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Happy New Year and to an Even Better 2013!

Well hello everybody, its been a long while since I last created a blog and this one is just to remind you all that your still on my mind. I came to a conclusion just awhile ago that I might not be as active on Gamespot as I would like to so sooner rather then later, I will try to add most of you on my PSN or on Facebook or something, just so I can keep in contact with some of you as I would hate to lose some of my friends here on gamespot due to inactivity.

Happy New Year! I just finished my day off spending it with the family as even my sis and her boyfriend came over for new years. We celebrated New Years in a very fun fashion and had a great time with singing,laughter and more. I hope that all of you have had a good New Year celebration as well!

In the upcoming year, I am going to try to be more active on Gamespot and actually talk more about myself as well as many may still now know who I fully am and what Im up to. Im a writer, review and a part time actor but currently I even finished creating my own website.

Thats the name of my website and it contains news,informations,lists,reviews about Movies,Music,Games and Anime. Pretty much covering all areas. I most definetly suggest everyone to check it out as I know many of my GS friends are fans of Games, which is obvious but even more actually like movies,music and anime as well. I hope you like it, comment, feel free to criticize as well.

My new years resolution is to train alot more, keep the website going full-force and get my life together even more so I know what I wanna do with my life. What was your resolution?

Guild Wars 2 ... Who is Gonna Make History?


Guild Wars 2 will go live this Saturday (For those who bought Pre-Purchase) and will get a 3 day headstart. Now most of us know GW2 is a sequel to the original Guild Wars MMORPG on the PC which was quite Legendary,Epic and then some. Guild Wars 2 will bring it to a whole other level with the Gameplay system they have implemented and the graphics enginge they are working with. Not only is Guild Wars 2 one of the most anticipated games during this Year, but it is also one of the most anticipated game during the past 4 years. Now all MMORPG and PC Gamers are probably pretty excited to be able to get their hands on Guild Wars 2 as it has been making plenty of noise during recent years.


Now to everybody that is still wondering whether or not they should buy this game, the answer is pretty simple; Yes. The reason is yet again simple, because its the first Big MMORPG to release after WoW and Guild Wars which can actually make a similar impact that those games made, Now one thing is for certain and that is that there will be tons of people playing and soon Millions, the success of this game is questionable as you never know with MMORPGs until a few months in but one thing is sure and that is that there will be a huge community, One of the Deepest gameplay systems, if not THE Deepest, Graphics that take your breath away, Large World to explore and a stellar PVP system. This game will be played by many but the success of this game is on our shoulders as it is us who make the future for an MMORPG.

Everybody who will be buying it or already have, I look forward to gaming with you through a journey that is sure to be Epic and Legendary... If the first Guild Wars MMORPG thought us anything, it is that a solid MMORPG with no issues can be made. It actually can, with a solid system and a great Game engine everything is possible.


These last 2 pictures Ive posted are from me playing the actual Beta of Guild Wars 2, and let me tell you, its incredible. Never have I seen an MMORPG this beatifully created and such a deep gameplay mechanic will go a long way. I myself am from Europe and will thus for be playing on a European server, I will be playing on Far Shiverpeaks, So for anyone who is from Europe, or is willing to start their journey in Far Shiverpeaks is welcome to add me as a friend.

Guild Wars 2 ... Who is Gonna Make History? A lot of people may not know this but Legends are created in MMORPGs, People get known around the servers by their usernames for doing something specifically great or in general just being around much and getting to know a lot of people.... Havent you ever played an MMORPG where you think back and remember several usernames of your comrades you used to play with? You remember your battles with them, the way they wrote to you, the way they helped you. Or do you remember specific people you always used to fight against in PvP or any other kind of battle? Do you remember a user who would constantly player kill you? or do you remember users so Great, that they were talked about by other users....?

Thats what Im talking about, The Legends and Myths created in MMORPGs last forever and can never be taken away, as in a game like an MMORPG, people dont invest short 8 hours (which is the standard for current Console game Campaigns) in an MMORPG, they literally invest Years upon Years into these games, and it becomes a part of their life. I for one played Guild Wars 3 Years on/off and it was wonderful, never did it take over my life but the feeling to be a part of such a community for so many years was simply Legendary.


And here end my thoughts on Guild Wars 2, which is sure to be a game of Epic Proportions. I hope you will play this, I hope you will be active on and off for years to come and enjoy the pleasures of what is an MMORPG. This is the Next Generation MMORPG, and boy does it make other MMORPG´s and games look pretty pathetic and small compared to the Greatness that will be Guild Wars 2.

Feel Free to leave a comment, Will you be playing as well? If you will be on the same channel, please add me and come take this journey that is needed to take by every gamer out there.

Upcoming Games, FF13 and Update on my Website

Its been some time since my last blog but I have been active on Gamespot Forums. Now Some of the upcoming games this year are really not making me excited, I dont know why as Im a gamer at heart and play games on my PS3 on a regular basis But it seems like this year has been pretty slow with games so far, I might be wrong, if you know any games I should check out, Let me know so I can check them out :)

A while ago I purchased Final Fantasy 13, Now keep in mind that I have never played a FF game so this is my first and its really enjoyable I have to say, the graphics are phenomenal, very short loading screens and a lot of funs. The most important thing for me in every game is the story, FF13 delivers with a great story so far and I really love the characters, Snow in specific. The game is really fun, and I love turn-based strategy games, My favorite game series of all time is Heroes of the Might and Magic 1-5. If you already did not know, HOMM is a Turn-based strategy game very similar to FF13 but more advanced. FF13 is challenging though as it gives you tons of different things from the always regular strategy games and shooter we get nowadays, I love a game where you need to use your head :D.

When it comes to my Website and the upcoming Short Film about Silent Hill, Im pretty close to finishing my website and I will start the editing process of my short film in a couple of days. So when those 2 things are done, I will probably post the link to the movie and website on gamespot as well.

Thank you for reading and as always, Feel free to comment!

I have officially returned, I will make it up to you all...

Hey everybody, I dont know how many of you remember me but I remember every single one of you, I was very active back in the day but had some issues and did not have time as well but now as my life is set and im doing good I have decided to return to Gamespot. I do not know how active I will be overall but I can definetly say that I have returned and will be as active as possible. I will also start visiting forums again and commenting on your awesome blogs.

I hope all of you have had a good life and have been doing well since ive been MIA ;).

Im still doing my best with all my projects:

-Still in the works with writing my book, its going well, the story is inspired by Silent Hill and my own life.

-Im still in the creation process of my website but I do believe that it will be up very soon.

-Im working on material for the site, such as Top 20 Best verses of Kanye West and Top 10 best JCVD Movies.

-Still creating videos and clip on youtube, This is my upcoming SH fan made movie trailer:

I would also like to hear about you guys, so please tell me what you have been up to?

PS.Im currently watching the Academy Awards (Oscars) LIVE, its pretty awesome.

Thanks for reading and as always, feel free to comment.

Any good Website creators out there? I need your suggestions!

I know ive been gone for a while and am back to ask for help but Im busy as hell working on my dreams ,so please dont judge me much on that, I love you guys, and you my friends are the only reason Im still sticking around.

I need help with creating a website, I want to create one but just need a few pointers from a person who knows a bit about it already.

If you dont, its all good.

PS. In other news, the SH Fan-made movie trailer will be up around 2 weeks, I will post a new blog when its up.

Also, Thanks for still reading my blog, for everyone who is still active, I appreciate it.

Top 15 Most Memorable Moments in Silent Hill 2

I just created a top 15 Most Memorable Moments in Silent Hill 2 list and put it up on Youtube, I would greatly appreciate everybodys comments on the video, we are trying to get over 100 views in a week, and its looking good for us(SilverWorldEntertainment)


Please go check it out if you are at all interested in Silent Hill or Horror in general, if you want to keep an eye out for the upcoming Silent Hill fan made movie im in, Subscribe and add as friend. The movie will be fully HD when it comes out, It will also be well acted,with great scenery and Akira Yamaokas music.

So please click on the link and check it out to support us.

Thoughts on E3,AC:Revelations and the SH Short Movie.

Hi yall, I wanted to talk to you guys about E3. It definetly has not been the best year for E3 just yet but there are still 3 days of heaven ahead, so lets hope for the best in the days to come. So far, Ubisoft has inmo had the best press conference with a great host and phenomenal games like Far cry3,Ghost Recon and of course the all succesful Assassins Creed. Some of you might remember that I gave my game of the year award to AC2 in 2009 as I picked it to be the best of 2009. It did not win the Game of the year again in 2010(Brotherhood) but came very close to Heavy Rain, which was my pick for the Game of the Year.Enough of that...Ubisoft blew me away with great trailers and even better demos, They showed what a conference should be alike and for that I give them a score of 5/5.

Microsoft and Sony both struggled in making a succesful press conference, All of the things talked about were already hinted and rumoured and they really did not have any tricks in the bag, I felt like Sony did a bit of a better job than Microsoft but both in general disappointed, Exactly like Konamis press conference.I give Microsoft 2/5 and Sony a 3/5. I guess I was just disappointed in the surprises they had in store and God knows Microsoft and Sony have plenty of titles they could have hinted but didnt...

Overall it has been a great experience and lets keep watching, what did you think of the show? I really do want to know, I would also like to hear what is the game you are most pumped up for in the coming months or years that was shown at E3 so far?


I would also like to inform the people on where I stand when it comes to my movie that will be released on youtube. We have finally finished filming, after a 10K(Swedish Currency) budget, after 7 months of development and 2 months of filming, we are finally done, Now the trailer will be released sometime in July and the Movie is expected to hit Youtube on September or October.

Much love and Peace. Feel free to comment as always.

How Have You Guys Been?

Well Bin Laden is dead, thats the first thing to bring up I think, I personally dont care if he is alive or dead, he didnt do anything in 8 years that could be linked back to him so he was gone as far as we knew. I dont understand everybody being so happy, I mean...Iunderstand why you all are happy but at the same time, Celebrating something like that will make things worse and thats a fact. The situation that US will be facing now might be more terrible than 9/11 ever was, thats something that I believe will happen if these kinds of celebrations and demonstrations wont stop. I personally dont care either way as I live in Europe and dont really have the same passion for it as you guys have, I know what it feels like to be a patriot and a nationalist but at the same time, US doesnt need any more unwanted attention which it will now be getting...I hope Im wrong though.

Also, on to happier topics, I apologize for just taking off like that and I have bloggen in some time now but thats because Ive been really busy over the last couple of months, Im still creating my internet site and creating videos for my up youtube accounts. I just added a new video Rampage Jackson vs Rashad Evans up on youtube if anyone is interested in seeing what I put together, the link is HERE. I would appreciate it if the people who checked it out, commented on it, it would mean a lot to me.

On another note Me and a friend of mine are creating a Silent Hill Fan Made Short Film that will be released some time during the summer, know I dont know how long time the movie will take but I do know that we will do the best we can to release it latest at August 1st. If anyone of you are interested in it, Just let me know and Ill give you guys the username to look after on youtube for the upcoming trailer and film.

Other than that ive been fine, Ive had a quick life the past month or so but I hope to return just a bit so I can talk to you guys. But my main question was, how have you guys been? What has been going on here besides the PSN Hack!?

Feel free to comment,as always!

Happy New Year My Online Brothers and Sisters!

2010 is now in the history books for all of us and for some of us it has been an amazing year and for some it has been full of bumps and bruises. I had a lot of things distracting me from my everyday life and I had several so called "Demons" in me that I needed to get rid of, I become more angry as the time passed before summer and just loved to get hurt, I was insane but After some time now, I have been able to kill that demon that made me crazy and sad all the time, I was just not happy with my life and all the way my school went...I had issues and still will have but defeating one of your biggest problems with a couple of months time is good enough for me.

I wish you all the best of luck for 2011, Life is not easy and will get harder for each and everyone of us. I had some problems back in May and June because of the way I felt in school and now as those feelings are behind me, Ive come out a better and an improved man,A more understanding man and most importantly a more philosofical man.

We all need to take the time out of our usual days to appreciate the little things, whether it be a drop of rain or a person thanking you. Ive been through emotional things before but due to the help and support my family has always given me Ive been able to stand tall and walk through the issues I have without turning to drugs or drinking.

What Im trying to say is that dont take anything for granted because everything might be taken from you with a drop of a hat, appreciate your family and loved ones and actually show them whichever way you can that they are important to you and I hope that 2011 will be a Year that we all can be proud of. Good or Bad, Ill take it all as it comes my way. 2011 Here we come!

Happy New Years My Online Brothers and Sisters!