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I hate Hurricanes.

Okay as some of you know Hurricane Dolly hit the crap out of my area. Theres still over 90.000 people with no power (3 days after the HC!), and some won't have it till Aug 2! The latest ill have it is next Thursday. Things are pretty crazy, lines are huge at the few food places with power. 3 hours for a combo at McDonalds? Eff that. It was pretty crazy going tru ur town afterwards, seeing so many places destroyed or trashed. lol the big Burger King sign fell and I totally saw it fall, it was crazy. People ran so fast to get the hell out of the way. I got some pictures, put them up when I get power back. Also hotels are booked like crazy and are expensive as f***. Anyways im at my Dad's office right now, he has power and internet. I probally won't be here any other days tho, so yeah I will talk to you guys next week, hopefully. PEACE OUT MOTHERF******!

P.S. Don't ever go to Texas with no AC. I take about 8 cold showers a day. Texas heat = Saitan.

Just a few things.

Just giving an update on things here.

I send it my xbox for repairs on Monday. I didn't get the red lights but it scratches the crap out of my disks. A few games don't even work anymore, Rainbow Six 2, MLB 2k8, Forza 2. Pretty damn weak huh? Anyways should be back in about 2-3 weeks. So probally 2 months. :lol: Sucks too cuz the NCAA 09 demo comes out tomorrow.

Ive been watching Euro 08 too. I picked Netherlands to win it all, mainly because ive liked them since the 98 world cup when I first saw them play. I didn't think they were the best team but they sure look good right now. As long as Portugal goes down, im all good. As some of you know my GF loves Christian Ronaldo, which makes my hatred for him even stronger. She picked Portugal and Spain to head to the final and I picked Germany and Holland. Lets see who is right as we have a small bet going. It starts tomorrow, so ill be watching.

Also I will be going to Red Sox vs Astros game later this month in Houston. Might also catch a Dodgers in town. Don't know who is pitching yet, but ill give you guys some updates on that. I just hope I get to catch a ball hit by a Redsox player so I can sell that s*** to some dumb Redsox fans there for a few hundred. :D

Okay so im done with my 360.

Just got back from suspension on the 2th and today the 9th I get suspended again for 2 weeks. WTF! Funny thing is this whole time ive had my mic unplugged or ive played with my friends. No smack talking, no nothing. Im sick of the xbox live community. I can honestly say it is trash. Ive decided to trade my 360 in and maybe get a PS3. Ive had enough of microsofts code of conduct.


So im suspended from xbox live again. Till May 2nd. So I told like 13 people to kill themselves all week because they were horrible. So what? Talking smack is what competive gaming is all about. Boo Hoo I suck! Lets report them for being better than me!


21, Beer, and Beer.

Yes sir, I am now 21. Yes my bday is on St.Patricks Day as some of you already know. So yes happy beer day to me. What will I do for my 21st bday? Take a wild guess.....You guessed right biatch! Anyways, yeah that's all for this one. Celebration!

It's official...I hate life.

Once again I have been suspended from Xbox Live. This time for 2 weeks, not 3 like last time. Why? No idea. Oh wait I know too FU***** GOOD! God effin dammit! Why are people such little whiny biatches!

See you later

I'll be gone for awhile, kinda. Im gonna go visit the wife tomorrow at Houston. Stay there for a while. Oh here comes the Asian Rice and weird Vietnamese dishes! Along with those long rants of Vietnamese by the know where you think to yourself "damn them for talking about me" Then that look they give you of "OMG It's been 4 and a half years already either pop the question or get out of her life!" Yeah I hate that look. Anyways, good thing is her brother has an xbox 360 so ill be on cod4 at times so you will see me on there if I play Live with you. I won't be on as much here but ill try to post as much as I can, but really only in the NCAA Union since it's my baby!. I gave up the NBA Union leadership due to this and also my NFL Union officership? Hah. Even tho it was gonna be taken away cuz of "the plan" or whatever it's called. Also I got hooked up with this really nice (busy) job when I get back, so my time here is deflating either way. Anyways see you guys later.

Don't worry be happy.

In the last 2 weeks ive been modded 9 times. They have all been warnings or points loss so yeah im gonna be stuck at my current level for a while cuz I keep getting backtracked. Yeah that and the NFL Union is filled with crying babies. Oh what is GS turning into? Seriously people why is everyone such weak? Does anyone have a sense of humor? It's just embarrassing for most of you. Now I know I might be a **** sometimes but it's "mostly" joking around. I might have a dark sense of humor but some of you don't have a sense of humor at all! So now I will be forced to use Seriously though those of you that know me well know better and if you get offended.....then go to hell :).

In other news I have been getting in Halo 3 alot. I don't suck as bad as I used to think I did. It's not Gears for me but im coming around. Oh and I finally saw that ending after the credits and yeah im not dissapointed anymore. Me and Bobbles play alot and the other day we played with Geaux and Terps and had recently played with Sfgiantsfan..this got me thinking maybe we should do some kind of tourney in the NCAA Union or just play on the same team or whatever...either way I got Terps on my team:lol:

Hmm what else....oh yeah Halloween is coming up. The gf got this really hot costume and now I have to find one cus she wants to take her little cousins trick or Eh, maybe. So I will be doing that for Halloween.

That's pretty much it....UT and Big D all the way!

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