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I look around at other blogs about video games, and I'm starting to notice a trend. Most of the posts I see are about old news, crazy rumors, or lists. News is important, rumors keep the fire burning, but why so many lists? I really don't care about your top 10 masturbation sessions or your top 8 MyFace friends. The readers deserve better quality in blogging. Gamers have taste. They invest their time and money to the luxury of video games. Why don't blogs represent the quality and elegance that goes along with this luxury?

That's where I show up. I won't feed my readers with lists. I'd rather not write anything. The news I care about mostly is release dates and deals on games because this recession is serious. If it's not news then it's an original take on gaming. This industry needs more cool people to steer it in the right direction, because it feels stale. All I see is a bunch of clowns that claim to be more real than you. If I wasn't a gamer, most of the blogs out there wouldn't convince me to ever try it.