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Where else but GameFaqs

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Someone posted in my topic that topics of such quality are the reason why Cancer exists. I marked it. I even went to the ask the moderators board. I am the one who moderated. Because I was to upset to the sticky. Apparently you are not supposed ask how to mark people when they harass you. I am disputing it. It was upheld twice. Clearly people can post what they want about you and you are not allow to complain. I am sure S.B Bacon will uphold the moderation.

2013 topic

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I made a series of topics of things I want for my teams in 2013.

Everybody hates the Mets

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There are some people at the GameSpot sports board who think they can tell what you can post there. If you post something they don't like they insult you. They keep saying that there is an offseason topic already. If I post there they wil insult me and my team. Some of the people there really hateful.

Error1355 is the worst moderator.

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He is rude. He is annoying. He is so not funny. He had the nerve to post my topics are horrible when his are terrible. He posts means things about people at GameFaqs. He has made it clear that he hates me and my topics.

King's English required.

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I had no idea you needed a English degree to post in these forums. I have read a few soap opera forums. They never make a big deal out of grammar mistakes. They do on the video games sites. Everyone is an English teacher. You make a mistake and they call you a robot. I guess that means SoapCentral is fill of robots.

GameFaqs Drama

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The moderators at GameFaqs are the worst. They closed my Mets topic and then they laughed about it. Error1355 is the worst one. He really hates me.

Everybody at GameFaqs' Baseboard hates me.

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They really hate me at GameFaqs'Baseboard. They are always disrupting my topics. They posts all kinds of dirty words in my topics. They say that I am the worst poster. They say that my topics suck.
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