game should have got a 10 just because Sarah Michelle Gellar is on the cover and I am running out of ideas.

1. Okay I seriously cant think of any more off the top of my head, so I guess this list is good enough. I hope this might help you if you have been driven away from any of these games by reviews, to give them an honest try, or maybe to avoid them.

The Top Ten Reviews I disagree with

I have been playing a lot of games with low scores from reviewers lately, in an attempt to test a theory. I think that a lot of reviewers are too harsh on games, or I think they just misrated them, or whatever, so here are the top ten dev reviews that I disagree with:

10. Fracture - I picked this game up a few days ago, and after playing through a decent portion of it, I have to say that I really enjoy it. The game looks great, the enemies are pretty challenging, the AI isnt awful, and it has one of the most awesome weapons I have ever used in a game, ever. In my opinion, this game was worth a 7.5-8.

9. Grand Theft Auto IV - I could probably spend several weeks detailing the problems I had with this game. I am going to run through them really fast to save time and because I'm lazy. The missions are crazy repetitive (except for a few), the graphics are HORRIBLE, the character models look like something designed by someoe who was blind, and the soundtrack is impressive in the sense that for all the damn channels on the radio I couldnt find any decent hard rock.

8. Silent Hill: Homecoming - seriously what was so bad about this game? Granted, the combat was a little more action oriented than the other games, and the enemies didnt have a tie into the story like its predecessors, but the story was good, the graphics were great, the atmosphere was intense, and it left me wanting to go through it again. Overall, I call it a sucess...but for some reason no one else did.

7. Halo 3 - for the love of whatever god you believe in, what is so great about the halo series? In my opinion, its a collection of slightly above average shooters, while the rest of the Xbox 360 community thinks it was a gift from the lord himself, and I just cant follow...

6. Call of Duty: World At War - I dont really have a problem with the number rating this game got, just the fact that it was rated as a full game when in truth it was a ridiculously expensive expansion pack.

5. Lair - okay, now I definately understand in the beginning why the game was hit so hard, because the original controls werent great, but after the implimentation of analog controls, the game still got slammed. How does that make sense, because with the better controls its a pretty solid title.

I'm actually going to contine this in another blog because its late where I am and I need sleep.

Fable 2 and Far Cry 2 impressions...

So if you have ever read ANY of my previous impressions threads, you know that I like to describe game's in Tokein-esque detail. So just try and imagine me tackling two games at once. So I am going to break down the blog into two halves, and you can either read both or just the one you want, either way, I am blown away by both of these great titles!


Let's start out with the story. The story in Fable follows a young orphan boy from a city in the world of Albion. I won't spoil the opening situation for you, as it made me gasp, but honestly it's a great setup, and it follows through...somewhat. Characters really just aren't DEEP enough for me to care about. While the world and all of the stories are so incredibly in depth and immersive, the characters just seem very two dimentional. However, you will probably be able to get over it, since you will be jumping from story to story pretty frequently. The voice acting is good, which is nice because I can't stand bad voice acting in a game I am going to spend this much time playing.

Speaking of time, be prepared to waste a LOT of it. I mean, this game rivals Oblivion is sheer size and scope, which is just truly amazing. You will spend a ton of time moving around the world, exploring, doing jobs, getting married, raising kids, doing the main quest, doing side quests, improving your character, and the list goes on. I can spend hours just screwing around in this game, and there are a ton of side-quests to occupy yourself with. It really has the same ADD factor as games like Oblivion, because half-way through one quest, you will get derailed by the start of another one, and then come back to the original three hours later and say "Oh yeah, that's what I was doing." The main quest moves the story along, and keeps you going in terms of world-progression, but as the main quest opens up new towns and such in the world, you will be stopping to do side-quests as well as a great deal of other things.

Now let's talk about the general gameplay. I can honeslty say that Fable 2 has some of the best action-RPG gameplay you can find this gen...with a few notable suggestions. The overall gameplay is great, and the world really comes alive, as people move around realistically, follow daily routines, have impressions of you that can change based on your actions, and will offer you all sorts of interesting options for character interaction, but still, some of the major characters in the game don't give you a reason to care about them, and that hurts the immersion. Maybe I am just an unsympathetic bastard, but honestly, I didn't care about most of the characters in the game for the first few hours...

Combat is where things get a bit hazy. Now, the hacking, slashing, casting and shooting is all good, and is pretty rewarding, but it can get annoying when it comes to nit-picking on the combat. There is no combat wheel like there was in the first game, where you held down the right trigger, and then a wheel came up with 4 equipped hot keys. Now, you have one spell equipped to your B button and X is attack/block. A controls the roll function, which you will really need as you progress more. The major problem I have with the combat is changing spells. You have to scroll through this mini-menu in order to change spells, and doing so in the midst of combat means you are pretty much guarenteeing a cheap-shot. On the other hand, you can pause the game, go through a few menus, and choose a new spell, but that just breaks up the action and makes it feel less action-packed. It just leaves you wishing there was a better way to switch spells. There are one or two other small problems I have, but I will not even bother mentioning them.

Graphically this game is stunning if you can cope with the art style. It's true, the game doesnt look like MGS4, but it doesn't try. It WANTS to look the way it does, which is a little cartoony, with great coloring, shading, and visual style. Anyone who says the game looks exactly like the original fable is just plain stupid, as the game has been improved 100 fold, but the art style will still take some adjustment if you like realistic graphics. A little side note, I seriously had a problem with how the characters ran in the original Fable, but character movement seems far more fluid now, except that as a young boy, it seems as though your character can't figure out what the hell he wants to look at during conversations. His head twitches all over the place, but this disappears once you get older. Overall, this game is great, and if you like open world RPG's, action RPG's...or hell really ANY RPG's, then you owe it to yourself to try out Fable 2.


It's probably good that I haven't played nearly as much of this game as I have of Fable, because I wont have as much to write. I will start off by saying that labeling this game as a sequel to Far Cry was basically a ploy to get sales. This game is NOTHING like the original Far Cry game, and that is mostly for the best, as this game is an improvement in many ways on the original game. However, there are still points where it falters, and I enjoy pointing them out.

Let's once again begin with story. Basically there is some jerk who is supplying two sides of a territorial conflict in Africa (I think it's Africa..) and you have to take him down...but you fail, and then you spend the rest of the game trying to make up for that complete failure. When it comes to voice acting, the main villain is HORRID. I HATED his voice in every way. Honestly, it couldn't have been much worse in my opinion, but I lived with it, since I didn't have to listen to him for long. Anyway, the story isnt the main reason to play the game anyway, so let's move on to WHY you should play this game...

The gameplay in Far Cry 2 is fun, challenging, heart-pounding and incredibly immersive. Now, I just came from playing a bunch of Mercenaries 2, so I have to say that being able to SNEAK UP on enemies was nice. Enemies don't have the incredible lazer vision they do in the original, and it takes them a minute to figure out where you are, which is nice. Also, if you choose to do a mission at night, it helps you ambush your opponent, which makes for some strategic thinking. A day and night cycle, as well as the inclusion of fire as such a powerful tool was a great way to get gamers more involved in how they played.

The game also limits you to how many weapons you can carry (not many) how much ammo you can have (not much if you aren't good at aiming) and how much medicine you can have (not much if you aren't smart about how you use it). Overall, this game is going to challenge you, which is nice. However, since I am playing it on the PS3, I don't get the mystical quick-save key that PC gamers get, which means I only get to save at designated save points. Why did they not give console gamers the ability to free save...I don't know, but it annoys the living hell out of me. However, I was able to get over it and just enjoy the gameplay enough to partially forget about the save ponts...but there will be a time when I get stuck on a part that it will haunt me, I guarentee that much.

Graphically this game is stunning. The animations your character preforms are great, the guns are fantastic looking, as are the visual effects (the fire looks a bit cheesy on the PS3 version though...dont know about the other two), and then time cycle works like a charm. The fact that you NEVER leave the first person view except when sleeping makes for an incredible immersion factor in this game, that is really just unparalled this gen. Overall, if you like shooters, and the idea of an open-world shooter with some great realism sounds good to you, go get Far Cry 2, because so far it's great.