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Top of the Line

I look around at other blogs about video games, and I'm starting to notice a trend. Most of the posts I see are about old news, crazy rumors, or lists. News is important, rumors keep the fire burning, but why so many lists? I really don't care about your top 10 masturbation sessions or your top 8 MyFace friends. The readers deserve better quality in blogging. Gamers have taste. They invest their time and money to the luxury of video games. Why don't blogs represent the quality and elegance that goes along with this luxury?

That's where I show up. I won't feed my readers with lists. I'd rather not write anything. The news I care about mostly is release dates and deals on games because this recession is serious. If it's not news then it's an original take on gaming. This industry needs more cool people to steer it in the right direction, because it feels stale. All I see is a bunch of clowns that claim to be more real than you. If I wasn't a gamer, most of the blogs out there wouldn't convince me to ever try it.

Tough Love

Wii are so stupid. Somewhere far along this road Wii lost our soul... to a motion control. What happened to making hardcore games Nintendo? I won't buy a game just because it has a lot of blood and swears in it. If I wanted that I'd go see a Rated R movie. It's a lot cheaper these days... Xbox 360 is so stupid. Microsoft's Red Ring of Death is inFamous. Who releases a product knowing 1/3 of the units are defective? I'm guessing they're trying to go green. This billion dollar screw up feels like Microsoft's way of recycling... PS3 is so stupid. Where is the price cut Sony? You do know it's a recession right? That junk has been overpriced ever since it hit the market. Stop being stubborn and lower the price. If it wasn't a birthday present, I wouldn't break my wallet just to use the Dualshock 3. It's not that serious.

I Run Liberty City

Running is not the way to go in Liberty City. Tapping A (or X) every 2 seconds gets annoying, and crossing streets can be a pain. Imagine the amount of time you would waste walking from North Holland to the Gun Store in Chinatown. Use your time to enjoy the luxuries of Liberty City. If your well connected, a trip to the gun store is pointless. Just call Little Jacob and he'll probably meet you in Middle Park West with discounted prices. Now's about a good time to take a car. I'd go with a Turismo at Grotti in Middle Park East. Don't feel like driving? No problem. Just give Roman a call and Mohammed will be on his way. It's the only taxi ride worth taking in Liberty City. Mohammed is hilarious, and the ride is free. Now that your in Middle Park East, stop by Perseus for a new outfit. Across the street from Perseus is Grotti the car dealership. I recommend shooting the window of the Turismo you want from Perseus. The car alarm will stop by the time you get inside the car. Now that you have a warnted star, get your ass to Purgatory to the Auto Limbo to change the color of your car. I would go with a bright color, but to each his own. Now that your car is a new color, might as well wash it. The High Speed Highway Car Wash is down the street. Shine Bright. Now that your car is fresh, your having a good day according to Busta Rhymes. Might as well cruise somewhere. How about Star Junction? You could visit Split Sides and see a stand up performance from Katt Williams. A friend could join you. Maybe you should invite Jacob for hooking you up with weapons. If you see the show by yourself, you might get a phone call from Brucie as you leave. He might want to go on a helicopter ride. If you choose to go, you'll get my favorite view of the city. Brucie will want you to take him to a landmark in Liberty City. It could be the Statue of Happiness or the Dragon Heart tower to name a few places. Anything is possible in Liberty City...