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Mortal Kombat 9, Portal 2 and some other random stuff.

Mk9 is out and while I will be able to try it tomorrow, I cannot buy it for myself before I finish my examinations. Portal 2 is also currently out, two big games on the same day! Such madness! However I am not interested in it at all, hopefully much like the first portal.. valve just decides to give me it free :) .

On to other things, a new Rurouni Kenshin anime has been green lit and that could be decent or terrible depending on how it's done (I'm inclined to believe it will be terrible). I am also getting mild headaches from all this reading I have to do while studying. I feel light headed after going 3 and 4 hours straight, luckily I'm on a little break from work or I'd be dead. Fortunately exams start on the 11th and finish on the 20th of May.

I am also starting to do a bit more strength training, the other day in krav class, someone outmuscled me even though my technique is one of the best in the class. That really pissed me off, and though I still beat him I can't allow that to happen if there ever came a time I really needed to use it!

Lastly I planned a trip to the USA to do some shopping for stuff, hopefully everything works out well and I can get those PC parts I so desparately want along with some clothes, other electronics and whatever looks interesting.

Mortal Kombat 9.........

Oh yeah! Too bad I am waiting till after exams to buy this or I'll surely fail playing it and MVC. I also got shuma and jill today for MVC 3! Shuma is great.. but I don't really like the new jill!!

Will be on less!

Have to study for my law exams.. and these british guys don't play around when they are marking them! I should have taken something else for my second degree! Law is hard!!!! QQ

Not to mention Marvel and Mortal Kombat!!! GS will have to take dat back seat for a couple of months :P

10 Straight hours of MVC 3!

Got my copy today thanks to being friends with the game store owner :P, spent 10 hours with a friend just playing and playing. All I can say is... I really like the game.

Time for a tactical retreat!

After fighting the good fight for just over a year, we the imperium, must make a tactical retreat from the area in the warp known only as "Off topic". Operation off topic while ending in defeat was not without its minor victories. We shall regroup at System Wars and hope that we may never enter the warp again. The full retreat will be complete in 13 hours.

Marvel vs Capcom 3, a new year and more!

So I preordered marvel vs capcom 3's limited edition! Here's a look at it!

and I'll be MIA for quite some time when it comes out!

Moving on, 2011 is a year that looks quite good in terms of gaming, but I'd like to branch out into more hobbies like learning some foreign languages (Japanese or German!!) and I'd also like to travel this year. ATM due to how horrendously boring my job is and me waiting till end of year to by games, I'm just studying, working out and waiting on marvel vs capcom.. I figure I may as well try to get a first c!ass degree if I'm this bored.

As for resolutions... I'm going to try to be less frank depending on the situation.. I'm just frank all the time and it leads to some very odd moments. Anyway.. that's all for now.

2011 needs to come sooner!

So many good games and I hope Diablo 3 releases next year, it would honestly make up for any potential flops and delays that may have happened before it.

On a side note I have been getting alot of lulz from DX, TRC, BSK, CC and S2 among others. Hopefully this will continue.

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